11 Incredibly Simple Tips To Spice Up Your Blog

This is a guest post by Jack Harold of Affiliate Home Business.

Blogging has probably revolutionized the Internet in a way that few other trends have been able to accomplish. Anyone who has access to the Internet can setup a blog to write about themselves or voice their opinions. It is that easy!

However, not every blog really appeal to the general public.

Why? I wouldn’t want to know what a particular blogger is having for dinner, what time he is going to bed or which show he is currently watching on TV etc. The trouble is, no one other than the blogger himself really cares about such things.

If you are an aspiring blogger and want your blog to succeed, this post will provide you with all the tips you need to keep your blog buzzing and thriving with life! You could have applied some of these tips already but I am sure that you will definitely find something that will benefit you today! It is time to make your blog ROCK!

1. Reminisce With Readers

Probably you have written some fantastic posts and amusing anecdotes before. If you are thinking real hard on what to write for your next blog post, look into your own past for inspiration.

2. Show Your Passion

Why bother starting a blog if you are not passionate about the things that you are going to blog about? This is one important ingredient towards the success of your blog.

3. Stay Up-to-Date

Subscribe to your industry’s top blogs in the market. Read about the recent developments and happenings in your industry. Update your blog audience about the events that are coming up and which they might be interested to attend.

4. Be a Consumer

You have just stumbled upon a great product which is able to solve all your problems. On the other hand, your blog audience has been looking for solutions in the market that will solve the same issue. Give that product a genuine and honest review; use it and tell your blog audience what you think about the product.

5. Publish Your Learning Experiences

Blog about where you have failed previously and advise your blog audience on what not to do! Case studies are definitely popular!

6. Keep It Simple

Write in a conversational manner as if you are just talking to a friend. Write in bite size chunks and use bullet points so that your blog readers can easily consume what you have written. Have fun writing your posts and occasionally add a bit of humour into your posts.

7. Engage Your Blog Readers

Reply to their comments to keep the conversation going. Take the time to email them directly and thank them for their comments. Ask your readers what they want you to write about. This will definitely create a WOW factor and your blog readers will then spread the word about your blog for you. This could be the making of a tribe!

8. Catch Your Blog Audience’s Attention

Attach an eye-catching image at the top of your blog posts. Take some time to craft out great headlines that will catch people attention and will make them want to find out more about the rest of the blog posts.

9. Don’t Leave Out Social Tools

Provide Share This buttons to Facebook and Twitter. Invite your blog audience to subscribe to your blog via RSS or email. Promote and distribute your posts on to other social media platforms such as Digg and StumbleUpon.

10. Make It Mobile

Make it easy for people to view your blog on their mobile phones as smartphones increases the connectivity to the Internet. There are simple WordPress plugins that enable you to do that in a matter of minutes. I just did a check on my blog’s Google Analytics and it tells me that there is an increase of 10% in the number of people who are reading my blog from a mobile platform from last week. This trend will only continue and the percentage will definitely go up.

11. Video Blog

Create a video blog post by interviewing a successful client – this can be a powerful avenue in providing authentic evidence of authority and credibility for both you and the client. Turn your existing “How-To” posts into short videos with you doing the demonstration.

Your Spicy Tips

Give the above a try! I believe you will be able to create a lively blog real soon and a happier you as well. And let us know your spicy tips for making your blog rock!

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      @Mani, mobile is indeed a good way to capture your audience on the move. You will be amazed by how many new subscribers you are going to obtain through mobile platform!

    • says

      @Melanie, my pleasure always if I am of any help to you! Keep applying the tried and tested techniques consistently and you will reap the rewards.

    • says

      @Alex, I really like that quote from Brian. I do visit his blog sometimes and his posts do really inspire me to blog more and help the blogosphere. Yep, just try my suggestions out…some may not turn out fine but some may just take you to the next level!

  1. says

    Hi Jack,

    I have been trying few of the it presently and plan to give a try soon, not able to balance my time still I am working 16 hrs a day and cannot manage the time..

    I should think and rethink on trying different methods and manage time wisely.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Imran just posted Best Alternative For BuySellAds

    • says

      @Imran, if you have read the comments from Suresh… he is not a full-time blogger..so what he suggested was to balance your time well. Time management is crucial or else you might spiral your way into failure. I think for you..just select one or two of the techniques and apply them diligently. That will do you good in your future blogging.

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    These are all great tips that I myself try to remember any time I am writing for my blog. In my opinion, I think #2 is the most important for anyone who wants to become a blogger. You shouldn’t blog about your dinner, or what you think will make you money online. You should blog about your passions. This is the only way to have a successful blog because the passion will translate to the readers and keep them coming back.

    Engaging with readers and their comments is very important too. Good list!

    • says

      Hi Sarah, can I first comment that you’re really beautiful? hahaha.. and yep, I totally agree with you that passion keeps a blog going and your audience wanting for MORE! That’s the only way that keeps a hungry crowd coming back to you! That’s the only way that makes them feel as if you are the authority…the expert…the one and ONLY!

        • says

          Hi Sarah aka Babe, is Adiamor your brand? I would love to be your affiliate marketer so I am not sure if you have an affiliate program in place. Really great stuff that you are selling there. Hope we can strike some kind of business partnership!

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    Forget share this. Many of these tips boil down to provide compelling content to your readers. I agree completely. The key is to really provide content that is of value. A huge part of this for most people is to focus on your passion. A few excellent writers can be incredibly engaging about stuff they don’t care about. Most people can’t.

    The video idea is good.
    John Hunter just posted Amazon Keeps Spending- Sales Growing But Not Income

  4. says

    I enjoyed your input. A well-rounded summary of worthy tips. I agree with everything you suggested. I think I have a pretty good grasp on all your thoughts on blogging, except the idea for a video blog. This is something I have never tried. What do you generally try to capture? Do you just film yourself with commentary of your thoughts? Do you apply a lot of editing? I definitely would like to explore the video blog let me know if you have suggestions. Thanks.

    • says

      Alright Matt..I would like to share with you on what I have seen so far.

      You can capture a video sharing with people a product (that’s in your niche) that either has impressed you with its wonderful features or it sucks great time.

      Next, let’s say you are in the fishing niche. You can do an interview with another fellow fishing buddy and talk about where are your favourite fishing spots, what kind of fish swims there..what sort of bait would be nice…what time do the fish come by etc.. you know what I mean. Just discuss anything that will be interesting to your niche.

      Else, you can also share on the experiences that you have with thus far. As long as everything is niche-relaetd…and you’ll be fine.

    • says

      Yep yep, my job is to – as far as possible – help every single blogger to grow to their best potential and I believe everyone is capable of that. Work hard and play hard!

    • says

      Hi mate, thanks for the reply. I have actually mentioned promotion via the mobile platform and also sharing the content via social media platforms (using the ShareThis button etc). Do you have any other means of promotion to add? Please share..please share. We would want to learn from you. Of course, SEO, media buys, PPC advertising are some other ways but I do not want to go into that.

  5. says

    Really appreciated this post, Jack, esp. as a relative newcomer to all-things-blog.

    I especially appreciated the clear, bullet point approach you used that aligns beautifully with the way I scan online info. Super.

    And your first tip really hit home ~ to reminisce with the reader. Storytelling, when shared from the heart or our memory banks, has a palpable authenticity that sparks genuine reader interest and a bonding connection. In the best of cases, it triggers identification on the part of the reader, thereby touching that individual in a special, personally meaningful way.

    Thank you for sharing these gems – look forward to seeing more :)
    Lil / Authentic Abundance just posted 5 Things Every Authentic Entrepreneur Needs to Know

  6. says

    Making your blog mobile-friendly is so important nowadays! The numbers of smart phones and people doing most, if not all, of their online stuff with their phones is becoming unbelievable.

    This was a really fantastic list! I especially appreciated sharing your learning experiences. What’s that saying? “Even a fourth-grader is a god to a third-grader.” You are an expert to someone, somewhere.

    Delena Silverfox just posted GolfGarb Voucher Code

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    Hi Jack,

    i have been mulling over whether to start a blog for my dog site or not. I write great original articles for it, often based on Google raw data to provide unique info to my visitors, but obviously articles are not as updated as a blog might be. I was just wondering how time consuming doing a blog would be, and if it will actually increase visitor loyalty, or people wanting dog walking, just because I blog? Because at the end of the day, we all want to get paid.

    My other concern is that I would need to do seo (link building) for the blog pages as well as my homepage, how do you get to do both? or is bring people to your site and them finding the blog enough for you?

    • says

      @Bruce, with passion, blogging becomes a breeze rather than a chore. Don’t you agree? Rather than blog about something that you feel draggy to start with, why not start working on a niche that you will feel more passionate about?

      I do SEO via lotsa link building methods … like guest blogging, article marketing, web2.0 linkwheels etc. Seems like a lot of work but I do have a team that I work with day in day out. If you are just starting out, you might want to start small and work on a less competitive niche.

  8. says

    Hey Jack,

    These are very lovely actionable tips you shared here.

    I love the part of keeping it simple. People simply like to complicate things and over-analyse contents without due consideration to their readers.

    People want to see a writing that portrays a conversation. One that is not boring and complex. The person who excels in providing such is bound to be a favourite to its readers.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Jack!

    Tosin just posted Automated Tools- Stop Hiding Behind Automation

  9. says

    Dig the tips Jack, especially the plugin link for mobile phones. I’ll have to check that out.

    Also, tip #12 – Add animated .gif’s to your blog to spice it up – they’re making a come back…:)

    • says

      Sometimes, I will visit the websites and blogs of my visitors and build a relationship with them. For example, I will read their posts and leave my comments on their blogs. That way, they will notice my presence more.

  10. says

    Nice tips, Jack. I think your point about making your blog more mobile is the one that’s been occupying my mind the most lately. With the success of Apple’s iPad, and other tablets like it, it seems that the future of print media will be on devices like these. I think we will all see a larger percentage of our audience visiting our sites from these types of devices. It’s something that we need to keep in mind as bloggers when it comes to our post length, style, format, and overall appearance.
    Brad Harmon just posted Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

    • says

      @Brad, you are totally right and the longer we hesitate, the more blog visitors (and customers) that we are losing by the seconds and minutes!

  11. says

    Hello Jack,
    Very Engaging And Informative Post About How To make Your Blog Post Open With Big Bang.. It Thinks Covers Lots Of points but I would like also from You Include some Of My Points in your Blog Post That will Make Your Blog Post Complete… Here Are Some Points That You Can Includes –
    1- Ask a Questions
    2-Share an anecdote and quote
    3-Use an Analogy, smile or metaphor

  12. says

    Video blogging. I think that’s a marvelous way to spice up your blog. I’ve just started diving into doing a little video blogging, and I can already see the benefits. It’s already starting to help bring more exposure into my blog via YouTube and other sources.

    I think readers really enjoy, too, watching their favorite bloggers on screen. It really helps them to connect and get a better feel for what you’re all about!
    Christian Hollingsworth just posted The Wink In Leeks: #9