11 WordPress Plugins to Analyze and Increase Traffic

Who doesn’t like getting some extra traffic and more page views? We all love it, don’t we? Here are 11 WordPress plugins which should help you in various ways, from “tracking activities of your visitors” to “greeting them personally” so that you can achieve your goal of getting more traffic.


This posts plugin will help you to increase page views of your website. Once installed, it will show links to other posts related to a current post at end that could be useful for your visitors by introducing them to other relevant content on your website.


This plugin will add a small “Email this Page” link at the end of your posts which your visitors can click and then send link of your posts to anybody.

Search Meter

This plugin is very helpful if you already have a search box on your blog. When activated, this plugin would start recording all terms your visitors are searching for, and the results they are receiving. It will reveal popular searches on your blog and unsuccessful searches with no results so you know what your visitors are looking for. With the help of this plugin, you can also show your readers the most recent and popular searches.

Target Visitors

By using this plugin, you can show a special message to visitors who landed on your blog from search engines. This plugin would also highlight the words in your post which users had used in their search query, making your post look more relevant.


This is a real-time plugin which starts the collection of information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, etc. It will help you to know more about your visitors by telling you their IPs, most visited posts, categories, most searched terms, and more. This is a great plugin which will help you to know what your readers are looking for so that you can provide them with content they want and increase your traffic.

Search Everything

This plugin will enhance the power of WordPress default search feature. You can set the Search preferences easily like Search only titles, Search each tag or Search Every Page etc by using this plugin.


As the name suggests, this plugin will automatically add links to your favorite Social Bookmarking sites at the end of your posts, pages and RSS feed. It gives you the option to select the sites you want to show from the list of 99 social bookmarking sites.


ShareThis plugin works in same way Sociable plugin does, but in addition to allowing users to post your article on various bookmarking sites, you can also access the free tracking feature which would help you to know how, where, and when your posts are being shared.

Comment Email Responder

After activation, whenever you leave a comment, this plugin will email a copy of the comment to the person who left it, unless they have already subscribed to the comments.

Comment Relish

This plugin would send a personalized email to each person automatically when they leave a comment on your blog for a first time. This is a great plugin to welcome your new readers and remind them to visit your blogs again.


Usually it takes lot of time to copy the long URL of your post, go to the URL shortening service of your choice, paste the long URL, copy the short URL from there and then tweet from your account. TweetThis can this do for you automatically. This plugin fetches the shortened URL for your posts from shortening url service of your choice, and then can automatically tweet whenever a new post is published from your account.

Your Favorite WordPress Plugins for Increasing Traffic

WordPress bloggers… what plugins do you use to help analyze and increase traffic?

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  1. says

    Great list. I didn’t realize that a plugin like StatPress existed. This is an awesome addin since Google Analytics won’t give you real time information.

    • says

      Hello Rich ,

      Google analytics never give accurate information, So its always better to compare data from 2 sources , I personally feel that Statpress is a great plugin

    • says

      Yes indeed. Kristi has been providing us some cool stuffs!
      GA now has been inaccurate with the information they’re giving, they have lost their reliability. I won’t recommend it nowadays.

  2. says

    Thanks for the list. I really like Tweet This, Statpress and Yarp. The comment relish is not too great because, I believe, it sends a thank you for every single comment you make on a blog and not just the first one, I think that this can be annoying after a while.

  3. says

    Ok, seems I have some plugins to check out. Great guest post Raz!

    Question, the “This post brought to you by..” is that a plugin as well, or is that something you added to end of the post?

    Love watching as you bend this blog to your will Kristi!

    • says

      It’s not a plugin, but custom code in the footer of each post that pulls the author’s user information from WordPress. It’s a slightly modified version of the Add author info after each post code on this post which can be modified for any theme.

      • says

        Hey Kristi,
        I was wondering if you have a good reference for how ti input this footer after each post. I have been getting more guest bloggers and I would love to have that at my footer. My footer is similar already, but wonder what the code is to add authors… not very CSS savvy. Thanks!!
        Julie just posted 14 Kick Butt Resources for Facebook Marketing

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    I just started using Statpress last week, it really is great. I think you should look at different versions of stats ie: Google Analytics, WP-Blog Stats, Statpress, Sitemeter etc… so you can actually fully analyze what is working to get visitors.

    It is easy to get addicted to stats though, so be mindful of that too.

    • says

      StatPress does some amazing stuff. I like that it has the here is what someone searched for, and which page it took them to.

  5. says

    I also use YARPP, Search Meter and Sociable.

    I use WP Gret Box instead of Target Visitors and Google Analytics instead of StatPress.

    Just a question, isn’t it redundant to use Sociable and ShareThis at the same time?

  6. says

    yup Kristi huge list of Word-press plug-in for analyzing traffic, if you want increassing traffic in your blog these steps give more help for that, so it’s very use full for me and any blogger!!

  7. says

    Hi Kristi it’s huge list of Word-press plug-in for analyzing traffic, if you want increassing traffic in your blog these steps give more help for that, so it’s very use full for me and any blogger!!

  8. says

    Question – how many plug-ins are you running on your site? There are some good ones here, but as a rule I try to keep the number of plug-ins down so the page will load faster.

    Thanks in advance – looking forward to your reply.

    .-= New from James@photography – journal Citrus =-.

    • says

      The number of plugins depend on your requirements and how fast your server is ,
      If the page loads slow because of any plugin then its better not to use it or migrate to fast servers

    • says

      I currently have 21 active plugins on this site. Eight of them work in the background, like Google XML Sitemaps, WP Backup, etc. The rest effect a certain part of this site, such as Top Commentators, Compact Archives & Configurable Tag Cloud (for the Archives page), Dofollow, CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, etc.

      I found the only thing that really killed my load time on the homepage was the Tweetmeme button. I didn’t have it installed as a plugin, but pulling them in 10 at a time on the homepage was really slowing things down, so I removed it, and things seem to be working a lot better on my main page.

    • says

      Hi Ari,

      They won’t analyze but help in increasing the traffic. Please read the Title again – Its Plugins to Analyze and Increase traffic

    • says

      I like snark! Actually, I just installed StatPress myself on this site, and plan to install the others on my other sites. That’s the beauty of owning so many blogs… I can test out one plugin on one site and see what the benefits are simultaneously while trying another plugin on another site.

  9. says

    Not sure if this counts or not… and I haven’t seen it in a previous comment here, but How about the”All In One SEO Plugin”, technically that could help increase your traffic by increasing your site’s overall SEO, especially if you are using the default wordpress settings 😛

    Till then,


  10. says

    Nice list, Kristi

    It’s not until recently that I use YARPP. It’s amazing but I don’t know whether visitors actually click on the related posts or not :) I guess they must have if they are interested in reading my article
    .-= New from Michael Aulia @CravingTech System Mechanic 9.5 Review =-.

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    I don’t use any Email responder plugins as of now. I will use them!

    But I have stopped using Sociable. I thought the default stylesheet of Sociable was a bit to clumsy.

    But I like these tips of Using plugins to give your readers a better experience on your Blog!
    .-= New from Rohit Sane@SEO Tips My 3 Biggest SEO mistakes of 2009 =-.

  12. says

    Great list of plugin. I always prefer the analysis plugin. Social plugin is good but sexy bookmark is very heavy plugin.

  13. says


    Great post on the useful Word Press Plug-ins. I can often find information about one plug in or another, but I haven’t found many sources of info online that offer a list option the way that this post does. And I haven’t even heard of half of these plug-ins, to be honest, so I’ve definitely learned from this post. Thanks again!
    .-= New from Shane@Master Dayton Writing Blog 50 Things Beginning Writers Should Know =-.

  14. says

    I know ShareThis is popular and you see it pretty much everywhere, but I tend to find it really annoying. No offense to those who use it or develop it, 😛 , but I always roll over it and it tends to be much more obtrusive than a popup.

    I feel kind of like I am being violated, as well as being annoyed, so it gets blocked.

    I would much rather see Sociable take the market share, but it seems like ShareThis is the choice for most large papers, such as wired…
    .-= New from steve@Lift Chairs Making it Easier for Seniors to Live on Their Own =-.

  15. says

    Thats an exhaustive list of plugins that can help in increasing traffic. Adding social media button to the bottom of the post is something that has helped me in getting bookmarked with a lot of social media sites.
    For this I prefer Sexy bookmarks more that Sociable. It is highly customizable and has good features.
    .-= New from R Kumar@Simple Twitter Tips 10 Things I hate about Twitter and Tweeting =-.

  16. says

    First time here with you – great list – I very much like that it is leading edge rather then the same-o, same-o goiden moldies

    comment relish seems to have gone dark from the WP Install Plugins site – anybody know what is happening with that?

    .-= New from Christopher P Korody Riding With The Linchpin =-.

    • says

      I sort of agree.

      While you want to keep as many options open to your reader as possible, for whatever they might want to do, I don’t know many people that email pages anymore – since I got heavily into Facebook and Twitter (and got an iPhone), I rarely, if ever, email anything I find online.

      But I suppose you want to keep it, because you may have readers that aren’t as tech-savvy, don’t have a FB profile (truly, I have a very techy friend who refuses to get one), etc. For those types, the email option would be viable.
      .-= New from Shanna The Katrina Myth =-.

  17. says

    Long ago, I got the AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget (drop-down); I’ve had it longer than I can remember. I’m not sure how ShareThis or Sociable compare, but I’m very happy with my AddThis because it’s small and unobtrusive (with the drop-down) but still allows visitors to share a post in many places.

    I got ShareThis to give it a whirl, but it isn’t showing up; wonder if AddThis is creating a compatability problem. Suppose I’ll just stick with what works, but I wanted to let everyone know there was another such plug-in they might be interested in trying.

    AddThis, in case you are curious how it works/what it looks like, puts a small, oblong icon at the bottom of each post that says “Bookmark” and a few icons of popular places (FB, Del.icio.us, & Digg). When you run your mouse over it, a little window pops up that shows a plethora of share options, including the ability to print or add the post to your Favorites. At the bottom of the two-column list, you can click for “225 more” sharing options!

    There is also an AddThis Firefox extension, which I used for awhile on my desktop pc before the reformat I was forced to do last month (don’t ask).

    I hope this helps anyone looking for a viable alternative to post-share plug-ins!
    .-= New from Shanna The Katrina Myth =-.

  18. says

    Pls forgive the multiple posts, but I thought I should mention another plug-in that I happened to stumble upon a few weeks ago and sincerely love. I think it’s an important plug-in for making your blog as accessible as possible.

    It’s WPtouch iPhone Theme. It allows your blog, when viewed on a mobile device (which, let’s be honest, a lot more people do these days) look more like an app than a blog, making reading and browsing a thousand times easier for the mobile user. There are examples on the website at http://www.bravenewcode.com/products/wptouch/

    I hope this helps!
    .-= New from Shanna The Katrina Myth =-.

  19. says

    Thanks for the great list of plugins. I am using most of these plugins on my blogs. I am also using deep link engine which is similar to yarpp but allows you to select the tags you would like to use for related posts, the number of related posts to display, as well as choosing which posts you do display. I’ve found it to be pretty useful.

    Does anyone else use this plugin?
    Steve Casteel just posted Underground Traffic Blueprints Reviewed

  20. says

    Great list. I am a HUGE fan of WordPress. When I really started to pay attention to them they had just surpassed the 4,000+ plugin mark. Now they are up over 11,000 plugins and climbing fast. Quite something.

    My favorite plugin is the blubrry podcasting plugin. I use it to publish my podcast. It’s easy to install has iTunes support and is very robust …and best of all like most plugins it’s free!

    James Martell just posted Is It Better to Have Keywords in the URL Path or Filename

  21. says


    Plugins are an essential part of adding key features to WP core.

    The WP development team realizes there are thousands of features they could add that would help bloggers but it would bloat the overall wordpress core. Besides bloating the core many features are only used by some bloggers. Thus plugins were born.

    Getting a great Cache system in place, ie. W3 Total Cache and most of your multiple plugin problems are solved. The only major challenge plugins cause are incompatible code between plugins and themes.

    WP’s the best because of plugins like WP-Navi. The easier my readers can find my content the better.
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