17 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs to Visit

In the spirit of the FamousBloggers and ComLuv blogging contest, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the various blogging sponsors contributing to one of the largest cash prize blogging contests who have, of course, CommentLuv enabled blogs.

I know that most of my readers are well aware of the reasons to love CommentLuv, including its great benefits to blog owners, readers, and especially commenters with the ability to promote blog posts and articles on article directories and networks such as HubPages, Squidoo, EzineArticles, & more.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List

Without further ado, here are the contest sponsors with blogs enabled with CommentLuv for your content pleasure!

1. The Home of CommentLuv – The ComLuv Network

The ComLuv Network

One of the top sponsors spearheading this contest is the network behind ComLuv itself where you can download the plugin and register your site to have your latest 10 blog posts / articles available to you when commenting. They also have a blog filled with contestants’ entries and great tips on how to use the CommentLuv system on your own site and when commenting. So if you are not yet taking advantage of this great backlink building and traffic generating blog commenting system, be sure to register now and start commenting!

2. Learn How to Blog at FamousBloggers

How to Blog

FamousBloggers is a great site to find lots of informative bloggers who know how to educate their readers on the art of blogging, social networking, and making money online. It is a friendly community that knows the importance of interacting with readers by responding to comments and reaching out to find quality writers to share a new wealth of information on how to succeed at blogging. It is also home to the other half of the entries for this contest.

3. Great GoDaddy Coupon FAN3 30% Off Coupon Codes at Longest

GoDaddy Coupon FAN3 30% Off

Longest.com’s goal is to provide useful marketing information and valuable discounts & promotions for startups, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs looking to run successful online busineses. The blog is CommentLuv enabled through the Intense Debate commenting system.

4. Advice on Perfect Gifts for Business – Find Great Business Card Holders & More

Business Card Holders

This online business selling executive gifts shows how business blogging is done by offering advice on how to pick the best gifts for holidays such as Christmas and Father’s Dayand informative posts on what business card holders say about you to help you choose what product is right for you.

5. FiddyP Blog – Personal Musings

FiddyP Blog

This blog by the creator of the CommentLuv plugin includes personal thoughts on and experiences with everything from coding to affiliate products to cosmetic surgery.

6. Chinese Takeaway Lancaster Makes Unique Use of CommentLuv

The Chinese Takeaway Lancaster

This Chinese food restaurant uses their blog commenting system to get reviews on their menu items, including some yummy vegetarian dishes that I would certainly try if I were on those neck of the woods.

7. Millwork Architectural Mouldings Talk Home Improvement

Millwork Architectural Mouldings

For businesses who wonder what they can write about when they focus on a very specific niche, take note from this super example of a blog that expands upon their industry to attract readers interested in DIY, home restoration, home renovations, and home improvement.

8. Top Blogging Guide for Making Money Blogging

Blogging Guide

This dofollow and KeywordLuv enabled blog is home of great articles on affiliate marketing, blogging, and Internet Marketing. Owner Andrew Rondeau is also creator of the Income Blogging Guide that I just started this week, which has so far proved to be just as valuable as I had suspected it would be in my review.

9. Entrepreneur Business Blog for Branding

Entrepreneur Business

Big Girl Branding has one of the best mission statements – To bring forth quality info to readers, who can then use said info and apply it to their own biz, branding, and marketing shenanigans. May contain info unsuitable for overly sensitive people. Dork label required. You can find a variety of posts on everything from business & marketing strategies, email marketing, and much more. Blogger Cori Padgett also wrote a great post here on self promotion without being a narcissist.

10. Direct Sales Marketing Coach Shares Marketing Strategies

Direct Sales Marketing Coach

This blog shares information about Internet Marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and offline marketing, as well as runs contests often which can be entered by simply commenting! The latest winner got an signup for life under their affiliate ID for Aweber!

11. Home Based Business Resources

Home Based Business Resources

This is a great blog that covers a plethora of topics that are a must for those looking to make money from home, including affiliate marketing, blogging, making money online, and SEO. It also features a weekly roundup of great posts that everyone should enjoy.

12. Blogging Tips & Tricks for Better Blogging

Blogging Tips & Tricks

We Blog Better offers bloggers a great guide to a better blog with lots of great posts on blogging tools & resources, monetization, writing, networking, social media, and much more, including a weekly recap of the top 10 must read posts for bloggers.

13. Simple Home Organization – Helping People Get Organized

Simple Home Organization

The Simple Home Organizer blog covers topics such as cleaning, planning ahead, preparedness, recycling, saving money, spring cleaning, and clutter to help everyone become a home organization pro!

14. Great Tips on How to Promote Your Blog

Promote Your Blog

Tycoon Blogger serves up a great line of posts to help monetize your blog and then promote it as well as reviews on products that will help you do both.

15. Small Business Ideas from the Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social Media Virtual Assistant

This blog contains some highly informative posts for small businesses who are looking for some guidance in the world of online marketing. Recent posts on the benefits of Aweber and an alternative to Paypal highlight this site’s ability to get you just the information you need to make a decision on a product or service.

16. Guidance to Help You Make Money on the Internet

Make Money on the Internet

Does $41K from Amazon in one year or $2K from one blog post sound good to you? Then head over to this blog and learn some ways to make money online from someone who does it quite well. Also, don’t miss the best blogroll plugin that adds nofollow to your blogroll everywhere on your site but the homepage, making those links that much stronger.

17. Grow Your Online Business with GrowMap

Grow Your Online Business

Although this site is not an official sponsor, GrowMap has been a important part of the contest as part of the ComLuv network, writing entries about contestants as well as promoting bloggers who have entered and sponsors who make the contest possible. This site offers a lot of great content on business blogging and the benefits of CommentLuv and KeywordLuv for both bloggers and businesses.

More Great Blogging Sponsors

Not every blog on the list is CommentLuv enabled, although I would highly suggest it (if it works with their platforms). Here are more blogging sponsors of the contest.

Find More CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

Looking for more CommentLuv enabled blogs? Try the dofollow commentluv blog list with over 150 blogs and the search engine on ComLuv site. You can also search your keywords and CommentLuv on Google to find even more posts.

Your CommentLuv Favorites

Do you visit any of these great sites or want to recommend another CommentLuv enabled blog to visit? Please mention it in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to participate in the blogging contest – entries are accepted until July 7th! Plus be sure to promote your favorites by sharing on Twitter and leaving comments.

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      Yes, they all do! From home improvement to social media to Chinese food to business to blogging. That’s why I wanted to write this piece – to let people know the variety of CommentLuv blogs out there!

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    I love seeing how companies such as Chinese Takeout Lancaster, Executive Gifts, and Millwork Architectural Mouldings use blogs and CommentLuv to make their websites’ content more valuable to visitors. Smart! What a great advantage they have over others in their respective industries.

    CommentLuv is, by far, my favorite plug-in. Thanks for a nice article about us!
    Melinda just posted Harry Potter party – the magic of Hogwarts

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      Absolutely! There’s a statistic out there that 25% of a main website’s traffic can come from their blog – think about all of the people simply looking for how-to articles. If your company writes an excellent how-to and then conveniently offers the products you need to do the project, that can be a great conversion incentive!

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    wow, most of the blogs that I personally follow are listed here and I can say good people too (particularly kiesha, gail, andrew, dennis and cori). and thanks for mentioning the others, I’ll might as well check them out :)

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    by the way Kristi, I was able to read your guest blog list of dofollow resources recently at Growmap (well, it wasn’t mentioned on the article that you have wrote it, but “kikolani’s link was there and gail also told me that it was from you). It helped me big time. over-delivered, full-packed with valuable resources and seasoned/timeless information as well. Well, just wanted to thank you personally :)

    • says

      I’ve been trying to find creative ways to sneak it in! It’s really an awesome contest and a great benefit for the people who enter as well – not just if they win something, but the new connections they’ve made and the things they have learned, from commenting to promotion. It’s easy to promote things that are that kind of awesome!

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    Hi Kristie, it’s nice to read more about the FBCL contest sponsors. There’s such diversity among them. This contest is giving us all an excellent chance to make you friends and visit quality blogs. Thanks for the details.
    Ileane just posted CommentLuv Gives Your Blog Heart

    • says

      There is definitely a lot of diversity – from blogs that are informative to affiliate marketers (the good kind) to business blogs, there’s a bit of something for everyone.

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      List posts can be a great way to find new blogs to read! Glad you found some new ones to add to your subscriptions!

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    Thanks for the awesome list. I just love blogging. CommentLuv Enabled Blogs are always good for blogs, they provide up to date knowledge along with a dofollow
    back link to your blog. I love to read different blog posts on multi theme blogs. Thanks for such awesome post.

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    Hey Kristi! Thanks so much for the mention here, and I LOVE that you like my mission statement! πŸ˜€ I just did a revamp, so hope you like the new layout equally as well. Fixing a few bugs here and there, but mostly working and I’m excited!

    Also, I have read many of the other blogs you mentioned here, and I can attest to the quality of the content.. they definitely all bring something different to the table! Great list, and I can’t wait to see who ends up winning the ComLuv/FamousBlogger contest! And of course it was an honor to be a guest here. :)


    Cori Padgett just posted -ProBlogger- Blogging- Steel-Toes- and Kicking Perfection’s…

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      I like the new look! I just updated your screenshot here to reflect it… there are always bugs to work out when doing a redesign, but it is usually worth it for the end result! :)

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        Thanks! I could kick myself though. I was poking around the back end, trying to figure out where something went, and whatever I did, I totally fudged it all up. Now the stuff that was working and looking great is looking all wonky and crazy. :( My coder guy is not going to be too happy with me! :-/ Anyway, glad you liked it, it’s back in maintenance mode now, until I can get it sorted tomorrow! That’s what I get for messing with things! lol


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      Yes, there are some definitely “must see” blogs on this list that if you haven’t, you should! And you’re welcome. :)

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    The ComLuv Network and FamousBloggers are both great sites I’m visiting each day. One can definitely find tons of useful information there. Most of the other sites included in the list were new to me, except Tycoon Blogger, which is also an interesting blog to visit. Thanks for sharing! Will check out some of the other sites.
    Daniel Sharkov just posted SEO Lies – Myths and Truths About SEO

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    What an awesome idea Kristi, I definitely love the way you went into detail and discussed each blog, looked like you spend alot of time posting this, I’ve always been aware of CommentLuv, but never bothered too much to take a closer look at it, just took some time to look into it based on the websites you linked out to here, and its something I really should be loving as the name suggests!

    Till then,

    used tires just posted Used Tires Dealers Website

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    Nice variety of commentluv blogs. Sometimes we don’t think out of the box – and out own niche – when it comes to reading blogs and posting comments, but I look at it like expanding my knowledge base and my horizons.

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    Thanks so much Kristi for this wonderful compilation of resources regarding CommentLuv. I just signed up yesterday and was struggling to figure out how to use it effectively. The comluv site doesn’t really have too much info so I was beginning to wonder. But now I found your super informative site, I feel like I have all the power I need to conquer the blog commenting world.

    I really love your site!
    Mystic Kitty just posted Pet seagull loves to eat cat food and sleeps in a cat house

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    Hi Kristi, I just took Gail’s advice and added Commentluv to my dietary supplement blog. Commentluv still isn’t well recognized among health and fitness bloggers, but I’ll see if I can help to change that. I’ve used Commentluv at my other site for over a month now and it’s been great.
    Jarret just posted Supplement Updates is now Commentluv Enabled!

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    Thanks for sharing. It is not very easy to find quality blogs that use commentluv and I am still amazed at the list and variety of topics.

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    interesting list which reveals how many different ways commentluv can be useful to so many different bloggers. Thanks for the info.

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    Wow, great list! are any of these list have dofollow links? I know Dennis blogs is.. may I should just check it out my self..
    But really thanks for sharing this to us Kristi..

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    G’Day! Kristi,

    You have got my attention with this excellent post. Something valuable information here for a new blogger like me. I belive commnetluv and keywordluv is the best way to attract more visitor especially blogger to visit our site. In term of SEO, Google love this way link building. BTW, thanks for give a luv to my site Kristi.

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