Coincidences: Do You Notice?

Do you notice little coincidences? Perhaps think they are a sign?Last night, my fiancé told me about making a wish when the time is 11:11. I had never heard of this before. Then this morning, while surfing the Postsecret blog, I saw this:It reminded me of how the universe gives us little hints or nudges in the right direction if we are aware of the little things in life. … [Read more...]

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Dreams

Last night, I dreamt that my fiancé and I were going to start up our own hospital. We only had four beds available, and we wanted to take four patients out of a nearby facility. The lady we were dealing with wanted us to take all six of her patients, two of which we did not want. One of the patients, who was being neglected, was this Japanese man with a mangled face and no … [Read more...]


Twenty seven years The world had To mold you, to know you What you gave back Was the definition Of conviction and sacrifice So unselfishly Helping free those bound To ensure a better future For complete strangers You gave us a hero A man defined Not by fame or wealth But by honor and devotion It would be a pleasure To shake your hand But that will have to … [Read more...]

The Soundtrack to My Life, Part I

Many years ago, I started compiling a list of songs that took me back to a particular place and time, and brought with it the emotions I felt. Then, I came across this post recently about creating a sountrack to your life. That post re-inspired me to go back to that list and share some songs that automatically triggers a memory, whether it be good or bad.Part I of this series … [Read more...]

FBI Flamethrowers

A few nights ago, I dreamt that the FBI came to my apartment complex to question the residents about something - I am not sure what anymore. Once they finished questioning everyone, two of them, wearing Joker-like masks, pulled out flamethrowers and started burning the apartment buildings. My first thought was to check on my mom who lived in the back of the complex. When my … [Read more...]

What Films Provoke Profound Questions?

Previously, I hit on the topic, using the Dark Knight, of movies that challenge your morals and values. The ones that make you question why you relate to or despise decisions that a character made based on your own beliefs, and how you would respond in the same scenarios. Then this weekend, I thought of some more movies that also have the same effect. Thought Provoking … [Read more...]