Say It, Right Now

Do you ever have times when you think about calling someone just to say hello? Maybe you have an online friend that you want to write a message. But something comes up, or too little time becomes a factor, and you never say what you want to … [Read more...]

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Last night, I dreamt about my upcoming nuptials. Typically, my dreams are about being at a wedding, but I do not think I have ever been the bride before now. I was wearing the perfect dress: a strapless ballgown with soft, silky embroidery. The … [Read more...]

Blogging Writer’s Block

There are days where I feel like my brain will explode with writing topics, and I could (if I had the time) sit down and write post after post after post. But then, there are days where the creative juices are not flowing. I could stare into the … [Read more...]