Say It, Right Now

Do you ever have times when you think about calling someone just to say hello? Maybe you have an online friend that you want to write a message. But something comes up, or too little time becomes a factor, and you never say what you want to them.Now is the time to change that. I know it has been said many, many times before in one form or the other, but you never know how long you will really have to tell someone what you want to tell them.My mind was wandering a bit today, and I found myself … [Read more...]

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Last night, I dreamt about my upcoming nuptials. Typically, my dreams are about being at a wedding, but I do not think I have ever been the bride before now. I was wearing the perfect dress: a strapless ballgown with soft, silky embroidery. The bottom was poofy, but not obnoxiously so. The wedding itself was outdoors, in a beautiful but maze-like garden. It was a bit strange in the sense that everyone was having to walk in a line towards the area where the minister was. I was somewhere in … [Read more...]

Blogging Writer’s Block

There are days where I feel like my brain will explode with writing topics, and I could (if I had the time) sit down and write post after post after post. But then, there are days where the creative juices are not flowing. I could stare into the empty Wordpress textbox for hours, and not one word would find its way onto the screen.There are many articles out there on this subject (see this Google search). After reading a post over at the Egyptian Collaborative Blog, where the author mentions … [Read more...]

I Smile on the Happiest Blog

While doing some social networking, I met Terence, author of Smile My Day, a blog with photos of many types of smiles: cute (because really, who could resist a smiling baby), sweet, sexy, happy, funny, warm and more. This is definitely a blog to visit if you are in need of something to bring a smile to your face. Come see my interview about happiness, which includes answers to how I found happiness, what is the secret to my smile, and what I would recommend to others in their pursuit of … [Read more...]

Taken but Looking, and Breaking the Trust Factor

I was recently reading a friend's blog where he was posting online conversation between himself and a female friend. Long story short, she was seeing someone she met on an online dating service, and she thought things were going really well, but then found out he had put his profile back up on the site. Needless to say, she was confused and discouraged. The subject hit a nerve with me, as I have been in a committed relationship where this happened. There is no harm in online, chit chat … [Read more...]

Desert Bunny

This is a little desert bunny that I see hopping around my apartment complex. I am not sure what is wrong with it, but it has an odd lump on its chest. (Any thoughts are welcome!) … [Read more...]