Slow Mourning

I have grieved every day In the anticipation of your loss Fearing that every phone call Will tell me that you are gone Even though the person I knew Was lost to me two years ago now It has been so very long Since I have seen the real you I … [Read more...]

How Would I

Tonight I lie awake and wonder If our love was torn asunder How would I ever make it on my own Because all I ever want to see For the future is visions of you and me Without those I would have no where to go So I curl up close to hold you … [Read more...]

Emotional Residue from Dreams

This morning, I woke up feeling particularly snarky. In recent months, with exception to times I was sick, I have always woke up in a blissfully sunny mood, but not today. And I am sure it is from what I like to call emotional residue from a dream … [Read more...]