Slow Mourning

I have grieved every day In the anticipation of your loss Fearing that every phone call Will tell me that you are gone Even though the person I knew Was lost to me two years ago now It has been so very long Since I have seen the real you I barely remember what you Were like, except in photos I hold those in my memories Not the image of you today But I cannot move on, no The grieving does not end Because your soul is still here Trapped in a unusable body With only enough will to … [Read more...]

Changing My Moving Perspective

This weekend, my fiancé and I began working on packing up my apartment so we could fully be moved in together, and finally stop paying double in rent, since we have been living with each other for the last 2 and a half months anyway. I have been dreading the packing process, because of my past moving experiences, including the bad scenarios that led up to a lot of my moves, having a Uhaul catch on fire, losing all of my journals from through high school (because I had a stack of boxes that … [Read more...]

Online Dating – The Female Perspective of


Before I was blessed in meeting my soulmate (via the good old-fashioned, in-person method), I, like many others, embarked into the world of online dating via A lot of people are hesitant to admit they tried it, but my theory on the matter was the following: if I can order a pizza, buy shoes, setup doctor's appointments, apply for jobs, and so many other things online, why should finding a date online be considered strange? Let's face it, for those who are a bit shy, it is a great way … [Read more...]

Birthplace of Elvis Presley in Tupelo, MS

I have decided to do a daily (if possible) and random Photo of the Day. Today's photo is:The birthplace of Elvis Presley in Tupelo, MS. This photo was taken on a trip I made back to Mississippi in August of 2005. Although I lived in Tupelo for the first 12 years of my life, I never visited Elvis' birthplace until then. It always amazes me that someone from such humble beginnings can become so famous, and such a major part of history - in this case, music history. … [Read more...]

How Would I

Tonight I lie awake and wonder If our love was torn asunder How would I ever make it on my own Because all I ever want to see For the future is visions of you and me Without those I would have no where to go So I curl up close to hold you tight Keeping you warm throughout the night Never wanting to let you go again … [Read more...]

Emotional Residue from Dreams

This morning, I woke up feeling particularly snarky. In recent months, with exception to times I was sick, I have always woke up in a blissfully sunny mood, but not today. And I am sure it is from what I like to call emotional residue from a dream I had. The fact that I cannot remember the details of the dream just adds to my snarkiness, although I am certain that it involved a massive fight with my ex. I was aware early on in the morning that something was out of balance, but it was not … [Read more...]

Dark Knight Exposes Dark Questions

Although I will do my best not to put any direct spoilers into this post, I will warn you that if you want have not seen the movie and want to view it for the first time as I did, with nothing but the preview in mind, you should postpone reading this until after the fact.Tonight, I saw Dark Knight for the second time, this time in an IMAX. Amazing sound, as in the effects pound through your chest, and much better picture quality and size. But aside from the thrilling effects, great acting from … [Read more...]