Fun with Mad Libs

Several weeks ago on a whim, I purchased Best of Mad Libs. During the beginning phase of the first move (I am moving all my stuff over to my fiancé's place at the end of this month, and at the end of next month, we are moving into a larger apartment), I brought over a bunch of books, including the Mad Libs. So last night we went a few rounds, and came up with some funny … [Read more...]

Physical Pain Coming Through Dreams

I have noticed that if I am having some sort of physical pain, it finds its way into my dreams. For example, many years ago, I remember this vivid dream that I was standing in the middle of a dark maroon room. The room had glass walls. All around the outside of this room, there were vampires, standing and staring at me. Telepathically, as they stared at me, they sent sharp, … [Read more...]

Scientists Gone Bad

This was a very complex dream, considering all of the ethical and moral dilemnas that were brought up.I dreamt that I was kidnapped, along with my cat and a hedgehog, and taken to this complex which conducted some kinds of scientific experiments.  As soon as I arrived, the entire building was being filled with gas, and I happened upon an oxygen mask nearby, so I used it and … [Read more...]