My Grandmother

This is a photo of my grandparent's wedding in Japan in 1957. They had quite a love story. It began quite humorously with my grandfather making the mistake of giving her a friendly smack on the behind, which ended with him finding himself on the floor after my grandmother decked him. Later, he found out that she came from a prestigious family, and realized he had to make amends. He camped himself outside of her home for three nights in the cold, until my great-grandmother convinced her to go … [Read more...]

The Sweetest Drug

Love is a drug It comes in many forms As there are varieties Of potential loversYou begin feeling strong That you do not need it Until you get a taste By choice or by accidentOnce you have the penchant The craving will begin It weakens in time only if You can stop savoring itBut each time you do The need, the desire for it Grows stronger and begins To drive you out of your mindIt makes you ecstatic When you know you have it It makes you almost crazy When you stand to lose itThe … [Read more...]

Backup Your Blog for Peace of Mind

A month ago, I came across this post from a favorite blogging resource of mine whose blog was hacked, and all the content was lost. Fortunately, the author was smart enough to have backups, and was able to restore things quickly.After reading that post, I downloaded the Wordpress Database Backup plug-in and started having my database backup emailed to me daily, to two separate addresses, just in case. I also download all of my files (images, pages, etc.) via FireFTP.This morning, my backups … [Read more...]

Moon Photography

I love looking at the moon in its various phases. Here are two shots from this month. On a side note, I recorded this video last year of the full moon rising, with some creepy Halloween music. … [Read more...]

Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

For Blog Action Day 2008, the topic is poverty. There is poverty at every level: locally, nationally, and globally. When we think about that, the thought that typically goes through a person's mind is what can one person do? In terms of monetary donations, bloggers are asked to donate today's earnings through these organizations to track the fund-raising success of Blog Action Day. You can also donate to a charity of your choice. If you are not sure which one to choose, you can find various … [Read more...]

Explaining Web 2.0 Features

One thing I have noticed in my first few months of blogging is that I receive a lot of feedback, in terms of commenting, bookmarking, and subscribing, from people who also blog. But not so much from people I know in real life who do not. I came to the realization that, prior to my own entry into the blogging world, I never did much of these things on blogs I read either. I knew little about social bookmarking, with exception to my Stumble toolbar that I just used for random web surfing, and … [Read more...]

Light Switch

Like a light switch flipped off an illuminated room quickly goes darkI cannot see although so much surrounds me it feels like only emptiness existsMy choices now are to stay in this darkness or to fight to find the switchAnd I am unable to do more until the lights are on again … [Read more...]