What a wonderful feeling Waking up in yours arms I pretended to stay asleep Just so I could enjoy the Warmth and the comfort Of being in that moment With you, which is a place I have wanted to be for So long, and I hope to be Every morning and night Always, right by your side … [Read more...]

Sleep Paralysis

This was written during a phase where I had recurring bouts of sleep paralysis, something I have dealt with for years. Basically, I would feel like I was awake, lying in bed, and something or someone was coming after me, but I could not move to get away from it or scream for help - a combination of hallucinations and actual physical paralysis. Upon waking from this, I would be too filled with anxiety to go back to sleep.I was so thankful when someone sent a link to this through a post on … [Read more...]

Beyond Sight – Appreciating Beauty

When most of us think of something beautiful, we think of using our sense of sight. But what are the other ways we can appreciate a thing of beauty?Beyond Sight - Use of the Other SensesOf course, we can appreciate beautiful things with our eyes, whether we are looking at people, nature, etc. But what can we do beyond that?Let's start with the sense of smell. Think about looking at a flower. Instead of just seeing the depth of the red rose, get closer and breathe in its fragrance. If you … [Read more...]

Artistic Rendering

She cannot begin to express to you how she truly feels, except through her artistic rendering. As a painter who places paint on a canvas. As a photographer who uses the lens of her camera to capture the beauty of a single moment. As a poet who writes from her heart, ink like crimson, bleeding onto the page. She paints her canvas, utilizing her senses as brushstrokes. She breathes in slowly the cologne in the air. She looks all around, focusing on the sparkling color of your eyes, … [Read more...]

Pretty Girl

Written for the women who have been hated by some just because they are beautiful. For the ones whose intelligence and warm personalities went unnoticed.No one feels bad for her because she turns heads, gets the glances, the stares, the attention, but from whom? Not from ones who want to love, to care, to be with her always. Only from the ones that want her body. They pretend to want something more, until they break down her defenses and she lets them in. Then they take what they … [Read more...]

The Blogging Process

When I first started blogging, I thought that all I had to do was design my site, post great content, tell a few friends, and I would have a relatively popular site in no time. Little did I realize then all the things I would be doing now. In not-so-particular order, here are the almost daily things I do to keep my blog running at full steam.Posting a New Blog EntrySome posts are easier than others, but they all require a bit more than just creating the main entry itself.Prep Work - Prep work … [Read more...]

Beating Heart

The beating Of your heart So fast, so strong Rattles my cheek As my face lies Upon your chest I wish I could Take all this Anxiety from you Bear your pain So you could be Full of joy Once again … [Read more...]