Guilty Pleasures

With the seriousness and stress of day to day life, it is an important thing to allow oneself guilty pleasures. Those things that we may not want to readily admit to everyone, but regardless, they entertain us, whether they are tv shows, movies, or some particular activity. So, in an extension of revelations in the blog tagging post, here are some of my guilty pleasures.AudiobooksI love listening to the Twilight series and Harry Potter audio books. I also downloaded the soundtrack to Twilight … [Read more...]

Blog Tagging – Fun Facts

Over the weekend, I was tagged by two great bloggers, Jess at How Did I Get Here and Asif at Life as I Know It, to share seven facts about myself. So here are some interesting tidbits about me.I am somewhere between vegetarian and vegan.Some of the poems I have written in the past scares me. It's as if I was not the one who wrote them, but I know I did.I believe that inanimate objects have feelings. Especially ones with faces, like stuffed animals.I can sketch cartoon characters pretty well, … [Read more...]

Thursday Things

Thursday Things is a new weekly post with site news and discoveries around the net.AwardI received the I Love Your Blog Award from Roshan at Awake & Dreaming. The rules for accepting the award are as follows:1) Add the logo of your award to your blog.2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.5) Leave a comment for your nominees on their blogs.So I bestow this award to some of my favorite subscriptions: (Anti) … [Read more...]

Rays of Sunlight

Photo by Dave ShewmakerImagine thisA sunny day, no clouds in the sky No chance of rain You lie on the ground Back nuzzled into the grass Looking up at the sky Basking the warmth of the sun’s raysNow picture thisThe warmth disappears Yet the sun still remains in the sky Not a cloud in its way Nothing between you and it You see it but you do not feel it The warmth was just there But within moments, it was goneNow think about hisIs it the sun’s fault That you cannot feel its … [Read more...]

Haiku Poems: How to Guide, Examples, and a Contest

What is, and How to HaikuHaiku is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of verse written in three parts of five, seven, and five syllables. The haiku poem also makes reference to a kigo, a word that relates to a particular season. While Japanese haiku is formatted in a single vertical line, haiku in English is usually printed in three lines.Haiku ExamplesHere are two haiku examples that I wrote:A love haiku for my fiancé...If you did not knowhow long my love for you blossoms - tis infinitelyA … [Read more...]

Using Demotivators Posters to Find Motivation

For the most part, I am a very positive minded person. But I think everyone has days where things just seem demotivating. Instead of fighting it today, I am going to embrace it with somewhat humorous Demotivators posters from are so many things I want to achieve right now, including three more blogs, but I have no expendable labor. Just myself. And that resource is being fully consumed.When you realize the time you have daily is less than the time you need to accomplish all … [Read more...]