Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Fast Food

A few weeks ago, I was tagged by Evita at Evolving Beings to do six random bits of information about myself. Since I like the way she themed hers to spiritual and personal growth, I have decided to do my six nuggets of info on my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.1. Old HabitsFor the most part of my life, I had never been concerned about a healthy lifestyle. Like many other women, I dieted if I was getting above the weight where I felt comfortable, but those were more crash diets than … [Read more...]

My Flickr Meme – Creating A Mosaic

While perusing through my RSS subscriptions, I found a post by Cupcakes and Mace about creating a Flickr Meme. So here is the one that I created...The Rulesa. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.b. Using only the first page, choose an image.c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into the Mosaic Maker.There's a group you can add your meme mosaic to on Flickr - the meme.The Questions1. What is your first name?2. What is your favorite food?3. What high … [Read more...]

What Do I Want

The Women - Movie Still - Vision Board

Recently, I watched the movie The Women with Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, and a great cast ensemble. A question that Meg Ryan’s character faces when her marriage falls apart is... What Do I Want?She then starts a vision board of the interests she had but never pursued, words of inspirations, and photos of the things most important to her, like a picture with her daughter and with her friends.Mary's (Meg Ryan) Vision Board from The Women (2008)My VisionThis in turn got me to thinking about the vision … [Read more...]