Fetching Friday – Inspirational Blogging, Resources


This post kicks off a new weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring interesting discoveries and useful resources on the net, random tidbits of news, and a preview for next week's posts on kikolani.com.Inspirational BloggingOne of my regular commentators, Evita, runs three amazing websites. Evolving Scenes is a blog of beautiful photography and insightful thoughts. Evolving Wellness covers living more naturally, which goes along with my quest for living a healthier lifestyle. Last, but not … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Use Social Networking for Blog Promotion


In one of my most popular posts, The Blogging Process, I compiled a list of things I do to keep kikolani.com running, including prep work for posts, social media promotion, bookmarking, interacting with readers, and other technical updates. This article focuses specifically on using social networking for blog promotion. Unless your blog is purely personal in nature and only meant to be shared with family and close friends, chances are you want to bring in more readers. Because what is the … [Read more...]

The Return of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis Imagery

A while ago, I had written a poem about a sleep condition that I have on and off, sleep paralysis - a sensation where you feel like you are awake, and there is something or someone in the room with you that you fear, but your body and voice is paralyzed, so you are unable to escape or defend yourself. It has to do with the how the brain paralyzes your body while you are dreaming to prevent you from physically acting out your dreams, but sometimes doesn't release the paralysis when you are … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Birds


Recently, I have had two very memorable dreams about birds. The first dream, a few weeks ago, I had this bird in my hand that I thought was dead. But then, it came to life again. Just as I was feeling the joy that my little bird was alive, it fell out of my hand into a storm drain in a parking lot. I was left feeling sad because I did not know if the bird would have survived the fall, and if it did, could it get out. If not, I knew it would starve to death and die in the drain.The next … [Read more...]

Bleeding Words

Robert Browning Handwriting Sample

The words I dare not say Bleed out of me Ink from the barrel Inside a pen onto fibers Of the blank paper Beneath my hand Increasingly chaotic strokes No handwriting analysis Could decipher as The shape of the letters Change the further down The page I get Starting barely legible Ending wildly distorted With tear stained streaks Smearing the ink Across the surface … [Read more...]