The Return of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis Imagery

A while ago, I had written a poem about a sleep condition that I have on and off, sleep paralysis - a sensation where you feel like you are awake, and there is something or someone in the room with you that you fear, but your body and voice is … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Birds


Recently, I have had two very memorable dreams about birds. The first dream, a few weeks ago, I had this bird in my hand that I thought was dead. But then, it came to life again. Just as I was feeling the joy that my little bird was alive, it fell … [Read more...]

Bleeding Words

Robert Browning Handwriting Sample

The words I dare not say Bleed out of me Ink from the barrel Inside a pen onto fibers Of the blank paper Beneath my hand Increasingly chaotic strokes No handwriting analysis Could decipher as The shape of the letters Change the further … [Read more...]