SPNbabble for Web Professionals – No Twitter, All Babble

Like many, the Twitter craze reminds me of the hula hoop, cabbage patch dolls and many of the fads that surely fade over time. Twitter is gaining popularity, but studies indicate that only 40% of new members return within 30 days. It looks like they need to work on user retention and not celebrity tweeters.There's a new service like its counterpart that is more targeted towards web professionals. The new service is called SPNbabble - Micro-Blogging for Web Professionals, as their tagline … [Read more...]

Getting Started with the Thesis Theme & Resources

Last week, I took the plunge and downloaded the Thesis Theme by DIY Themes. At first, it was a bit daunting because of the fact that I am used to doing code straight into the theme's template. In Thesis, what you use are hooks and custom functions, all held within a custom-functions.php file. Once I passed the mental roadblock of how to write the functions and where to put them using the hooks, I really started to like the theory of having all of the customizations in one place instead of … [Read more...]

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, #FollowFriday, Thesis, and Star Trek

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, #FollowFriday recommendations, round one with the Thesis theme, a thumbs up to Star Trek, and previews for next week’s posts on kikolani.com.The Resources MashupHere are some of the best articles I have stumbledupon this week.Tech How to hide your email from harvesting programs Why are text messages 160 characters?Blogging and Design 24 stunning contact form designs Blog optimization series - social media … [Read more...]

USS Midway Museum in San Diego, CA

Here are the first set of scenic photos from our stay in San Diego during our honeymoon. These are photos shot on the USS Midway Museum aircraft carrier, with my new Fuji S2000HD.For more of the candid, personal shots, see the USS Midway Honeymoon album at Soulmates Wedding. … [Read more...]

Post Vacation Productivity

In a followup to the article about vacation proofing your blog, here is the list of the things I actually accomplished prior to leaving on my fabulous honeymoon, what needed to be done when I returned, and what is on my immediate to do list.Vacation ProofingNo matter how well thought out the plan, unexpected things can arise and thwart your otherwise well conceived ideas. Instead of having a full week to prepare everything for the wedding, honeymoon, and subsequent week off, I lost two days at … [Read more...]

How to Make Social Promotion Easy

While there are many ways to promote your blog articles through social networks, I have noticed an increase in messages via emails, groups, and forums formatted with options to push an article via a variety of sites.  They go beyond "here's my latest article about this topic, hope you like it" to being well constructed messages with direct links to the articles on networks that the blog author would like their article to be promoted.These messages help the blogger target the networks where they … [Read more...]

Fetching Friday – Huge Resources Mashup, #FollowFriday, Your Design Input

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring a huge resources mashup, #FollowFriday recommendations, your design input wanted, and a preview for next week’s posts on kikolani.com.The Resources MashupHere are some of the best articles I have stumbledupon this week.Social Media 25 writers you should be following on Twitter How to Tweet, Facebook and Digg from your phone Where to find social media power users 13 tutorials and resources for a perfect Twitter background How to … [Read more...]

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