Coronado Island Beach

For the final installment of scenic honeymoon photos, I have saved the best for last. Here are the photos from Coronado Island Beach, plus a little clip of soothing ocean waves (soothing until someone walked near the camera at the end at least). Waves at Coronado Island Beach from Kristi Hines on Vimeo. For the more personal photos of my hubby & I at … [Read more...]

Out on the Ballroom Floor

Back in September of last year, I wrote the following poem about ballroom dancing. In the comments for my first year of Kikolani post, I realized there are still a lot of readers that were here when I used to write poetry. So I decided to bring back this piece of writing with a little something extra. Why don't you take me Out on the ballroom floor And dance with … [Read more...]

SEO and Social Media

SEO via Social Media? You're Nuts?! All the links are nofollow, who is this guy anyway? First of all, don't believe the nonsense. Massive search results don't come simply from using h1 tags and having meticulously prepared keywords for each post. Sadly, it's one and only one thing - backlinks. Too bad these glorious backlinks won't do you any good if they are labeled … [Read more...]