2010 Social Media Wishlist – New Features for Facebook, StumbleUpon, & Twitter

As I am on various social networks, I find myself thinking “Wow, I wish they had ___ which would make ___ easier.” So here are some of the changes I’d like to see on the social networks I use the most in 2010.

Facebook Wishlist

  • Checkboxes to select all groups that you want to remove yourself from, instead of having to click “Leave Group” and wait for the page to refresh after each or having to go into each group page and leave.
  • Checkboxes to select all notifications that you would like to ignore / accept / block instead of having to do it one at a time.
  • Applications cannot leave messages on your wall without approval – period. Especially ones I didn’t sign up for. Or one setting that I can check set to approve or deny applications posting to your wall.
  • Tag photo approvals – Myspace even has an option to approve your tag in photos before it shows up on your profile / status updates.

StumbleUpon Wishlist

  • Look at your tags in alphabetical order.
  • Select all subscribers for sharing.
  • Highlight / auto select subscribers most likely interested in your share based on their favorite tags.
  • An option in the toolbar that would allow you to easily unsubscribe from people who send you spammy shares.
  • Toolbar notification of new Inbox messages.
  • Toolbar with a back button so you can revisit a recent share (as opposed to going to the Discoveries tab > Recent Shares (in the new version of StumbleUpon).

Twitter Wishlist

  • Checkboxes to select multiple direct messages that you want to delete, instead of having to do them one at a time.
  • Hovering over a Twitter username in the timeline, direct messages, or followers / following will show the last three tweets from that user.
  • An “Unfollow” button next to tweets in the timeline and direct messages so you can easily unfollow bots, spammers, etc. without having to visit their profile first.
  • Built in function in Twitter that will show the full URL of shortened URLs when you hover over them.
  • Suggested #hashtags for your tweets, or a list of your most used #hashtags.
  • Connection between other networks so you can check a box so you can share select tweets on Facebook and LinkedIn without having to add the extra #fb or #in at the end of tweets.

Your Social Media Wishlist

How about you? What new features would you like to see on your favorite social networks in 2010?

* Also, please note that, up until this point, I haven’t been using external tools like Tweetdeck and other social media desktop applications, so if any of the following items can be done in a software, plugin, etc. I’d love to know so I can try them out.

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  1. says

    Your perspective on all things social media is so insightful. I agree with most everything on your wishlist and I hope only that someone is listening to your wisdom born of a lot of experience and thought.
    .-= Jay Zuck´s last blog ..Giveaway Winners =-.

  2. says

    hashtags on twitter drive me mad but maybe thats cos I’m following a lot of kids who used to go to my school and all they stalk about is #TEAMCULLEN and the like…
    .-= Jez @ Mobile Phones with Free Laptop´s last blog ..Mobile Phone Free Laptop =-.

  3. Wassan says

    Couldn’t agree more with the SU wishlist, really need an unsub button for spammers, and a better way to see whether people you share with are enjoying your shares so you aren’t annoying them with uninteresting shares.

  4. says

    Hi Sister,
    You are good at collecting the new features of the social networks!
    I really appreciate your work!
    Keep up your great job, Sister!

    Best Luck!
    Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!!!

  5. says

    I especially agree with your facebook suggested improvements. It is incredible annoying to spend all that time removing all notifications. Maybe we should make a group on facebook for facebook improvements :-)

  6. says

    Great list of improvements….I think number 2 on Facebook would be great. The notifications just pile up and it would be nice if you could delete them all at once.

    I also have like 60 farm animals that people have sent me I just want to get rid of. They just sit there. I don’t play games on facebook people just send them to me.
    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Passionate WordPress Blog Bread =-.

  7. says

    I am one active user of stumbleupon and I have many friends on SU. Every time I submit story on SU I share my story to all of my friends, if someone review on my story then I get good traffic from SU.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..List of Edu blogs =-.

  8. says

    Reading your wishlist makes me feel like making one my own and send them directly to the support team for various sites. :-) I would like to have the alphabetical order for my tags too as sometimes it’s quite hard to locate them. Also, I wish that Twitter has a proper way for users to check on their following/follower list, scrolling down continuously to find one user is pretty hectic for the time being.

    Nice one there, Kristi. Your list can be a good guide for the software developers. I hope they see it. I’m stumbling this for more visibility. :-)

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How to Brand Your Tweets with TweetBrand =-.

  9. says

    I’d like to see all social media sites connected together to track how much time people spend on them and limit it to a much smaller number than most spend now so that we don’t forget to get out in life and spend real time directly with friends and family building closer relationships. Yes, I’m a fan of social media, yet I also think they are far to time consuming and they really don’t need all these features except to KICK US OFF sometimes and not let us log back in for a few days.
    .-= Mike King´s last blog ..Resources December 2009 =-.

  10. says

    Hi Kristi,
    This is such an aweosme list…I actually feel like youve taken all my frustrations with the new changes made to these social media sites and put them up here :)
    One thing though….the 5th point in Stumbleupon…my toolbar, the one i use with Firefox, shows me when there is a new message in my stumblupon inbox ….Which toolbar are you using??
    .-= Zeenat{Positive Provocations}´s last blog ..Love, Kindness and Happiness =-.

    • says

      So far, Twitter Karma does the best with that. It will basically show you all of the people you are following, and then have underneath each username arrows showing if it is a mutual following, or if it is just you following them or them following you only.

  11. says

    Kristi, I really like some of the points you have made in this post. I definietly agree with your point: “An “Unfollow” button next to tweets in the timeline and direct messages so you can easily unfollow bots, spammers, etc. without having to visit their profile first.” That would be SO HELPFUL!

    .-= FoxMarketer´s last blog ..5 Essential Firefox Addons for Bloggers =-.

  12. says

    Twitter having the best improvement so far. Having an unfollow button next to tweets and the feature I’ve been waiting for, function to show the full URL. Actually, I’m waiting for better improvement on the URL. I hope they give more control of the auto url shortening.

  13. says

    I agree with alot of the suggestions you have for facebook. If I had to ask for one suggestion it would be for a fan page.. to allow the admins of the fan page to be able to mass message their followers in the same way we can with groups.

    Till then,


  14. says

    wow great wishlist of Social media this is the reason coz i fan of this blog, but i don’t like more the latest version of stumble upon i fan of first and last stumble up any way great post!!

  15. says

    I am new to the whole social networking world and am slowly discovering more and more sites with more and more options. I agree with your Twitter comments especially the “checkboxes to select multiple direct messages”. Thanks for the inforamtion.
    .-= New from Hannah @ Good Witch Costume Disclaimer =-.

  16. says

    One of the biggest features on Facebook is the photo. This social networking service is now a ‘host’ world’s largest online photo. This makes up for Facebook to develop their newest features are. Most recently, Facebook will introduce features automatic face detection.