Why Every Blog Should Have a Marketing Plan

Sometime in December of 2009 as everybody started to take a look back at the last year of blogging, I decided to do the same. I was still unemployed after finishing my MBA and realized that I hadn’t used one of the major skills I acquired during my MBA, putting together a marketing plan. As I read numerous posts about how people monetize blogs and the ongoing theme that "blogs don’t make money businesses do," I realized businesses have marketing plans, so it seemed to make sense that my … [Read more...]

How to Write a Clearly Defined To Do List

If you're like me, you find yourself writing many to do lists for home, work, blogging, etc. And more of the time than not, the planning is easier to do than the execution itself. I believe that one of the reasons to do lists never get done are because they are not specific enough, whether it is for personal or business purposes (like using social networks for social CRM). Let's look at three items on my to do list for social media and networking. Update Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn … [Read more...]