Top 10 Things That Can Hurt Your Blog


This guest post was written by Arie Rich, Editor of KMP Blog. Blogging for two plus years I have played around with stuff to see what works and doesn’t for my blog. I have tried every item on this list and this has brought me to share with you the top 10 things that can hurt your blog in the long run, from a KMP perspective. 1. The Blogroll I am not a huge fan of the … [Read more...]

Finding Your Blogging Inspiration In 3 Easy Steps

This is a guest post by Tony Teegarden of Tony Teegarden Dot Com. Purposeful Inspiration What is inspiration and how do you wrangle it to propel your blogging efforts forward in a more purposeful manner? Being that I've been a musician myself for 25 years, I've had a few experiences with inspiration and I can tell you inspiration seemed all too very random in the early … [Read more...]