WebMeUp SEO Dashboard Review


WebMeUp is a promising new tool for SEO's and those who would like to learn more about how their website is doing in search. Although it is in its infancy, it has a lot of great features to choose from and even more coming up. In this post, we're going to look at how easy it is to set up your websites in the WebMeUp SEO Dashboard and learn about your rankings, backlinks, social mentions, and competitors. Adding Your Websites To get started, you will want to add your websites to the WebMeUp … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Great Vlogging

This is a guest video post by Chris Antoni. 7 Steps to Great Vlogging Outline I Used While Delivering the Presentation: 1. Who is Your Audience? 2. Preparation – Write a. Rough outline (outlining view in word) b. Say ideas out loud many times, see how they sound c. Read them to someone you know that is impartial 3. Create a Cheat Sheet a. Big cards b. Computer monitor – try one screen, zoom, two pages, etc c. … [Read more...]

How to Develop Yourself as a Blogger

This is a guest post by David Anderson. People become bloggers for all sorts of different reasons -- perhaps they have an axe to grind, something they have to get off their chests, something to sell, a need to engage people in a discussion or a burning desire to write about their favourite topics. Whatever it is that brings you to blogging, there are some things to consider as you develop yourself as an expert blogger. Create a Brand Blogging is pretty hot at the moment and there are … [Read more...]

5 Common Misconceptions Newbie Bloggers Have about Blogging

This is a guest post by Harshit Singhal. The popularity of blogging has recently erupted in the last few years and many new bloggers are coming on the scene. However most of them have a lot of misconceptions about blogging, probably because they have only heard about the success stories of probloggers, while never really bothering to delve into some ground realities of blogging. So let me share with you the five most common misconceptions newbie bloggers have about blogging. The purpose of … [Read more...]

Is Your Blog Better Now Than When You Started It?

This is a guest post by Julie Neidlinger. What does "better" mean, anyway? It means that somewhere between point A and point B, you see measurable improvement. You don't want to stay where you started. You don't want to slide backwards. Clearly, you want to get better. Where is your blog at today? How do we measure better? Measuring if something is "better" seems subjective, but that isn't completely so. There are ways to determine if improvement is happening with specific … [Read more...]