25 Guest Posts on Blogging, SEO and Social Media

Earlier this week, I shared the top 25 blogging and social media posts on Kikolani. Now I want to share some of my off-site content, as I have been doing a LOT of writing around the blogosphere.

This year, I have had the fortune of being a regular contributor and guest blogger on a lot of awesome sites, including Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Stay on Search, Vertical Measures, Famous Bloggers, and many others.

The following are my top 25 favorite guest blogging contributions, allowing me to cover a wider range of topics.


Link Building


Social Media


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Your Favorites

Do you have any particular favorite guest posts out of these or ones that are not listed? Please share them in the comments! Also, if you are interested in guest posting on Kikolani, please take a look at the guidelines and begin your guest blogging journey!

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    VERY impressive! I am looking forward to checking these all out – what a great way to get the word out about all the helpful information you have to share! I’m planning an upcoming “blog tour” to help promote my blog… any tips for getting so much writing done?

  2. says

    This is a really great post. I totally agree that guest blogging is definitely a better way to go over articles. Writing a few articles a week is still great, but if you can guest blog than that’s even better. I’m looking forward to reading through each helpful piece of advice!

  3. says

    Hi Kristi,

    I like the list of your guest posts that you’ve written. I’m impressed by the large number of them as well as the topics.

    I followed the links to read the first two of them and I liked the second one better because I find it more useful for me. I’ll have to go down the list and choose the most interesting post titles and read the posts before I can give you a final word as to which post overall I find most helpful.

    I wish I had the time to read every post on the list which I’d really like to do.

    I’ll be back.

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    Hey Kristi – this is simply awesome and you are wonderful to share your research and knowledge so freely with us. Thanks so very much , this is going to keep me busy for a L-o-n-g time as there is so much to do and learn. I have no doubt that both my blog and my website will improve as a result.
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    Ahh! I knew I was on the right track, but you verified it for me. I’m talking about the use of the profile page that Google provides and Buzz. I am trying to get my name “out there” and all my social networks end in my name, ie, http://www.linkedin.com/in/gilbertocintron. I of course created my Google profile and listed all my links, social network and others. Now on to learn more about back linking. Thank you so much, your blogs provides a plethora of very useful information.
    Gilberto Cintron just posted OMG it’s almost Christmas again

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    Hi Kristi,
    Nice list, really impressed with the articles, read few of them. I think I will real all of them after my exams. I loved the second post about guest blogging, I done few guest posts and they gave me nice results and helped me to make new friends.
    These posts are really informative, thank you very much for sharing.
    oh, one thing how do you manage time to write these guest post :O ?
    suraj just posted Learn to discuss and discuss to learn

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    I can’t believe almost all paid ebooks’ contents are provided here for free. thank you thank you.

    I’m going through the list now.

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    Hi Kristi,

    Great list of resources you’ve put together here. I especially liked “How To Use Google Analytics to Lower Your Bounce Rate”.

    I think it is important to look at some other metrics with bounce rate, such as average time on site. It is also important to understand the goals of the particular page you’re analysing too.

    For example, if you include a video to keep users on the page for longer, but include a clear call to action right below to visit a sponsor’s site or an affiliate product that you are promoting, then this still won’t improve bounce rate.

    If you run a successful affiliate site then you may have a bounce rate of well over 50, 60 or even 70%. As long as you are tracking clicks on your affiliate links then you can judge what percentage of your bounce rate is clicking through to the vendor’s site, and what percentage is just hitting the back button to the SERPs.

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    Great article. Making money online is a topic that never gets old. With a meriad of opportunities today, people do wonder how to earn that extra cash by doing something fun on the Internet and also make the most out of their time!