25 Social Bookmarking & Link Sharing Browser Bookmarklets

With the number of social bookmarking services, social networks, url shortening services, and other ways to share links with others, it can be too much overload on your browser to install each network’s toolbars and extensions. Even with the tools that allow you to add a link to several social networks, your favorite network may not be included in that list. Or, if you are not on Firefox or Internet Explorer, there may not be any add-ons for your browser at all.

What are Social Bookmarking Browser Bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are links you add to your browser’s bookmarks bar that have a javascript code to open the specific page you are currently viewing in their system. For example, while you are viewing this page, you could click on your Delicious bookmarklet, and it will open a separate window to save this page to your Delicious bookmarks document management software. Social bookmarking and link sharing bookmarklets make it easy to save the link of the page you are viewing for future reference. For website owners and bloggers, these bookmarklets will make it easy for you to promote your newest page or article in your favorite network for traffic generation.

How to Install Bookmarklets

  • Be sure that your Bookmarks Bar is visible:

    • In Firefox, go to the View menu > Toolbars > and select Bookmarks Toolbar
    • In Safari, go to the View menu and Show Bookmarks Bar
    • In Google Chrome, go to the Tools icon to the right of the navigation bar, and select Always Show Bookmarks Bar
    • In Opera, go to the View menu > Toolbars > and select Personal Bar
    • In Internet Explorer, go to View menu > Toolbars > and select Links
  • For all browsers except Internet Explorer, simply drag and drop the following bookmarklet links onto your Bookmarks Bar
  • For Internet Explorer, right click on the following bookmarklet links and Add to Favorites. You may get the message: “You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?” It is just warning you that this is a javascript that you are adding, as opposed to a regular link to a page.
  • Tip: If you have a lot of bookmarks on your bookmarks bar, you may want to shorten the name to just “Delicious” instead of “Delicious Bookmarklet”
  • RSS Subscribers: These drag and drop links will not work from a feed reader or from email because of the javascript. Please visit the article to add links to your browser.

Top Social Bookmarking and Voting Networks

Delicious Bookmarklet – This is my preferred social bookmarking network. Learn about more ways to use Delicious social bookmarking.

Reddit Bookmarklet – Social news network where top user voted stories make the front page.

StumbleUpon Bookmarklet – Social bookmarking network where users can like or dislike articles, and share them with friends. This bookmarklet seems to only work on pages that have already been stumbled.

Digg Bookmarklet – Social bookmarking network where top user voted stories make the front page. This bookmarklet does not work on Internet Explorer.

Diigolet Bookmarklet – Social research and bookmarking network that also allows you to add sticky notes and highlighting to your favorite pages.

Mixx Bookmarklet – Social news network where top user voted stories make the front page.

Propeller Bookmarklet – Social bookmarking network that allows you to share and vote for your favorite articles.

Technorati Favorite Bookmarklet – Blogging network – adds a blog to your Technorati Favorites.

Social Networks

FriendFeed Bookmarklet – Adds the link of the page you are on to your FriendFeed stream.

Facebook Bookmarklet – This will give you the option to post the link directly on your profile, or send it in a message to select friends.

Tweet This Bookmarklet – This will send the full URL of the site you are on, with the page’s title, to your Twitter status box. For short URL’s, this is an ok option, but for longer ones, you should consider using one of the URL shorteners below instead.

URL Shorteners

Bit.ly Bookmarklet – Takes you to Bit.ly with the shortened URL of the site you are on. If you have an account on Bit.ly, you can link it to your Twitter account and post to Twitter directly from Bit.ly. See more reasons to use Bit.ly in Twitter lingo and tips.

TinyURL Bookmarklet – Takes you to TinyURL with the shortened URL of the site you are on.

Tr.im Bookmarklet – Takes you to Tr.im to shorten the URL that you are on. Or use the Tr.im Twitter Bookmarklet, which will take you to Twitter with the shortened Tr.im URL in your Twitter status box.

Snipurl Bookmarklet – Creates a popup window with your shortened URL.

Cli.gs Bookmarklet – Takes you to shortened URL on Cli.gs.

More Social Bookmarking Services and Networks

Tip’d Bookmarklet – Like Digg for business and finance related news and articles.

Sphinn This Bookmarklet – Like Digg for internet marketing related news and articles.

Design Float Bookmarklet – Like Digg for web and graphic design related news and articles.

SocialBrowse Bookmarklet – Social bookmarking community where you can share your top news and see what your friends are submitted in your browser.

Spotback Bookmarklet – Social bookmarking and rating network.

Backflip Bookmarklet – Social bookmarking network.

Spurl Bookmarklet – Social bookmarking network with full text searching, recommendations, and more.

Mister Wong Bookmarklet – Social bookmarking network.

Not Into Social Bookmarking? Share via Email

Gmail This Bookmarklet – When you are logged into Gmail, this will put the link of the page you are viewing in the body of a new email message, and the title of the page in the subject line.

Your Favorite Bookmarklets

Did I miss any popular bookmarklets for link sharing? If so, please include a link to your preferred social bookmarking / network’s bookmarklet page in the comments.

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  1. says

    There is a “twitthat!” bookmarklet that works exactly like “tweet this” except it shortens the url automatically for you. I love it. I use it when I want to share an article on the web that I like.

    Great resources. I use must of these already, but there are some that I will have to check out.

  2. says

    @Peter: Thanks. I always start posts like this short and sweet, but end up with a lot of things by the end.

    @Frank: There are a lot of them indeed, and the new ones may be smaller, but are more focused, like the Tip’d for finance news. So for some, those would be better networks to focus on.

    @TuVinhSoft: You’re welcome.

    @Adrenalynn: Thanks. A few weeks ago, I spent time searching and searching Google for a site with a list like this, but couldn’t find one. So after I found all these one by one, I decided to create the list for future reference for others.

    @Connect with Teens: Found it. Thanks for letting me know!

    Twit That Bookmarklet

    @Suburban Survivalism: That’s another reason I like the bookmarklets. If you have toolbars to so many different services, they shrink your actual browser viewing space. But the bookmarklets can all go onto one bookmarks bar, saving more room for what you are looking at.

  3. says

    You are such a fountain of information. I love that you’re willing to share all you’ve learned too. Thanks so much. These things seem to take me a while to understand so I may have to keep coming back to check in with you, Kristi.

    Debbies last blog post..The Gift of Receiving

  4. says

    @Jose: I hope you find it useful!

    @Debbie: Thanks, I’m always happy to share information with everyone. Hopefully it will save some people time in the bookmarking process, and time searching for all of these little bookmarklets.

    @Sire: You’re too funny! Nah, marriage hasn’t slowed down my blogging. I’d say it’s improved it, because I’m an even happier person now, which makes the brain work better and the ideas keep coming!

  5. says

    I don’t know Kristi, in real life I am the type of guy that laughs at his own jokes, my kids always have a go at me because of it. Do remember that video I did of Sire’s Pickup Line? Well, it was pretty hard not to have me laughing in my own video.

    Sires last blog post..The 10 Stages Of A Twitterer

  6. says

    Wow very nice work, you can see the time and effort put into this article. I just recently started using Bookmarklets so this post couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Extreme Johns last blog post..Cry for Me

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    Hey Kristine, I am developing a new social network for bloggers who makes money from new media blogs :)

    basically I will be able to bookmark all good topics about Blogging tips, Traffic, SEO and lots more to the social network!

    Thanks for sharing your informative post!

    Hesham@ Zebida Worlds last blog post..Download eBusiness WP Theme from Elegant Themes

  8. says

    Wow, I never realized there were so many social bookmarking sites. I recognize a key few, but not the rest. Thanks so much for putting them together Kristi! Now, all we need is a Trillian like program that is a 1-stop bookmarklet for all these social bookmarking sites!

    Celes | EmbraceLiving.Nets last blog post..Media Coverage in ZB Comma

  9. says

    @Sire: I remember that… it was pretty good!

    @Jeremiah: Maybe someone will come up with that eventually. I’d personally like to include them in a right click menu, that way there would be no toolbar at all.

    @dyt70, clickktdotcom, Nihar, Niche: Thanks. I’m glad you found it useful!

    @Extreme John: Glad it was such good timing for you! Hope it helps in promoting and bookmarking.

    @KushMoney: Why thank you! What can I say, I like being thorough.

    @Hesham: Sounds like an interesting network!

    @David: I’ll check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    @Adam: I’ll check that out too. Whatever way helps in being the most efficient in bookmarking… everyone has a particular way they like to do things.

    @Celes: There are some sites that are sort of like that, like Socialmarker, but if you have clicked on a site that’s down, it slows the whole process, and if you have my luck, it freezes the browser, and you have to start it all over again.

    @Danny: I’d say Bit.ly is the one I use the most for sending things in Twitter, and then probably FriendFeed, Reddit, and Mixx. Stumble would be the most used, but I have the toolbar for that since I like seeing my shared links number from my connections.

  10. says

    Hi Kristy,
    Very impressive, and thorough post. Can’t imagine blogging life without bookmarklets; and I love your new layout and ‘sharing is caring’. New start after wed? ^^ Currently using bit.ly and tr.im as the url shortener bookmarkets; while having delicious, reddit etc for bookmarking. Need to work on the social part more often though.

    Thanks for sharing this informative piece of work. Take care.

    Social Media/Blogging

    Ching Yas last blog post..How To Track Your Retweets In Twitter (pt2): 6 URL Shorteners with Stats Tracking!

  11. says

    Do you know I’ve used my bookmarks toolbar ever since I started using Firefox many, many years ago, and never knew I could just drag links to it? I’ve always gone the Ctrl-D route, thinking I was ahead of everyone else; ugh! :-)

    Mitchs last blog post..How To Write Articles For Others

    • says

      @Ching Ya: Thanks. The new look is part of an overhaul that I had been wanting to do for a while. :)

      @Sarge: Thanks!

      @Dennis: I think it can be used for both. Some networks I use to save articles that I want to revist again in the future. Other networks I use for promotion and backlinks, and to help others build the same for their articles.

      @Simply Ridiculous: The Sharing is Caring buttons are from a WordPress plugin, DamnSexyBookmarks. I’m not sure if they would offer the same thing for Blogspot.

      @Mitch: I didn’t know there was a Ctrl-D route, but at least you have been using the bookmarklets for a while and know their convenience.

      @Computer Problems: I’ve been collecting them for weeks on my browser, and so when it came time to do the article, it was easy to just copy the link locations into the post. :)

      @Harsh: Thanks!

  12. says

    To help our members at blogengage we have added a link in their profile page when they click it it automatically saves the link so when they are on their blog page or another bloggers page the hit the button and brings them right to the submit option step 2 it’s a very nice feature.

    Not too sure how many people are using it but ti’s there.

    bbrian017s last blog post..My First Official Blog in Advance Article

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    Hi Kristi,

    Its been a while since I dropped by and I thought that I would see what’s up today. I see that you are providing more great resources. That’s why I keep coming back.


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    Wow, I did not know that all of the Bookmarklet were so easily available. It makes it much easier to share info with friends and let others know what you think is cool–like this post.

    Tim just posted Best Web Browsers