29 Ways to Stay Creative

Over the weekend, I found this video and thought it was a perfect fit for bloggers who need to keep the inspiration flowing for their writing.

I do everything in this list but drink coffee and sing in the shower. I sing in the car instead. :)

29 Ways to Stay Creative

My suggestion would be to print this out and put it near your computer, carry it around in your notebook, or add it to your computer’s wallpaper. Then, when you feel that bug of writer’s block, you can refer to this for some creative refreshment.

Credits to Life on Michigan Ave for the inspiration.

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      I’ve noticed most creative/artist types that I’ve known do this, even when they’re young. Except photographers, at least not that I’ve noticed.

      Fortunately, every smart phone can take notes these days, so I always have a notepad.

      Number 2 and number 26 are actually the same thing. I suppose the author was merely adhering to number 21 by including it twice this way. 😉
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        Exactly! You don’t have to be a blogger to benefit from this. You don’t even have to be doing it for creative things (writing, song writing, etc…). It can be really interesting just to go back through your notepad and remember what that day was like. Personally, I love number 18 — we too often overlook the little things in the search for bigger ones. ~David Walker
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    Wow.. You know what, I’m lacking all of those. If ever I can do all of those during my work. I would be the happiest person working at home. 😛 well maybe!

    This is not just being creative. I think this is a great list of must must do things for all of us.

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      Thanks Onibalusi! I had one of my few designing moods over the weekend and used Mashable as inspiration for the follow box, plus added some new banners for my eBook. I was quite proud of myself! :)

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    I’m not exactly what you would call a creative person but I don’t really have a problem writing posts, perhaps they’re not what you would call creative works?

    There are times though when some of my posts, usually it’s either a poem or a short story or something, are sort of creative but these were not forced, they were just ready to be born. Sure as heck didn’t waste my time reading a page in the dictionary. 😀
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      Sometimes I think bloggers need a little creativity when it comes to figuring up new ideas for posts that others haven’t yet covered Sire, or to cover things in a different way. :)

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      Clutter is the ultimate killer of creativity in my book Ray. The more open my room and desk, the more room I feel I have to breathe and create!

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    Its a great list. Thank you.

    I think what this list did forget was
    # Pursue excellence and not success.

    Creative people often are deprived of their creativity when money is a driving factor. Imagine an artist at a web design company specifically instructed to create a blocked, blue colour 16 grid layout with predefined boxes. Your creativity goes down the drain.

    When driven by excellence , artists often discard criticism to create a masterpiece. When driven by success , artists often abandon creativity for a sub standard product.

    Nonetheless a great list. Some time well spent reading this through.
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    I have already printed it out and put it on the wall in front of my eyes – and I highlighted points #4, 6,14,16,18,28,29.
    They are my best!

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    Loving the bit about reading a page in the dictionary. That would help me in many ways for Scrabble, which I play often against my grandmother.

    My new favorite Scrabble word: Zax. It’s a hatchet like tool. If you place that little sucker on a triple word spot – you’d be raking in mega-points.
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    Great post Kristi. I have found that taking a walk and clearing my head works wonders for creativity. But my biggest tip would be to stop watching tv. I think it zaps your energy levels as well. When all else fails I just step away from my computer. I spend way too much time on this thing
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    I also believe in how effective taking down notes is for productivity and creativity. Having your notes nearby will allow you to capture all those good ideas that we tend to forget if we just rely on our brains. Also, you get to form new connections between stuff when reviewing your notes.

    On a related note, a friend recommended this software to me over the weekend and I think some of you might be interested in this: http://www.thebrain.com/

    For me, it’s the best mind map, visualization, and notes / personal organizer tool i’ve ever used. I think this can also be used in other ways such as for project management. There’s a free and paid versions, and you get to try all the features for 30 days.

    I’m still in the 30-day trial so im not really sure what the difference is between free and the paid versions – but my friend says the free version is still functional after the 30day trial.
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    This is great! I actually may print it and hang it on the wall in front of me! I just cleaned and rearranged my workspace today and I worked so much better after it! I also do a lot of other things. Thanks so much for this inspirational post!
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    Nice post! Drinking coffee and stepping away from the computer are definitely great tips. I would also like to suggest reading poetry; sometimes reading a different type of writing can get the juices flowing.


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    Thanks for this wonderful list Kristi. I don’t know but every time to I take a shower I feel like I’m having an idea overload and I feel like writing it all down. Weird stuff :) No. 12 & 17 are what I often do when I get stuck.