3 Steps to a Productive Life on Twitter as a Blogger Using Buffer

This is a guest post by Leo Widrich.

One of the most important things I discovered is to manage my time efficiently on Twitter. Otherwise I would spend hours and hours without getting anything else done.

Recently I have started to use Buffer, a super simple Twitter tool which helps you to breathe a little easier by keeping my followers posted all day long. It is very different from any existing Apps and makes my life online a little less complicated.

With Buffer you simply throw a few tweets into your Buffer and the App then schedules these tweets for you during the day – that’s it.

Now, let’s take a look at how Buffer works.

Step 1: Put Tweets in Your Buffer

Adding tweets to your Buffer is super simple. Simply write them into your tweet panel at your Buffer home account.

To make it even easier I suggest you install the right browser extension for you (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) so you can add tweets from any page you are one. Like this:

Buffer Step 1

Step 2: Adjust Your Timing

By default Buffer gives you peak twitter times at which your tweets go out. One at each of your daily tweeting times. Of course you can add more, to tweet more frequently or change times. Here are my daily tweeting times:

Buffer Step 2

Step 3: Measure Your Impact

Tweeting via Buffer will also help you to track the impact you are making on twitter with one click on the “analytics” button. You will see any Retweets, Clicks, Avatars of who retweeted you and Reach of your tweets. Here are some of my recent results with Buffer:

Buffer Step 3

How Buffer Will Help You as a Blogger

If you have similar habits like I do, reading lots of great blogposts every day, then Buffer will come in super handy for you. One of the issues I have always faced was that I was very reluctant to tweet all these great findings on my favourite or just discovered blogposts at once. Flooding my followers with lots of updates in such a short space of time, when I was reading the news was simply unacceptable.

Neither was full automation an option for me, where tweets would be sent out via my Twitter account without me even having had a chance of reading them. Tossing my followers in cold water as what they might expect didn’t quite feel right.

So my goal was to find a tool which would help me tweet ALL my great findings, yet without spamming my followers with too many updates back to back. This is were Buffer comes in. Whenever you are reading a post you like, hit the Buffer icon right there. I usually briefly edit the tweet and add my own comment and then add it to my Buffer queue.

Make it Super Simple to Relate to Your Favorite Bloggers

A great piece of advice I have read many times is to not just plainly tweet the title and the link of a post. I totally agree that trying to relate and really finding those bits which caught your attention whilst reading a post is very important. And again, Buffer has another super simple feature built in when reading blogposts for this.

Whenever you are reading an article highlight a quote or a note which you find particularly great in this text. Simply leave the text highlighted and click the Buffer icon. Here is what happens:

Buffer Example

Reach More People

Setting your daily tweeting frequency on Buffer is totally up to you. Because of this, Buffer helps me a lot to stay in touch with my followers from other places across the globe – consistently. I like this a lot as it means you set a few times during the day to reach followers you wouldn’t otherwise reach on a consistent basis.

Or maybe you want to have a slightly tighter frequency at peak twitter times in the evening for example? So more eyeballs are on your Tweets? This is another reason I love Buffer as I can highly target when my tweets go out.

Tightly connected to the above is that I can determine what works with my Buffered tweets and what doesn’t by looking into the analytics feature. For example I receive lots of clicks on my tweets around 7 and 8 pm so I have increased my tweeting times a bit around that time.

Give it a Go and See for Yourself

Being consistent on Twitter is one of the biggest challenges I have faced so far. If you feel you are in the same boat here and would like to have a more sustainable Twitter presence yourself, I suggest you give Buffer a go.

You can scale your tweeting, yet by remaining your true self, without automating your tweets. Simply optimize your timing with Buffer and make consistent tweeting easy.

Your Thoughts

What are your views on Buffer? I would love to hear them, let me know below.

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  1. says

    And its great that we can place a nice small button on blogs. I placed it on my Sharebar and love it works.

    Using bookmarklet and Buffer button on blog, I found one difference. It is great to have the selected text as tweet message when using bookmarklet but using button this effect is vanished. I wish it was possible with button too.

    Thanks for this lovely introduction of a great twitter tool.
    Suresh Khanal just posted BlogEngage and BufferApp Small Money for Big

    • says

      Suresh, it’s so good to see you here.

      Yes, the Buffer Button is the latest feature for Buffer and we plan on having it available as a WP-Plugin ready real soon.

      It is so great to see you are helping us test it out on your blog, it really looks very good.

      Ah ok, many thanks for your feedback, we will definitely have that functionality incorporated with the plugin!

      No worries, I am really glad you found it useful :).

    • says

      Hi Fred, many thanks for your comment.

      Really glad Buffer is the right thing for you, if you have any questions about it, let me know!

      Oh and really great to hear the walk through was useful. :)

    • says

      Rakesh, I am delighted to meet you over here too. Yes, exactly, no need to fiddle with timing tweets for each individual tweet, just throw them in your Buffer and you are set. Glad it helped you :) and many thanks for your comment.

  2. says

    Buffer is a great tool that can free you a lot of time and most importantly sends tweets on the specified time, so you no longer have to watch your clock all day long to time your tweets.

    • says

      Hi Andreas,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes it is just like you say, you can simply throw those tweets in your Buffer and the timing will already be set, a real time saver indeed. Glad you found it useful. :)

    • says

      Hi Eric,

      Awesome, so good to hear you find it useful, definitely go ahead and give it a go, I would love to hear what you think about it :).

  3. says

    Interesting, and what looks to be incredibly useful, tool. You wrote this? Looks good from what I can tell. Not to mention that it resolves one particular issue that I’ve also contemplated, how to best capture all those posts that I read and not flood my followers with a quick blast of tweets?

    I like that you can spread them out through the day. What might be a great feature, if it isn’t part of this already, it the ability to mark tweets with a recurrence. Say for “tweet A”, I’d like that to go out a couple times at various times, but “tweet b” just goes out once.

    Some tweets are worthy of being tweeted a few times in a day to help get the tweet in front of people in the morning, and say the afternoon as well.

    Off to check this out, looks like a great tool!
    Wayne John just posted Customizing the placement of the TwitterLink WordPress plugin with Thesis

    • says

      Hi Wayne,

      Many thanks for stopping by and wording out your thoughts for me.

      It is just like you say I think, I had the exact same issue. I would read all these great posts, but tweeting them right away just was too overwhelming for my followers. Now, putting them in my Buffer makes life a whole lot easier.

      Oh ok, yes I see what you mean, the recurring tweets could definitely come in handy. My thinking here is that with Buffer you can remain fully on the genuine side of everything as each and every tweet is your own, yet you optimise. A recurring feature though extremely handy, might put one too much on the “automation” side I feel. What do you think about that?

      Yes, you are absolutely right with this, I have actually started doing it by manually putting a few tweets back, however with a new title so followers that have seen the tweet already, won’t get annoying

      Awesome, yep, go ahead and give it a go, I would love to hear what you think about it :).

    • says

      Hi Scott, many thanks for your comment.

      You are right, there are some similarities with Timely and it is a great product. One of the differences for me is that you are left in control for when and how often your tweets are going, it’s something that is quite hard to manage on timely.

      Sure give it a go and see for yourself, I would love to hear how it compares to timely for you :).

      • says

        That’s the big difference that I’ve made note of. Timely.is takes care of the time for your tweets when setting them in their system. However, it apparently takes into account peak times times and analytics of your past tweets. This could be very good so that you’re not buffering the same tweet multiple times, but once and getting more impact out of that tweet.

        I think Timely says that it uses about 199 of your tweets to figure these times out and such, and i’m building up to that number slowly. It would be nice to both somehow….

        I am not sure how the retweet stats work within timely either – they may need to be native retweets – aka the official retweet button for twitter. More to look into obviously but these 2 services are pretty smart all around!
        Scott Webb just posted Instagram Android- Surrendering Selfishness

        • says

          Scott, thanks for taking the time and writing another reply, really much appreciated.

          Yes, indeed, Timely’s analytics are based on your own past 199 tweets so it helps you to determine the best times for when you are online.

          The difference to Buffer, like you said, is that you can set your own times. So you might want to reach people from different time zones or want to test out different times your followers might be online more often. If you are after one of these Buffer might be a good fit.

          Yep, in case of Buffer you have say 5 set daily tweeting times and at each of them one of your Buffered tweets will go out each day.

          Thanks again, just heading over to Twitter to connect with you, hope to speak some more soon! :)

    • says

      Timmy, many thanks for stopping by.

      Yep, your comment is absolutely spot on! I have tried some automation software, but it just doesn’t feel right. Buffer helps you to optimise everything perfectly, yet you are in control of what is sent through your Twitter account.

      Really glad you found it helpful :).

    • says


      It’s so good to see you here again too :). Yep, coverage in recent weeks was amazing, definitely go ahead and test Buffer to its fullest so you can see if you like it :).

  4. says

    Thanks for solving my biggest Twitter problem. I’ve always been dogmatically against automation of my tweetstream, but the use case you shared hits the nail on the head. Are you guys working on a Firefox plugin? I really love Buffer so far…but also love Firefox :)

    • says


      Wow, that is so great to hear! Yep, it is just like you say it just helps to save so much time for me.

      Yep, we want to have it ready in the future. For now I can recommend you try the Bookmarklet, which works really great in Firefox! :)

      Hope that helps, let me know if it does Rosemary,

      many thanks for your comment and great support! :)

  5. says

    I’ve been using it for approx. 2 weeks. Actually clicking on to Twitter some days is almost impossible but with this gadget, my presence is still there.

    • says

      Hi Glynis,

      Wow, that’s so great to hear! Yes it is exactly like you say, even when you are too busy to be around you have some well thought of tweets that will reach your followers, really glad you like it :).

    • says

      Anu, really glad you find it useful.

      Exactly that’s the same way I am using it every day. Just throw your tweets in and you are sorted, really glad it helps.

      If you have any questions, I am always glad to answer them :).

  6. says

    Seems like everyone is talking about Buffer today! I was literally just commenting on another article that also recommended this tool. For what it’s worth, I use hootsuite and, so far and for what I use it for, I have no complaints. Although I have yet to schedule my tweets in advance, I know hootsuite has this capability as well. But if it’s free, then I think it’s at least worth trying out! Thanks for this post!
    susan just posted AscentiveDE- Ich warte noch auf einen Dislike Button http-owly-4vh1V

    • says


      Thanks for your comment, indeed lots of coverage for Buffer is going on.

      Yep, definitely, I think Hootsuite is a great Twitter client and using it together with Buffer gives you a great Combo to achieve great results on Twitter.

      Yep, be sure to give it a spin and see for yourself if you will like it! :)

    • says

      Hi Justyna,

      Wow, that’s really great to hear you started using it!

      Yes, the firefox extension is currently the bookmarklet. Just drag it to your bookmarkbar and from there it will work on any page.

      There is also a dedicated Firefox add-on planned, which should simplify things even further for you.

      Let me know what you think about that and if the bookmarklet will help you out. :)

      Awesome, sure give it a spin and see for yourself. Yes exactly, you can even go back and reorder your tweets via simple drag and drop. Glad you find it exciting! :)

  7. says

    Leo, THANK YOU!

    I’ve been using Social Oomph to do this and what you’ve built looks WAY easier to use, especially on the fly.

    This feature AND idea… “Simply leave the text highlighted and click the Buffer icon. Here is what happens:” is AWESOME! I’ve been guilty of just doing the title thinking that people took a ton of time working it to perfection, but really good writers also have a ton of body copy headlines you can use to achieve this same outcome which is to draw someone in.

    Thanks again!

    • says

      Lewis, thank you so much for your kind words. It’s a huge encouragement.

      Yep, me too I have been a long time SocialOomph user, yet find Buffer way easier to use just like you say.

      Definitely, this feature is what I use most heavily. Exactly, there is so much great stuff in the content as well, why not use it?

      Thanks for stopping by man, just heading over to Twitter now to get in touch :).

  8. says

    Another nice tool for Twitter, however, I wonder how’s it different than other services like TweetDeck, etc. What we really need now is a tool that can schedule a bulk message, like 20 at a times and schedule them once. Do you know any tool like that?
    Alan just posted 3D TV Without Glasses

    • says

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, Buffer is exactly such a tool you are describing. You can throw in 20 tweets and the App schedules these tweets for you. You only have to set your times once at the beginning of your account setup and you can then forget about it.

      Is that a service that can help you? Let me know :)

    • says

      Hi Ana,

      Thanks for your comment, yes there is some amazing support for Buffer atm, really thankful for it.

      Oh, that’s really great to hear, yes definitely go ahead and give it a go, I hope you will like it. Speak to you soon Ana, really good to connect with you :).

  9. says

    Ah, another wonderful opportunity for me to sing Buffer’s praises.

    I love how easy it is to change up the frequency of my Tweets, check my stats and then adjust timing and frequency to see what that does to my numbers. Nothing new to learn or figure out how to navigate; just simple and clean.

    Another thing I love is the email I get when I’ve run out of Tweets in my Buffer cue: often I forget just how much I’ve done or lined up, so it’s days before I return to something I was “just doing two minutes ago.” The reminder “Hey! Add more Tweets!” is just what I need.

    And for me, it’s so much better than TweetDeck or Hootsuite because my needs are simple, and those two other programs were actually *complicating* my life on Twitter!

    Thanks again, Leo. And I promise I really don’t mean to be a stalker! I just saw you on Kristi’s blog and had to comment. =)


    • says

      Delena, so good to see you here! :)

      Thank you very much for your kind words, yes I think you sum up perfectly how Buffer can be very useful for anyone on Twitter.

      It’s also really good to hear that the reminder is something you find useful!

      Oh right, I see yes, simplicity is certainly our highest goal with Buffer.

      Oh, not at all, not at all Delena, it is my pleasure of course to see you commenting on my posts and I hope it never stops :)

      Thanks for your thoughts! :)

  10. says

    Thank you for sharing this. I haven’t been tweeting lately — but have resolved to get better and sharing what I find with friends :)

    I installed Buffer on my Chrome toolbar — so easy… much easier than hand scheduling all the tweets in hootsuite…

    Thank you.

    • says


      Wow, this is so great to hear. Yes exactly, with Buffer it will be easy to get your consistency up and the Chrome extension really is a big time saver just like you say!

      Thanks a lot for your comment Meredith, glad this was helpful, hope we can speak some more soon! :)