5 Bad Reasons to Quit Blogging

Bloggers tend to face challenges in the path to becoming a successful blogger which may make them think they should give up. Here are some of those common roadblocks in the blogging path, and a few suggestions on how to get past them.

1. Your blog lost or has never gained PageRank

PageRank is not a determining factor in whether or not your blog is valuable. PageRank is simply Google’s analysis of your site based on an unpredictably changing algorithm.

Remember that most readers do not care about your PageRank. Quality writing comes from sites ranked anywhere on the Google scale. PageRank does not necessarily affect your position in SERPs (search engine result pages). This means that sites with a 0 ranking could still be in the first 10 results for a given keyword or phrase.

If you’re concerned about your PageRank, maybe you should devote some time to reading the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Search Optimization Starter Guide to make sure you are following their rules.

If your site is suffering from low PageRank and missing from search engine results, it may be time to review the above mentioned Google guidelines and ask them to reconsider your site.

2. You don’t have a lot of subscribers.

After a period of blogging, bloggers come to expect they will have high subscription numbers. This is not always the case, and seeing that Feedburner count in the single or double digits can be frustrating to the point that some give up.

What you have to realize is that people “subscribe” to blogs in different ways that may not be reflected in your subscriber count. Some may be heavy StumbleUpon users, and if you generally send your latest post as a share, they do not need to subscribe because they will get your article that route. Some may spend all day watching their Twitter messages and count on seeing your latest post that way. Some may have their favorite blogs (including yours) bookmarked especially on the homepage of their Safari browser.

Safari Top Sites

If your Feedburner count is still driving you mad, here are some ways to change the trend. To get real subscribers (ie. people who are subscribing because they are truly interested in updates to your blog).

  • Provide great content (duh!).
  • Encourage people to subscribe at key points on your blog, including in the header, sidebar, ends of posts, and footer.
  • Be sure to add the benefits of subscribing via RSS or email for those who may be new to RSS.

To simply “boost” your subscriber count:

  • Offer incentives for subscriptions, like contests or giveaways. The downside to this method is that some people will just subscribe for the freebie and either unsubscribe after or never read the updates .
  • Participate in “RSS exchanges” where you offer to subscribe to someone else’s blog in return for them subscribing to yours. Again, the downside is having some that are not really interested in your blog, but just getting the reciprocal exchange.
  • Have a lot of FriendFeed subscribers? Include them in your Feedburner count by adding your blog’s Feedburner URL to your FriendFeed services. Your number of subscribers in FriendFeed will then be added to your Feedburner count. You will still be able to see the difference in numbers between FriendFeed subscribers vs. the rest. The downside of this is, although your FriendFeed will now be updated every time you make a post, not all of your FriendFeed subscribers will necessarily see it like they would an email RSS subscription.

3. You don’t have a lot of commenters.

Bloggers generally start blogging to get feedback and start conversation about the topics they write about. Seeing the “no comments yet” next to posts, or only getting spam comments is a harsh thing to deal with. It doesn’t mean you should give up though!

There are many ways to stimulate commenting on your blog, including:

  • Commenting on other blogs. Most bloggers are very community oriented and tend to return the favor, unless the only blogs you are commenting on are Mashable, LifeHacker and ProBlogger.
  • Joining bloggers on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. So if you don’t have accounts on social media sites, get them. Then find bloggers in a similar niche, find their social media contact information, and start following, friending, and subscribing.
  • Reward commenters by making your blog a dofollow blog. Yes this might make you a prime target for some spamming, but it will also show bloggers that you are giving them something in return which will make them more likely to comment.
  • Encourage comments by asking readers for their opinions at the end of articles.

4. You don’t know what else to write about.

Blogging writer’s block can strike at any time, from the very beginning of your journey into blogging and onward. It doesn’t mean that you have nothing left to say. You just need a little inspiration. Blogging writer’s block can be cured a number of ways, including:

  • Commenting on other blogs in your niche. Reading other articles and commenting can help stimulate your brain into deeper thoughts about your blog’s topic. (But by all means, do not steal someone else’s idea or content.)
  • Use Twitter search or advanced Twitter search to see what people are talking about on a particular subject.
  • Revisit older popular posts on your blog and see if there is a way to update or add to them.
  • Create list posts of top blogs / articles in your niche, your favorite older posts on your blog, etc. It is valuable to readers as a resource, and buys you time to think of future posts.

5. You have taken an extended leave of absence from your blog.

There are times when bloggers will have to take a break from their blogging, whether it is due to personal or career circumstances, writer’s block, etc. But it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your blog completely.

A break can actually be good thing for your blog in some cases. Take the two month hiatus I took from Kikolani around this time last year. When I returned, I found that I wanted to change my focus for the site. Once I did, I didn’t have as many issues with writer’s block and the Kikolani became stronger than ever.

If you have taken time off and are just getting back into the swing of things, whether you change direction or continue on your original path, one of the most important things to do as soon as possible (besides creating new content again) is to make an effort to reconnect with your community via social media or blog commenting on other sites to let your previous readers know you are back.

Don’t give up!

In conclusion, remember that no matter what the obstacle, there is probably a way to conquer it whether. You may need to learn about search engine optimization, how to extending your community outside of your blog, or where to find inspiration. But whatever it is, don’t give up on blogging so easily. Fighting past the problems could lead you to a rewarding future in blogging.

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  1. says

    Your post is encouraging and full of useful advice, although I do have to say that the number of blog subscribers I have is pretty low and I don’t know that I’ll be taking the recommendations outlined above anytime soon. I think at some point one has to admit that while there are lots of content creators on the Internet, and the potential for an audience, a really awesome, engaged audience is the rarest of finds. One wonders if the great works of literature were composed not so much because their authors were in love with their own brilliance, but because they knew how rare a sensitive audience would be and wanted to give the best.

    I think your third and fifth points are dead-on. The advice I’d add is that it isn’t a bad thing to go into a tantrum and walk away from one’s blog for a bit if one is frustrated. You kinda need people to find you for this blogging thing to work; we don’t have advertising budgets the size of the nytimes for this sort of endeavor, and yet some of us are actually directly competing with news organizations like that.
    .-= ashok´s last blog ..Yehuda Amichai, “Near the Wall of a House” =-.

  2. says

    Bingo! You win the grand prize. Kristi, all are great tips, but many bloggers also care about monetizing their blog as a reward for their hard work. It takes a lot to establish a loyalty fan base (Direct Traffic). This all comes from the quality of you blog posts – duh!

    Case and point, this is why I visit daily, regardless, if there’s a new post or not.

    My name is Frank and I am a fan!
    .-= Frank J´s last blog ..How to Remove Antivirus System Pro =-.

  3. says

    How about blogging just for the fun of it? I have found in the past that it is a great way of keeping a record of daily life without having to write it all down (and often loosing it!)
    .-= Jez @ Mobile Phones with Free Laptop´s last blog ..Mobile Phone Free Laptop =-.

  4. says

    I like to share some interesting thing in my blog, though not so much people came and have a few comments, but I don’t care, I like the time when I collect my favirates and upload to my blog, I enjoy the process…..actually I really like korean tv shows and like to share my interest…

  5. says

    strangely enough, I came back to my own blog having been busy on some other projects & was scratching my head about what to write.
    eventually just dropped a quick post to explain the hiatus & wrote a short piece on what was going on in the bologosphere in my niche.
    received half a dozen emails from readers (that don’t subscribe) saying great to see me back blogging.
    good tips from Kristi here.

    Luck !!
    .-= Paul Harper´s last blog ..Uranium hunt on for both Russia & China =-.

  6. says

    Hey Kristi great points about blogging. Oh well Yeah FOCUS is key and not getting distracted like I just did helps :)

    thanks hope all is well
    Also you know a BIG reason to not quit is the Good people that you have come to know. If it wasn’t for the cool people I know like yourself I would of quit along time ago :)
    .-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..Most dangerous city in America =-.

  7. says

    Hi Kristi, you’ve got allot of great points there.
    I think that even people that have blogged a long time still have those times when they consider just quitting. It may not even have anything to do with not getting results, I think that sometimes I just get bored. That is normally when I have spent to much time reading other blogs & I feel like it’s all been said or done.
    My personal blog is far down on the list of sites I keep up so, it is the one that I normally think about taking down. But, then someone ask something & I have to have somewhere to post the answer. LOL!
    I think sometimes we try to think to hard about what to write, so get out of your chair, go to the mall, have a night out…look at something other than a blank word doc.
    Like John said, there are to many people that I only know because of my blog.
    .-= Sheryl Loch´s last blog ..How we do Team Work as a Family =-.

  8. says

    Blogging is a profession that requires patience and perseverance. A lot of people start a blog and if they don’t see thousands of visitors coming daily to their blogs and / or don’t make thousands of $$$ after only 3 months blogging, they give up. You give great tips in your article in how to improve certain aspects of blogging, if somebody uses your tips and ads the magical ingredients “time”, I am sure s/he will be successful! SY
    .-= hospitalera oes tsetnoc´s last blog ..Time is money, don’t waste it! =-.

  9. says

    Amazing post.
    I remember starting my own blogs long time ago. I just wanted to make some cash online and really messed it all up with s&*&^! content written for bots. I was totally fixated on gaining more PR and ended up getting a Pagerank of 1. At that point I stoped blogging for about 2 years… now I’m back since a half year and I’ve got about 300 subscribers. So… never give up! And don’t write your content for bots! 😉

  10. says

    I think Most People are Wasting their Time Commenting on the Top Blogs only. If you Comment and Link to Blog who have Similar Page Rank and Traffic the power of these Links are much Stronger.Your point about Getting Real subscribers is Very interesting as I have a Blog with over 130 readers and am Hard Pressed to Get 50 Visits a Day
    .-= Roezer´s last blog ..With Twitter Title is King Not Content =-.

  11. Peter Medved says

    I agree that content at the end of the day is the arbiter, however, having read a few articles on Caffeine (new Google algorithm) it would seem that those that have money to invest in keywords etc will be able to manipulate search.
    Any feedback appreciated.

  12. says

    I haven’t worried about page rank for yonks, and neither do I know how many people subscribe to me. Commenters on the other hand are very important to me as they are the lifeblood of any blog. The best way of getting comments is by commenting on other blogs as this will in the long run help you to build your own blogging community.

    I agree that commenting on the likes of blogs such as Problogger will not lead to much other than blowing out hot air. I believe that the majority of comments on those blogs are somewhat lacking in quality. A pity seeing as how the content is normally exceptional.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Comments, The Lifeblood Of A Blog =-.

  13. says


    I think blogging should be fun. We all put a lot of work into it but still it is enjoyable.
    There has to be a balance with life and career commitments if not something or someone gets neglected.

    I have taken it slower since my husband informed me I was treating it like a job. lol

    Really wonderful article, Kristi, you come up with the best topics on here!
    .-= BunnygotBlog´s last blog ..Black Friday Shopping? =-.

  14. says

    Hi, Kristi
    Another great post! I really think the key point here is keep on plugging away at it. Sure, there are times when it can be a grind. I think those are the times when you stop thinking about “SEO keyword optimized this that and the other” and just focus on writing something silly, fun and off-the-wall. It helps to keep things interesting IMO.
    .-= Kate Black´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  15. says

    Hi Kristi,
    This article is very inspiring for us to keep going. Excellent points. I’ve already taken many of these tips and implemented them.
    I still need to implement more points though.
    Thanks for encouraging us.
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Delicious carrot soup recipe =-.

  16. says

    I agree with Sire, PR is pretty much something you should only be aware of but not worry about. It can at times be discouraging especially with a new site, persistence is important. Never Give Up!
    .-= Keith@FenceMaterials´s last blog ..New Fence Products =-.

  17. says

    i’ll go with the sixth point! never give up! its not about the money always but blogging has been very fun for me ! you never know when you one post will make you happy! i know i created a blog a and kept on posting stuff and getting no visotors! then once i wrote an article ” Is soccer still alive” woah! i got like 10,000 views in a week after getting that indexed!

    so my freinds dont give it up! learn new stuff about it , your hard work will payoff one day
    live soccer streaming´s last blog .
    .-= saad@ live soccer streaming´s last blog ..Match Of the Day 2 13 December 2009 =-.

  18. says

    I agree, one of the most disheartening phenomena about blogging is lack of comments; however, as you recommend, I’ve managed to stimulate some of those by leaving what I hope are thoughtful comments on other blogs (like Sires’ Wassupblog in the comments above). It still surprises me how many people apparently will like a post, tweet it etc but not leave a comment – what happened to ‘the conversation’? Thank you for the article.
    Roz Bennetts just posted Sales Tips Article courtesy of The New York Times