5 Reasons You Should Become Part of the SERPd Community

This is a guest post by Gerald Weber, search engine optimization blogger.

For those of you that haven’t heard, there is a new SEO, social media voting site called SERPd. In this new community, you can submit your quality content related to SEO, social media, and blogging, as well as discuss and vote on other quality content. SERPd was founded by no other than me and Chris Burns from BURN SEO.

Although the site hasn’t officially launched yet, I’m giving you a chance for an exclusive sneak preview.

SEO Blogging Social Voting Community

Here are 5 reasons you should join the SERPd community today.

1. It’s currently the only “social voting” site on the web that caters to the SEO, social media, and blogging industry.

It’s no secret that sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon have always had an inherent hostility towards the search marketing industry. So this is a place where you can kick back without anyone calling you an SEO evil doer. A place you can call home. A place you can find content that you’re really interested in.

2. The SERPd staff is experienced but not elitist.

Between me, Kristi, and the rest of the staff, we have many years of hands-on SEO or internet marketing experience. We’re all professionals that actually make our living via SEO/internet marketing, so we know our stuff. Having said that, we’re not elitists. We want everyone, from seasoned professionals to SEO newbies, to feel welcome in our community.

3. We aren’t just a voting site, we’re a real community.

This means we are taking it a step further than just allowing you to submit your stories and vote on others. We are making this a SOCIAL voting site. We will be having a weekly roundup blog posts, where we showcase some of the best posts/submissions of the week (similar to Fetching Friday). But it won’t stop there. We will also be having community contests among many other cool things we have up our sleeves.

4. Become famous. Well, at least semi-famous.

We are going to be spinning the top post/submissions of the week into a weekly webcast show. If you are one of the lucky ones you may have an opportunity to appear on our show for a little Q & A and a little internet fame!

5. Potential guest blogging opportunities on the community blog.

We will accept any and all guest posts submissions. The opportunity to post on our community blog will be treated similar to a guest blog contest. Submit your post for consideration and if our moderators approve, it will be published on the community blog. So if you have what it takes, go for it and submit a post via email!

So register for SERPd today and become part of our kick-ass community. Also, you can add the SERPd button to your blog to encourage your visitors to submit your posts.

Note: The website is still in beta mode, so if you find any bugs please let us know and we’ll get them taken care of!

Your Thoughts on SERPd

Are you already a member of SERPd? Please share your thoughts on this fast growing social voting community!

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  1. says

    I’ll certainly be checking out SERPd. Any place that does make me feel as if I’m some low life from from another planet just because I try to make a living online has to be good news.

    Since when did trying to feed your family become such a heinous crime.

    I love websites that are run as a hobby without a sniff of advertising or SEO about them. But we don’t all have that luxury.

    SERPd sounds a great place to investigate.
    Dawn just posted Oct 5- Vaginal pH

  2. says

    I think it’s a great concept and being the only voting site for SEO, you would be doing good soon. Let’s see how it benefits webmasters. Thanks for posting.

  3. says

    OK, Gerald, this does look interesting. I’ve been focusing my outreach efforts on Twitter and connecting with other bloggers through commenting. I’ve felt like I may not get a good return for my time with Digg, Reddit, etc, but after an initial perusal, I put SERPd on my to-do list for the day.
    John Soares just posted When You Should Do a Half-Assed Job

  4. says

    I think the site has great potential. We have some really well known bloggers participating in the community already including myself. The people are great so it should work out well for everyone involved. Only time will tell how successful it is. The start up is easy keeping people coming back is the hard part.

    This was one of the hardest parts about starting up Blog Engage but we seem to be doing just fine.
    bbrian017 just posted Doc Says- Boosting Traffic to your Blog

  5. says


    I agree. We have some great people on staff and many cool users submitting content daily. The people are really the most important aspect of the entire thing, without them the community would just be a boring website.

    We do expect there to be challenges along the way, of course this is to be expected with any new website or venture.
    Gerald Weber just posted Welcome To SERPD

  6. says

    Gerald, what a great idea. The SEO community has needed something like this for a very long time. I have always had that same feeling about Digg, Reddit, and Stumble. Since a large portion of what I write about is SEO related, the negativity toward the industry on those sites has always seemed like an added challenge. I’m looking forward to having a place to go to bounce ideas back and forth. Thanks
    Brian just posted Best Web Design Tip For Changing Website Features

  7. says

    SERPd looks to be an awesome concept! Even though I don’t have a seo related website to promote myself on there, I will definitely be making it a priority to check the website on a daily basis. I really hope this community and website spreads like wildfire, it certainly deserves it 😀

    Till then,


  8. says

    Hi Gerald, I am a big fan of you even before SERPd community exist. It is nice to know that, you along with Kristi and other awesome online personality out there come up with this great idea and/or community. I simply love the post and articles coming up at the community.

    PS: I am a twitter friend with some of the SERPd staff. And even though they have really busy and tight schedule, they reply and tweet with me with some non related and related to blogging/seo topics. It was really a good thing. You guys are really approachable.!
    Ron Leyba just posted Free Printable Pumpkin Carving Stencils – JackOLantern Templates

  9. says

    Gerald I see the site’s layout is fantastic and creates just that community feeling. Haven’t heard about the site – but now I do. I see the Alexa rank of it already being at 135,000 – so I guess there’s already a small community going on over there. If I may, I will also join – seeing to it that a smaller community could actually have more exposure.

    • says

      Sphinn actually said goodbye to voting on Sept 1st of this year. Sphinn is now an editorial site. Meaning that people are still free to submit content to the site but instead of using the voting model, the sphinn staff will determine what will be placed on the home page.

      So we launched SERPd to fill what we perceived to be an existing demand for a SEO social voting site model.

      It’s clear that there is plenty of demand for both models, so SEOs and internet marketers will have more options now. (more niche sites to submit their quality content to)

  10. says

    Awww, my content is not related to SEO so it would not last long before it got deleted. I know of a few sites that follow the same layout that accept most sites the only problem is the spam they get, it does not seem to get monitored. Hopefully SERPd will continue to get monitored and then people who are truly experts in SEO will have a great place not only to get traffic but to get recognized too.
    Claire just posted The In’s and Out’s of Bingo

  11. says

    I have just joined SERPd and I am still trying to figure out how it works.
    I did see it has the follow user option so I found that very useful to connect with bloggers whose blogs I love to read.
    The interesting thing is that I joined SERPd just so I could vote on a great post from one of my favorite bloggers.
    Brankica just posted Blogging tribes What did I learn today