5 Ways To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website From Google+

This is a guest post by Kevin Lau.

Google+ may have had a shaky start but lots of people are using it to help build up a new traffic stream to their website. If you are among them, you might be wondering how you can start getting the results you want. In truth you have to focus on a few different areas to start seeing some good results. A few small actions put together can create a much bigger end result – and a bigger stream of traffic – than one big promotion in one direction.


Let’s check out five ways to increase your flow of traffic from Google+ to your website, starting today.

Update Your Stream on a Regular Basis

The most obvious thing to do here is to provide a link to every new blog post you write on your personal profile. But there are other things you can do too. Simply updating your stream regularly will tell people you are serious about using Google+. If you make yourself worth following you will build a bigger audience and that audience is then more likely to follow you off site to your own website.

Create New Circles and Populate Them with People You Know

Google+ sure looks lonely without anyone in your Circles. So start populating them. You get a few Circles set up ready for use but you can create other more relevant ones as well. For example you can set up ones for clients or customers, depending on your needs. Just make sure you choose your Circles wisely, otherwise they could end up becoming unwieldy.

The main thing to remember here is that you should share appropriate messages with the right group of people. For example clients might benefit from a very different message to the one you’d send to fellow workers in your line of work. This is one of the benefits of using Circles – once you know how.

Stick to Your Area of Expertise

Don’t share everything on Google+. Remember you are using it to enhance the traffic flow to your website, so everything you share should be related to your expertise.

Let’s say you own a cupcake business. Stick to news, views and information about cupcakes. You will find plenty to talk about and share, but stick to cupcakes because that is your area of expertise. As soon as you stray off topic you run the risk of losing the interest of your audience. The more relevant you are the more chance there is of people heading off to look at your website as well.

Become an Expert in Your Niche by Initiating Hangouts

We talked about expertise above but you can go further than this. Your target should be to become known as an expert. You could be just anyone making cupcakes. But if you share your knowledge and provide information and advice people can rely on, you’ll see just how important it is to become an expert.

You see, if someone on Google+ wants to find a cupcake expert, they should be able to look for one and find you. Alternatively if they are already in your Circles (and you are in theirs) and they want to find out more information on cupcakes, they’ll almost certainly visit your site because they know you’ve got the knowledge they need.

Fill Out Your Profile Completely

This might sound like the most basic thing to say, and it is. But it is surprising how many people miss this out. Your profile on your Google+ business page is the most important thing – it is the cornerstone of your efforts on there. Sure you can get good results by doing all manner of things on Google+, but if you don’t have a profile you won’t have any information people can look at. If someone lands on your profile they’re not doing so to get a message telling them you haven’t filled it out yet. They’re doing so to find out more about you, so make sure they get the information they need – including your website address.

You can see that it is highly important to make sure you can employ more than one way of getting a new stream of traffic to your website through Google+. If you’re still new to the social media site don’t worry if you find it difficult to get to grips with at first. You’ll probably find you get used to it over time – and your website will benefit from a trickle of extra traffic that could turn into a flood too.

What do you do to drive traffic from Google+ to your website or blog, and what other tips would you suggest for those looking to increase their Google+ traffic?

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    These are wonderful tips. I love Google+ and I see it as a way to connect with my readers, friends and other people outside my blog. And I so much agree with you on creating specific circles and populating them with people and updating each circle with relevant content.

    Only one thing that I don’t agree is, to share only one type of updates, related to your blog. I usually interesting, funny and other kind of useful stuff amongst my blog posts or my personal (online marketing related stuff). I find that people love it this way. I get good engagement and since I don’t only update with my own kind of news, I can naturally get people to click through my blog posts when I share them!

    Jane just posted List Building: Strategies To Build Email List

  2. says

    Hi Kevin,

    Those are great tips! I have been slowly using google + more and I have noticed that a lot of others are too. I need to make sure that I have my business profile set up correctly, is that different from the personal profile page?

    Thanks for the tips!
    Stacy just posted Habit Building Day #3: Study Success

    • says

      Hi Stacy,

      That is great you starting to use G+! Yes the business page is different from the profile page. Google would rather have you promote your business on your business page as oppose to your profile page. As far as layout goes they are pretty much identical but when you have a business page it has a red Google+ icon instead. It will be exciting to see all the new features they roll out with in the coming months! Let’s connect and be friends on G+ =).
      Kevin Lau just posted How To Deal With Your Online Network Marketing Business Reputation

  3. says

    It definitely seems like Google+ is the type of Network that you want to be focused with. Your not just sharing to share your really trying to Niche yourself.

    Thanks for the great post.

    Ryan H.

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    Great recommendations for using Google+ to increase quality traffic to your website. I agree about the more specific content the more people will turn to you for information on that subject matter. I think about it from what is my unique selling point, and the social media platform I share on determines my tone and content.

    I also like the idea of using hangouts to host educational seminars. I have a lot of friends who ask me the same questions about online marketing and think I will send them an invite for a Q + A session. This will be a good way for me to test out the service.

    Thanks for the article!
    Sandra Smith Design just posted Branding and Social Media

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    I have been putting off Google Plus ever since it came out. At first I thought I would just wait and see what the world thinks of it and how well it does. I have heard that it seems to be more popular with internet marketers and technical types of people more so than the average user like Facebook. Not sure if that is still the case. At any rate I hope to Google Plus set up and sorted out this year.
    Ray just posted Hosting Backups and Slow Loading Pages

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    I think not only Google + but for every social media you need to devote sincere hours in posting quality and unique content, unless you do that your page/profile will be like 1000’s of other pages out there with no traffic. SO to stand out from the rest, update your page, offer attractive discounts/prizes/special offers..
    Jeff Gross just posted How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 10!

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    Thanks for the great post Kevin. I really need to go back and take a look at mt Google+ page and actually add it to my daily tasks. I have been one of those that was on the fence about it. I liked it but I never knew if it was going to really be beneficial, I have been a part of it since the beta stages and I drifted away from it. But Thanks again and I am on my way to start updating the profile now!

  8. says

    I’ve still yet to implement any Google+ sharing features on my own site because I have trouble enough keeping up with my own personal profiles plus my business profiles on facebook and twitter… its just a constant nagging child and more just keep popping out to take care of and feed. As someone who has been in the social media scene since it was just getting its feet wet in 2005, i know i sound very cynical in saying this, but its just true. I’m getting tired of trying to keep up with it all…
    Michael Cummings just posted Is an Around the World ticket worth it?

    • says

      Hi Michael,

      I can understand where you are coming from – it can be very overwhelming maintaining a facebook page, twitter, etc. I would say though that G+ is a platform that you probably don’t want to overlook because of all the possibilities and features that it offers. It’s really about connecting with people without restrictions as oppose to facebook and other platforms. I just had an interview with Jack Humphrey and that was the theme of the entire conversation – social media sites like G+ are meant to facilitate people to people interactions more easily and uninterrupted.
      Kevin Lau just posted 3 Awesome Micro-Blogging Tips For Social Media Marketing Consultants And Would-Be Micro-Bloggers!

  9. says

    Hi Kevin,

    For some reason this is the post that finally prompted me into G+ action. I’ve had a profile set up for donkey’s years but not shared anything until now. My last blog post is my first share and this blog was the second with credits to you.

    I can’t help feeling Google is finally getting the hang of social.

    Ewan Kennedy just posted Plagiarism Checks – Check This