5 Ways to Produce Content Readers Will Love

This is a guest post by Lauren Bailey.

Nowadays, we have countless blog posts to read concerning how to improve our traffic numbers through various search engine optimization techniques and blog-design widgets.

These are great resources, of course, and work well to help us do what we do best. But I’d like to step back and talk about the content that we post, and our methods for creating that content. I think there are ways we can leverage this content and our writing to improve our blogs’ traffic.

I’ve come up with five different kinds of content that you, as a blogger, could share with your audience. Especially in light of the recent updates that Google has released, it’s important to return to content that is tuned to the expectations and needs of various readers.

Hopefully these ideas can be just as helpful for you as they were for me, and your readers will love every bit of the content you create.

Publish Pillar Articles and Informational Resources

The foundation of your blog consists of information that readers will return to again and again. You can present this information in a series of ‘pillar articles,’ which essentially serve as support columns to bolster the rest of your blog.

Pillar articles and other kinds of resources draw in readers who are searching specifically for information or help. They often get traffic directly from search engines and social networks. If you can create resources and pillar articles with some solid staying power, you could draw new batches of readers to your blog for quite some time.

The idea here is this: they’ll love what they read in the pillar article so much that they’ll bookmark your blog and come back for more every day.

Host Interviews, Forums, Panels, and Guest Posts

As a blogger, not only should you focus on creating content on your own, but also you should work to be the best host possible. Think of your blog as your home: when you have visitors, you want to play the part of the perfect host. In the blogosphere, this means that you sometimes have to open up your blog to other voices in order to foster discussion among the blogging community.

By conducting interviews, inviting other bloggers to participate in a panel or forum, and publishing guest posts, you allow a variety of voices to make their presence known on your blog. This variety can create harmonious discourse, thus further inspiring healthy discussion in the comments section and in other blogs. If you present yourself as the host of these discussions, then you’re reputation as a blogger will rise dramatically.

Report on Community News

Another way to improve your authority within a blogging community is to become the person who reports breaking news within that community. It might take some time to build up your connections, but the effort will be worth it as people will soon turn to your site first for their industry news.

Create a tip line, follow the feeds of experts within the community, and have a thirst for always being in the know. You might even consider recruiting some of your blogging friends to help you, and you should be sure to share the credit when necessary. If you do those things, you’ll be extremely successful in building up your news reporting skills.

Weigh In with Confidence

When an important issue arises, you shouldn’t be afraid to weigh in and share your opinion on the matter. You should be confident in your ability to construct a coherent argument regarding a specific issue within the blogging community.

After all, you have been around for a while, and you have built up the knowledge, readership, and authority on these matters, so you definitely have something to say. You’d be surprised at how much of an effect your opinion might have on the situation. People will listen to you!

Mix Up Your Media

Finally, you should consider creating content that mixes all sorts of media in order to catch the eyes of your readers. Yes, it’s important to create text that helps search engines discover certain keywords and phrases; however, you’re writing for both readers and search engines, and readers often like to have a diverse internet experience.

When possible, you should combine infographics, images, videos, podcasts, and other forms of media in order to give your readers a full spectrum of information to choose from.

Content Your Readers Love

Now it’s your turn – what type of content do your readers love?

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    I agree with Coleman that the best thing you can do on your blog is teach. There is so much information out there, that it’s hard to make yours unique. I hate the concept of spinning articles even though I know a lot of bloggers do it. When I write my posts, they come from my mind and the experiences I’ve learned. It’s my own take and what something means and how to approach it.
    Ryan Eisenhower just posted Make Money With Fiverr

  2. says

    Great advice. I’ve only just ‘got’ the idea of creating pillar content and resource posts. It really makes a difference to traffic when people shart bookmarking and sharing a post because it’s truly full of stuff they need to return to, as opposed to just enjoying the post and moving on. You’d think this was obvious but it’s taken me about a year of blogging to really get the idea, and I know some bloggers never get it.
    Karen just posted Fifty Self-Publishing Resources For Authors

  3. says

    Hey Lauren,

    Great tips, all of these. I like the idea of mixing up media on your blog. It just makes sense when people obviously learn better using different modalities like,, video, audio and the written word.

    Also, I will be doing my first interview next week to post on my blog, and I just published my first guest blogger, who did a great job with her post. So I think I am heading in the right direction.

    Thanks for the great tips. WIll definitely bookmark and share this one with my friends!
    Dr. Bob Clarke just posted How To Establish Your Social Media Presence

  4. says

    Great post, Lauren. You beautifully summed up excellent content marketing strategies.
    I particularly love your tip about reporting community news. For one, people will identify you as the go-to source for fresh news. On the other hand, the experts you feature in your post will appreciate your kind gesture and will share your blog with their network. (The same visibility advantage will result from interviews and guest blogging).
    One of the best ways you can find real-time news in your community is creating a Twitter list including experts of interest and checking it regularly.
    In addition, if any of your blog posts included reference to any expert(s), it’s a good idea to notify them via Twitter mentions. Sometimes I say things like: “Thank you, @UserName. You inspired my latest #Gariouscom post [linktothepost]”.
    Recently, we created a top 50 list of social media posts for June & July and used Twitter mentions to notify chosen experts and it worked like charm.
    Also, people love list posts. For example, a blog post titled “7 Must-have WordPress Plugins” can receive high sharing and readership rates. (Provided it’s a topic of interest to your target audience.)
    Thanks a lot for this great post, Lauren. I learned a lot from you :).
    Heba just posted Garious List: Top 50 Social Media Posts June – July 2011

  5. says

    Couldn’t agree more with the last one. It is so much more interesting when you are able to mix up the media and throw in some video or other elements. So easy to just do the same type things over and over.

  6. says

    Quite informative, if anybody follow these 5 ways strictly they can easily can create unique quality content for the website. Important is that no matter what you do, don’t stop blogging. Write content on topics that you are comfortable writing. I liked the way Lauren has elaborated these points. Thanks.
    John just posted Google Cash Monster Review

  7. says

    Great list…my readers tend to respond very well to video, especially tutorials. I think that an important thing for people to remember is that although there is a ton of “how-to” information on the internet, finding easy to understand instructions is still a valuable commodity. That is what I try to do in my videos.

    I’m working on getting starting a Podcast for my blogs. I’m a little late to the party, but better late than never I guess.
    Hugh Kimura just posted Book Review: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts

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    You have done a good job by writing this post. I mean literally we gone too far with SEO, driving traffic and adsense stuff that we almost forgot how to drive reader instead of traffic this is also the very reason you found some high traffic blog which have very minimum or almost no user interactions. One will end up in gaining nothing is his blog has no loyal readers and if the content of his blog is not able to engage readers.

  9. says

    Hi Lauren,

    I really enjoyed reading this, there’s definitely some things I need to be actioning on my site right now, one thing that jumped out at me though was pillar articles, I think it’s something we all need to be doing, a great example of how successful these can be for me is Mashable, they were posted a long time ago now but they worked so well. Cheers.
    Adam James just posted 5 Essential Security Plugins For WordPress