6 Qualities of Successful Bloggers

This is a guest post by Onibalusi Bamidele, young entrepreneur and author of the free ebook 7 keys to build a better website.

Being a blogger is easy, but being a successful blogger is another story. Here are some things that define bloggers who will achieve success with their blog.

1. Bloggers Take Action

Successful bloggers are always ready to take action, avoiding any form of procrastination as much as possible. Successful bloggers don’t just go and read and read and read until their head is no longer ready to accommodate again – they implement as they read. They don’t just follow what others say because others said it, but they are always ready to take action in order to be successful. Successful bloggers avoid as much procrastination as possible and instead focus on achieving success by implementing what they learned.

2. Bloggers Are Passionate

Successful bloggers are always passionate about the subject they blog about. They don’t just go into blogging because of the money, they blog about their passion in order to achieve success. There are some people who did things to make money outside their passion, but when the money came they were no longer dedicated to that business. They lost focus and concentration, learning that passion is the only key to success. You have to blog about your passion because this helps you to keep moving on and also helps you to avoid all forms of distraction along the line.

3. Bloggers Are Helpful

Successful bloggers are always helpful. Successful bloggers know that it is their readers that are the most interesting thing about their blog. They know that it is their readers that are the backbone of the blog, so they are always ready to help their readers out of their problems, and they are ready to help the newbies achieve success. Successful bloggers are also helpful to other bloggers in their niche – they are ready to help them achieve success and reach greater heights.

4. Bloggers Research

Successful bloggers are always researching and looking for new ways to gain knowledge because they know that their knowledge is the secret behind their success. They are always ready to learn new things from everybody. Successful bloggers are not selfish and are always ready to spend their money to get products that will help them improve themselves; they are always ready to invest their money in things that will help them become more successful.

5. Bloggers are Dynamic

Successful bloggers are always dynamic, i.e. they always learn new things and are ready to flow with change. They learn what works and improve on what works. They also notice what does not work and are always ready to drop it. They know blogging is a dynamic blog and that everything changes with time so they are always ready for the change.

6. Bloggers Have Personality

Successful bloggers are personal, separating themselves from a generation of bots. They let people know that there is somebody behind the blog. Successful bloggers reflect their personality in their writing – they understand that their readers know that nobody is perfect.

Your Thoughts

What other qualities do you consider essential for successful bloggers?

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  1. says

    These are exactly the steps that bloggers need to take. Research is definitely important but if you are not willing to put in the effort then all the research in the world will not do anything.
    .-= New from Thomas@SEO Services Create Niche Products: eBooks =-.

  2. says

    Especially when making money online procrastination is your biggest foe. All the fun stuff a computer can do like you could watch funny youtube clips your friends sent you, you could just chat with someone or the worst time eater of all… Facebook.

    I hope this helps a lot of you pro bloggers and newbies. I know it helped me. LeechBlock my favourite Firefox plugin. You can simply block sites like Facebook and Youtube in your working time or give yourself a time limit e.g. 10 min Facebook a day.

    When I started out I had huge problems with this but now when I click Facebook I am redirected to my main blog haha.

    Thanks for some great blogging tips!
    .-= New from Alex@Zahnbleaching Braun Oral-B Sonic Complete DLX – Testbericht =-.

    • says

      Hi Alex,

      You are absolutely right. Many bloggers face a lot of distractions but they can still program themselves (with constant practice) to take up the priority (their blog) first.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  3. says

    What really caught my attention were number 2 and number 6. You must have a passion for what you write about, because people can tell. It’s amazing the impact a blog post will have, when it’s written with conviction. I agree that Bloggers must have personality. You must let your quirks and what makes you special shine through your words. Uniqueness is remembered.
    .-= New from Kristal Johnson Mention Monday =-.

  4. says

    I agree with #1. I hate and avoid procrastination. I always say to myself, if it can be done now, then it should be done now. Not later, not tomorrow, but now.

  5. says

    Hello Onibulasi. You’ve written a very good blog bringing up some really valid points. I especially agree about the 3 P’s in your article, ie. Procrastination, Passion and Personality.

    Procrastination is the single biggest obstacle that we create for ourselves. We fail to realize that sooner or later, the job has to be done. Passion and Personality are essential for giving your blog some character. The reader must not feel that the blogger is just writing for the sake of writing but has genuine interest for his subject matter. And personality, is of course, the very identity of every blog and blogger, something of a visiting card that everyone will remember the blogger by. :)

    Till then,


  6. says

    Bloggers are Omnipotent 😀 yes I mean that. We can find solution to anything just by writing a blog post. If you own a successful blog and write great content you automatically attract quality visitors who contribute back via comments. So If I have a question I can simply write a post about it and stay cool. My visitors will comment the solution for me. Special thanks to Onibalusi for his time and patience in writing this post. Your book’s title is pretty luring and I want to get my hands on it. Thanks
    .-= New from Haran@Wellington Photographer Johanna and Matthew =-.

  7. says

    I love your list! May I add one more? Bloggers are honest. If they’re not genuine in their passion for the topic or true to their community they simply won’t succeed. It’s not even a matter of transparency, it’s being honest with sharing both the positive and negative and allowing others to benefit from your mistakes.
    .-= New from Deb Ng Four Ways Freelance Writers Overspend =-.

  8. says

    I struggle with #1 and #5. Probably everyone struggles with taking action, but I can easily read and get educated, then not apply. Probably more procrastination than anything. And in #5, our material is not that exciting to write about, so ‘personality’ always does not come through.
    .-= New from Colleen@Kennewick Real Estate West Pasco Washington Homes For Sale =-.

  9. says

    Oh, that explains it – no wonder my blogs haven’t taken off. :) I have a Master’s Degree in procrastination! The others I am hopefully doing pretty well at but the ‘ol capital P is killing me. Well, at least when I procrastinate at one thing I get something else done – like posting comments on blogs instead of writing on my own… But what I really should be doing is something else entirely. Cie la vie
    .-= New from Chris@Natural Health Goodies Spring is Calling and So is My Square Foot Garden =-.

  10. says

    You have stated some fine points about the qualities of a successful blogger. I think the most important factor here is personality. Without expressing a bloggers true authenticity, he/she can’t be differentiated from the rest. :-)

  11. says


    @Karen, Exactly!

    @Arafat Hossain Piyada, let’s see how everything goes

    @Dennis Edell, Thanks a lot for the nice comment.

    @Colleen, Thanks a lot for the nice comment.

    @Chris, Are you working towards overcoming procrastination?

    @Tech Maish, Thanks a lot for the nice comment

    Thanks everybody for the nice comment,

  12. says

    Your fourth point about bloggers researching can’t be emphasized enough – thing is, it has to be combined with your second point. The research isn’t just about getting a strategy to get attention, conversions, money. It has to be about providing serious content, even if the traffic doesn’t come immediately. A few very prominent bloggers have spoken about wanting to have “influence,” and I wonder about that. What exactly makes a blogger influential?
    .-= New from ashok The Passion of Politics: “Pamphleteer,” The Weakerthans =-.