6 Reasons Why I Like Google+

After using Google+ for a few weeks, I decided to share some of the reasons I like it so much, and hope that it will be an attempt at social networking by Google that will stick around for the long haul.


1. No automated updates.

Thus far, you can’t feed your Twitter, Facebook, or other updates into your Google+ stream. This means that if you see an update by someone on Google+, they actually made it on the network itself. Less noise, less spam.

2. Forced organization from the start.

I love the circles! You could just create one generic circle to throw everyone into, but I’d bet that since you have a few different default circles to start with, it gave you the idea to create better circles for friend categorization. There’s nothing like selecting my blogging circle for just my blogging friends’ updates or my photography circle for theirs.

And even better? I can send updates to one circle or the other, multiple circles, or just make them public. It’s genius!

3. Block tagging by specific people without unfriending them.

Unfortunately, photo tagging has already begun. In the same way that people tag photos on Facebook just to get your attention even if you’re not in the photo, so people do on Google+.

But here’s the cool part. If you go to that photo, you can remove yourself from the tag (just like Facebook). But after you do so, at the top, it will ask you if you want to block the person who tagged you in this photo from being able to tag you again. So if you have a tag-crazy friend who you like, but don’t want to be tagged by anymore, now you have the solution!

4. You’re always reminded of notifications.

If you’re logged into your Google account, anytime you’re checking your Gmail or using Google search, you’ll see your notifications on people adding you to their circles, commenting or +1ing your posts, resharing, and so forth. So you don’t have to actually go to Google+ to see if anything new is going on.

5. You can find more people to follow and see their stats.

Google+ Statistics has a huge list of people sorted based on their following or followers. It also includes a tidbit of information about them based on the info they added for their employer. (Hint: If you haven’t listed your employer, or don’t have one to list, add yourself as blogger or founder of your blog. This will show up under your name on this list which will make it easier for people to identify you.

6. The Android App.

If you have an Android, then definitely get the Google+ app. It’s better (in my opinion) than the one for Facebook, especially when it comes to sharing your mobile photos with your network.

Do you like Google+?

Now it’s your turn – how do you like the Google+ network?

Also, be sure to follow me on Google+! And if you’re just getting started, don’t miss my how to get started with Google+ guide on Social Media Examiner! :)

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  1. says

    I’m new to Google+ as I just had my invite recently and just having a hang of it. So far so good and a few points that you have mentioned here are new finds. It feels great to know them now. Thanks to you.

    Could Google+ be the potential Facebook killer? Just like how it outdone Friendster?
    Ramcel just posted Why Your Blog Just Screams and Begs

  2. says

    Kristi, I really like Google+ so far, primarily for the reasons you state, and I think it will draw substantial traffic away from Facebook and Twitter.

    I only post a couple of times a week. The rest of the limited time I have for G+ has gone toward getting quality people in my circles and making a few comments on interesting posts.

    And I hope they keep Twitter post off Google+. I hide many people on Facebook and LinkedIn who make a habit of cross-posting each tweet.
    John Soares just posted Write Faster: 12 Top Tips for Freelance Writers

  3. says

    Google may have analysed facebook thoroughly before getting life but with a good tech head and a few adjustments, within 1-2 months facebook could be up to par again with circles and other features that google plus currently has.

  4. says

    Hi Kristi! I’m going to try Google + soon. I guess that it will be a new trend in social networking in short future. Hopefully I can get the idea how to utilize Google + for blogging purpose from your article next time. :)

  5. says

    Nice!! Kristi,
    I am really very exited after using Google+ and it is very customize product for us, new features like circles, Block tagging by specific people, No automated updates make it more user friendly and less spam. Google’s team analyse Facebook’s weak point and created such types of awesome product for us.. Please keep us Update about more features of Google+ .
    Brainpulse just posted The Wide Ranged Phenomenon of Dedicated Server Hosting

  6. says

    As G+ is a very recent thing in my life I’m still getting used to it … the more I am getting around various features offered by G+ the more I’m falling in love with it. Among the aspects highlighted by yourself the most attractive, for me, is the fact that now I’m in control of the extent to which I want to go public and can target my messages exactly to the audience I want to reach out.
    Azam just posted Haircut at Supercuts

  7. says

    Google+ Is very nice. The envoirement is very easy in use. I really think they can take over Facebook, if they do more advertising and stuff. Just inviting people won’t get them there. Never the less, very nice!
    Troy just posted autoverzekering berekenen

  8. says

    I appreciate everything you’re sharing here and totally believe that Google+ is potentially much better than FB (I know that is setting the bar pretty low). But I have to admit that I’m suffering from a bad case of profile/connection fatigue. I’m constantly throwing together new profiles and then trying to find buddies to link up with. FB, LinkedIn, Stumble, Digg, etc. I think I’m just burnt out…
    Alexis just posted The Ultimate Baby Swing Sleep Guide For Swing Hating Babies

    • says

      I haven’t experienced that yet Peter but that must be a pain. In Facebook you can change the notifications so that you only get notified if one of your friends adds a comment (if you want that) and I changed my Facebook notifications to friend only comments because of the same reasons you don’t like G+.

      So Google need to fix that, but I’m pretty sure they will.
      Roz Bennetts just posted Winnie the Pooh Extract

  9. says

    Hey Stranger, I think, at least within my circles so far, that the quality of posts/updates are much higher. I’m sure the lack of silly app and event invites is part of it but even in general the overall quality is better than what I’ve been getting on FB & Twitter.

    One feature of the Android app that I really like is the auto-upload feature. I didn’t think I’d like it because I’m certainly not going to share every pic I take but there’s a little piece of mind from the idea of an instant back-up of photos. I can simple delete the pics later after I’ve had a chance to backup what I want to save.
    Brian D. Hawkins just posted In Response To: Let’s Talk Constitution And The Founders

  10. says

    The best thing about the Google+ which I like the most is the facility of hangout through which people can do a video conference with their friends. But, if the internet marketers think for a second they will know that actually Google is offering them facility to conduct free webinars for which they have to pay.
    Doesn’t it sound exciting? 😉

  11. says

    I love all of these except number 6 because I use an iPhone. The iPhone app is okay but lacking all the features.

    I didn’t know about the block tagging but that is really awesome!

    I love the circles too. It’s cool also that you can “add people” but they don’t really know what circle you put them into. The circles is really great because I love how other people are being creative with them or using them as one might not have intended. ie evernote hack and such.

    The no automated updates is something I seriously hope sticks around. When I update social sites, I’m actually doing it except for something like Instagram where I share the odd photo into Twitter, Flickr, and maybe Facebook. Drives me nuts when someone even posts a blog post and it gets automatically posted to 7 blogs and 8 social sites (some posted multiple times to the same social feed).

    Great points and Google+ is looking really strong.
    Scott Webb just posted You’re Engaged and Loving It (P3)

  12. says

    >>>6. The Android App.

    Soon after I started my Google+, I realized that every time I took a photo or video with Android phone, it would simultaneously and automatically upload the media to my Google+ profile’s photo section, set to Private so only I could access it. So if I want to share any photos, they’re already there and I can just check “Public”. Pretty nifty!

  13. says

    Kristi, I really like Google + for all the reasons you mentioned – plus you are not limited to 140 characters. At the moment though none of my friends are there so it’s pretty much my emergent blogging community (I blog for fun, just a personal blog).

    The circles just rocks though, a stroke of genius if ever there was one. (Have just added you!)
    Roz Bennetts just posted Winnie the Pooh Extract