8 Valuable Blog Marketing Tactics You Can Use Today

This is a guest post by Daniella Baker.

Nowadays it seems like just about any common Joe and Joann has his or her own blog. You’ve actually invested the time into creating a good looking and interesting, blog but your readership hasn’t reached the level that you desire.

If you feel like you’re stuck competing with subpar blogs for dedicated readers, here are some additional tactics you can employ to boost your readership today.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Create Enemies

One way to get the word out about your blog is to comment on other blogs. But don’t candy coat your comments. If you disagree with their argument or you have an opposing point-of-view, share it. If you make the comment intellectual and interesting, it could spark a blog-to-blog debate that will get readers going back and forth between your blogs.

2. Blog About Your Favorite Bloggers

When you come across a blog that you really enjoy, blog about it and share that blog with the person you’re promoting. We all like having our egos stroked and this move is likely to result in that person including a link to your post in their blog. This will naturally attract their readers to your blog.

3. Make Your Blog Timely and Relevant

One of the easiest ways to lose readers is to write about old topics or fail to convey why your point of view is important to your readers. The point of blogging is to connect, and if you’re providing old, irrelevant news, you will fail with that goal.

Start each day by perusing your favorite news outlets. It doesn’t have to be traditional news. It could be any outlet that offers news that meets the overall theme of your blog. Take note of the articles that provide new and interesting information. Utilizing those articles, convey the information to your readers. But don’t just regurgitate the information, include your point of view.

4. Write About Popular Topics

Don’t be too specialized with your niche. Instead, keep the focus of your blog broad enough that you will attract a variety of readers. And when you write about more popular topics, be sure to craft the content so it will generate organic links.

5. Guest Blog on Other Blogs

Find other blogs that have the readership you would like to attract. Choose ones that are a similar genre but you wouldn’t view as a competitor. Reach out to those bloggers and ask if you can write a guest blog for their site. Just like how I reached out to Kikolani to see if she would be interested in my guest post. Invite them to do the same with your blog. This will be mutually beneficial, attracting each others’ readership to start following the other blog.

6. Include Share / Subscribe Buttons

Take a moment to review the current design of your blog. Have you included ample opportunity for your readers to share their favorite posts from your blog? Be sure that you have included ample share/subscribe buttons throughout your site. This includes adding share buttons for each post you make.

When adding share buttons, make sure you have all of the popular social networking platforms covered, including: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and other niche networks.

7. Hold a Contest or Giveaway

One good tactic for attracting readers is by hosting a contest or giveaway. Get a product that relates to your blog category or that your readers would be interested in receiving. Then alert your readers about how to qualify for entries. Often, this involves becoming a “follower” of your blog, liking your blog on Facebook, or sending a Tweet about your blog. Because the goal is to attract new readers, make it so that readers can earn entries until you get a designated amount of followers.

Of course, once you build your readership, you will need to keep the new readers’ interest. So be sure that your posts are frequent, and, as advised earlier, relevant.

Editor’s Note: Some ideas would include a giveaway for a license for popular photo editing software on a photo blog, a pack of playing cards for a blog on how to play online poker, an iPad for an iPad review blog, etc.

8. Take Advantage of Tagging and SEO Features

If you are utilizing a popular blogging site to publish your blog, be sure to take full advantage of their built-in SEO features. Most provide you with the ability to create tags for each post. These tags are searchable and enable potential readers to find you through search engines. Be sure the tags are relevant to your post and include several for each post.

You can also add SEO tags to pictures and other embedded media that you add to your blog, so be sure to take advantage of those components as well!

Your Marketing Strategies

These are only a few of many different marketing strategies out there for your blog. What are your favorites that have created the most results?

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  1. says

    Hey Daniella thanks for the post.

    Really like your #1 point of debating with blogger but nowadays hardly any blogger write any argumentative blog. All your other points are really to be look upon.

    One of my fav part is to write your blog intentionally incomplete means keep something for your commenters to write like this one where you’ve writtten 8 points but there are many ways you can market your blog.
    hyderali just posted 5 Things you need to learn in SEO

  2. says

    Guest blogging and making sure your blog contains fresh contents that is trending and relevant is what, for me, top-notched your list. Those are definitely as must-do in order to build traffic and readership.

    Another point that you should have considered, maybe after Point #5, is to go outside the confinement of your blog and drop comments on useful posts from your favorite bloggers. Commenters are also interested on what others say and by actively participating you are actually branding your profile as a blogger.
    Ramcel just posted Complacency Can Kill Your Blog

  3. says


    You are so right about point #2. One of the best ways to develop a great community is to write about other great bloggers. This is a great way to build relationships, and there is not more important asset in blogging.

  4. says

    Fab post! I think that shining the light on others that you admire and tagging them in posts is so effective. I love being able to “follow the yellow brick road”, reading through a post and then finding new people and new ideas as you delve deeper and farther. Some might think that takes the reader away: I think it keeps them coming back for more.

    And I think that “saying what you mean and meaning what you say”, by providing honest comments, even if objectionable, is something that makes the comments section vibrant. I’m personally not one to be objectionable for the sheer sake of being so, but I think that respectfully speaking one’s mind opens up new conversations and new ways of thinking. Cheers! Kaarina
    Kaarina Dillabough just posted The 3 most important questions

  5. says

    Great point hyderali, keeping the article ‘incomplete’ definitely encourages readers to add something.
    Ramcel also made a very good point. If you want people to actively participate in your blog, you should to the same for them.

  6. says

    A major parenting website posted an article I flatly disagreed with and considered writing a response but was afraid of being an internet jerk so. But maybe I should have? Making internet enemies seems like an intimidating prospect (although you’re right that it would probably be interesting for readers to watch). Will definitely have to reconsider my stance on that!

    Thanks for the article,
    Alexis just posted How to Get Baby to Sleep Better- Part 2

    • says

      @Alexis, Parenting Blogs seem to have some of the most heated discussions. I think you should definitely reconsider your stance tough. Like Kaarina mentioned, honest comments, even if objectionable, are something that makes the comments section vibrant.

  7. says

    Hey Daniella,

    Great insights!

    You hammered the nail through the wall with your third blog marketing tactic “make your blog timely and relevant.” Relevancy is one of the chief elements of a successful blog and is usually the yardstick readers use to measure their stick-and-stay time once they land on a site.

    However, I disagree with the notion that “writing about old topics” will cause bloggers to lose readers, instead regurgitating the “same-old-atypical explanations” or copying what another writer has published will.

    Thanks for the post.
    Nerma Moore just posted 14 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Blog Right Now!

  8. says

    Lovely post! Enjoyed the strategies! For my part though I steer away from the highly controversial stuff… Perhaps leave the enemy making freak shows to Jerry Springer!? I’ve seen some bloggy ladies really get wound up over non-issues…. So I tend to stay clear of that aspect….. Enjoyed the read. (and this site)
    Regardz, Gabz
    Gabriella, The Stepford Wife just posted Are Electronic Cigarettes Out of Smoke

  9. says


    Thanks you had a well written post with some great points I agree wholeheartedly with most of them.

    I do, though disagree – a little- with 3/4. Not so much disagree perhaps as want to point out there are exceptions

    3. relevancy is of course essential. No disagreement there. As for “news” though, tying your articles to specific events can have some bad effects. Talking about Justin Beiber news (even tying it to something totally unrelated), for instance can get you some quick readers at first. But a year from now will obviously be dated and old.

    I would say this is great -sometimes- but it fails for keeping articles, “evergreen”.

    Of course when the genre you are writing about itself has a fundamental shift (such as article marketing post Panda.. I can’t help but agree)

    4.Popular topics are great, but they can also get old. For instance, “content is king” articles. I have done one myself, at one point. They can be popular, but dreadfully dull. Of course you want to do them, but IMO doing an article that is really original and fresh is even more desirous.

    Again, nothing “wrong” with popular, but there is something to be said for leading, not following.

    Anyhow, not trying to sound too negative (I did like ALL points), just pointing out my opinion. All your other points I agreed with 100%.

    have a great day

    Steve just posted 22 Quick Tasks that Increase Internet Income

  10. says

    hi Daniella,

    I too definitely agree with No.1. I’ve had the privilege to speaking with one of the top blogger in my niche, and he told me to be somewhat controversial in my blog posts and along the lines of creating enemies in the process.

    Like you say here also, to comment back on other blogs whom i disagree with also. I know I’ll have some people who will challenge and disagree with my opinions as well. These are all great tips for the new blogger starting out. Just wonderful ideas, thank you.
    Marcus just posted Cover Letter 10 – Administrative Assistant

    • Daniela Baker says

      I wouldn’t deliberately go out there and post disagreeing comments, but yes, if you disagree or have something to add, you should definitely do so.

  11. says

    This is a great list. I’ve been hesitant to host a giveaway (it feels a little cheesy). But now, I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks.

  12. says

    Hey Daniela,

    Thanks for the sweet read! I have never been one to be afraid of contradicting another blogger. If I have different views then you I will let you know, but not be rude about it. Starting discussions like that are wonderful for grabbing reader attention.

    Guest blogging has really worked wonders for me, and provided me with a nice bit of traffic. It’s an awesome way to open up new relationships, and connect with new audiences. You can also learn beneficial things in the process.

    God bless,
    William Veasley
    William Tha Great just posted Are You Winning The Race

  13. says

    Hi Daniella, I enjoyed this post but am not sure about point #1. I don’t think making enemies is the right way to describe it.

    If you’re honest and consistent with your opinions and people disagree then fine. The main thing is to be true to what you really think.

    I’ve had people disagree with me on my blog and I’m cool with it, I’d never make someone an ‘enemy’ for having their own opinion.

    Sorry it’s a small point and I did really like and agree with everything you’ve written. Feel free to visit my blog and disagree with me :-)
    Jamie Fairbairn just posted Why Are You Really Using Twitter

  14. Daniela Baker says

    Maybe enemy is a bit strong, some of you might be more comfortable with the word rival instead.
    An opposing view usually adds fuel to the fire in the comments section. People will generally start responding to the nasty comment, and you may even get people who start visiting the blog repeatedly just to see what the responses will be. This in turn leads to increased traffic.

    • Daniela Baker says

      Try putting an “advertise here” link on your blog, the best sponsorships are the ones negotiated directly with the advertiser. When somebody contacts you to advertise, offer them an opportunity to sponsor one of your promotions (with a tie-in to their product).

  15. says

    I think that these are great tips especially for newbie bloggers like myself. The one that I have the most problem with is leaving negative or disagreement comments. As a newbie I often think that my views might just be dismissed. I guess I just need to take the plunge. There should not be anything wrong with a little constructive criticism and a may also help to stand out.
    Sabrina just posted Sell Textbooks Online For Cash

  16. says

    I’ve had good success with your second point, Daniela. It’s a great way to both introduce your readers to those bloggers that influence you, and an opportunity to catch the eye of a popular blogger to let them know you’re serious about developing a friendship with them. If it’s someone you already have a friendship with then it can be a nice way to thank them for their support. These posts go great with #FF #FollowFriday recommendations on Twitter too.
    Brad Harmon just posted How Do You Respond When Your Small Business is Attacked Online

  17. says

    Wonderful guide Daniela,
    Guest posts are really essential to keep your blog alive. That means doing guest post for other and letting others post on your blog.