About SOPA and Today’s Blackout – Infographic, Video, and Call to Action

Today, Kikolani is joining in the SOPA Blackout and will go dark from 8am to 8pm EST. This is in protest against SOPA / PIPA legislation proposed by the U.S. Congress. Others joining the protest include Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, WordPress, Greenpeace International, and many more listed at SOPA Strike.

Learn more about these bills by clicking the above links or viewing the following infographic (provided by Stop American Censorship) & video (by Fight for the Future). Also, be sure to keep scrolling to find ways you can take action (for US and international visitors).

SOPA Infographic
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    It is scary to think that in the digital world that we live in that someone could pull the plug on a website because of a link. We are told be social and make an impact but with the addition of a rogue link you go out of business overnight.

    The fact that it could also kill off the growth of the Start Up is also never a good thing. My business is mainly internet based and if I got blocked in this way I would have to let 3 staff go meaning a loss of jobs. This can’t be a good thing surely?

    Great post thank you for making it easy to understand and I have signed the petition from outside the USA!

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    Nice to see you are going to participate in the SOPA movement. I was thinking about blacking my site out for the day, but didn’t get time to read up on how exactly I should go about that so as not to mess up seo and se related stuff. I saw some wordpress plugins, but I have a sort of wordpress slash other script site combined that confuses things. Awesome to see some of the big sites going black though. Just looked at both wordpress .org and .com and they definitely get the point and message across.
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    I’m in the UK but I’m worried that if this all goes ahead in the US that we could be next! I really don’t agree with this – its just another form of control, we should be able to look at what we want and give our opinions. Obviously as long as opinions aren’t offensive or hateful.

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    Great to see so many sites against uniting against SOPA – hopefully our voice will be heard.

    User generated content is Web 2.0 and this puts on the brakes at full steam taking us back years! You can tell the government don’t truly understand how the web works!

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    I hope that everyone who sees this post took the time to write their rep and say vote no. It’s a shame that politicians think that the public is foolish enough to believe they would accept that this bill was about piracy. It’s not. The piracy won’t stop. It’s like thinking that if the world gun ban went though that all the guns will go away. Those who are going to do illegal activity will still continue to do it.

    Too bad politicians don’t have to submit to the rules they are trying to create.

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    Once again powerful lobbyists push for dangerous legislation for their own self interests at the expense of society. Hollywood is an old dinosaur that should be changing with the times like everyone else. The game has changed and they are still playing by the old rules.

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    Hey Kristi Thank You Really so Much for sharing this infographic it will surely help a lot of us to get more aware about SOPA and I Appriciated your act so much that you have post this post and the Petetion form am submitting it now!!!

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    Even tho I live halfway across the world from the U.S. I still fear what will happen if SOPA and PIPA passes.

    The first thing I have to do if those two laws passes, are to move my websites out of the U.S. I don’t want my hosting provider to close down my websites all of the sudden.
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    Thank you Kristi and all the others who have done their part in trying to raise e awareness and hopefully stopping this truly crazy bill from passing.

    It really is sad to see that ow the government is going to try to control the internet, as if they already are not controlling so many expects of our lives. Thanks.
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