Win Friends and Influence People – Advice to Grow Your Blog Business with Twitter

This is a guest post by Brandon Yanofsky. When you first heard about Twitter, what was your reaction to this absurdly named website? I literally laughed at it. Who’d spend all day writing 140 character status updates? Sounded ludicrous. Flash forward 3 years, and it is now the key to my blogging success. Since I started using Twitter, I’ve seen my blog traffic increase nearly tenfold, and have begun making an income with my blog. This article will show you the main technique I … [Read more...]

5 Books Every Blogger Must Read


This is a guest post by Brandon Yanofsky. Some bloggers are horrible writers. A great writer and blogger is always learning his craft. Of course, this includes frequent reading. But we as bloggers get caught up in only reading books about blogging. And this leads to many bloggers who can’t write compelling content. But don’t fear. You can easily learn to write captivating posts! It just requires a small investment of your time. I’ve listed 5 books I recommend to every … [Read more...]