Potential Benefits of Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content

This is a guest post by Duncan, a digital marketing expert. Last week, I wrote a guest post here on duplicate content, detailing some of the ways Google determines the original source of content, and which versions have been scraped or syndicated. Whilst it is often the case that you don’t want your content appearing all other the web due to duplicate content issues, someone raised an interesting point in the comments about the positives of having your content out there, duplicate or not. … [Read more...]

How Google Handles Duplicate Content

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This a guest post from Duncan, an internet marketer who blogs about everything from on-site optimization to finding the best links on the net. Duplicate content is a hot topic at the moment, with much speculation about if it can harm your site, or if you can actually benefit from scraping content from other sites and placing it on your own. Most webmasters, bloggers and SEO experts agree that accidental internal dupe content, caused by pagination, categorization etc, won’t harm your site … [Read more...]