6 Practical Steps To Earn The Pro Status In Your Niche

This is a guest post by Jane Sheeba. Only the pros always do it. Be it six figure pay checks, screen shots of skyrocketing traffic proof, stunning product launches, amazing social proof, and wherever they go, they're looked upon - the pros do it. Why isn't it easy to become a pro in your niche? Is it a "guru" thing? Do you have to drink some special soup? Well, as it might sound such a thing of height, it actually isn't that hard to become a pro. But ironically, the "pro" status … [Read more...]

So You Want Traffic? This Is NOT Gonna Help

Empty Road

This is a guest post by Jane Sheeba. Is your blog traffic THIS empty? (Photo by Jason Hines) Traffic. It is the key to every blog. Bloggers need traffic, no matter for whatever reason they are blogging. Every blog needs just more and more eyeballs. Traffic means sales, popularity, promotion and everything else a blogger needs. And gaining traffic is not so easy. You have to "earn" every single visitor out of hard work. You could have read a lot about what to do to earn visitors for … [Read more...]