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    @PeaceLoveJoyBliss, Vicki, Wesley, Mike, Dennis: Thanks!

    @Jaffer, Kim: I loved his ears. I didn’t notice how striking the veins were until I was looking at the photos on my computer.

    @Mr Muggles: Outside the front door of my apartment actually. We have lots of bunnies living in this community – they make their homes under the electric meter boxes.

    @Dan: I have two cameras, one that is usually with me at all times in case a cute moment arises. I still have to vote Dobby the cutest. :)

    @Evita: Before seeing the picture? That is very coincidental. :)

    @kuanhoong: He did sit there an awfully long time while I took tons of photos of him. Maybe he was.

    @Barb: Sounds like a good idea. Everyone loves cute bunny pictures!

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    @SunTabby: Quite innocent looking indeed, as all babies are. Well, the great majority at least. I have seen some evil looking babies before.

    @iCalvyn: It is the big ears. He’ll grow into them pretty quickly though.

    @Chloe: You’re welcome. I didn’t notice the detail until I put it on my pc, but it was pretty awesome when I saw it. :)