Benefits of Blogging – Developing SEO & Internet Marketing Skills

This post is the fourth in the Benefits of Blogging series, where I will cover the many benefits of blogging, for bloggers and readers.

One of the advantages some bloggers may not think about when they are promoting their blogs is the amount of SEO and internet marketing skills they are developing in the process.

What SEO & Internet Marketing Skills Do You Know?

Chances are, you have done one or more of the following for your blog:

  • Considered important keywords for the title of your posts
  • Installed SEO related plugins (Platinum SEO, All in One SEO Pack)
  • Found people online who are interested in topics related to your blog
  • Created a large audience on social networks
  • Shared your posts on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.
  • Encouraged others to bookmark posts on social bookmarking networks with socialble plugins and icons (such as the ones at the end of this post)
  • Commented on DoFollow blogs
  • Submitted to directories
  • Created a sitemap to submit to major search engines
  • Installed and monitored traffic statistics, including referral sites, then used that data to re-tune your keywords or re-direct your social network focus
  • Monitored the Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Yahoo backlinks, and other statistics for your blog
  • Monitored the search engine rankings of your blog for various keywords
  • Kept up to date with the latest in SEO, social media and internet marketing news

All of these things are important to SEO agencies and internet marketing. The above covers such skills as keyword analysis, website optimization, social media marketing, internet marketing, link building and more.

Frank at Techjaws even points out in an article entitled SEO Experts Don’t Know Jack that…

There are many bloggers who pay close attention to the basics of SEO. These same people are passionate about what they do and they need a way to measure their effectiveness.

And he even gave specific reference to this site, saying that… – A blog that has an Alexa rank of 57K and a Google Pagerank 4. This blog is only 13 months old and look how well it’s performing. Kristi, the owner and author of will tell you she is not an SEO expert, but she is probably more capable than many of the so-called SEO experts.

What Can You Do With These Skills?

So now that you realize you do have some of these skills under your belt thanks to blogging, what can you do with them outside of marketing your blog?

If you have a business, know someone who has a business, or work for a business that could use some website promotion, use your blog as your portfolio and show how you could apply some of the above mentioned techniques to another website. Show them the value of being closer to the top of search engine results, or the amount of traffic they may gain from a bit of social networking.

With the economy in the state that it is in, small businesses especially do not have the kind of cash flow to pay some major SEO company to overhaul their website. So they would be more open to having a freelance person that they know do some optimization work with keywords, link building, traffic analysis, etc. You could even create a simple SEO report to sell.

If you’re not concerned about getting cash, consider working on a trade basis. Maybe you have always wanted to take yoga classes and know the owner of a yoga studio or a yoga instructor that could benefit from your help. If you are a good samaritan and know of a friend that is just starting out a business, you can offer to help them get a jump on their internet exposure. And if you are not really interested in helping businesses, you could simply help another blogger in gaining an greater audience for their writing.

Your SEO & Internet Marketing Experience?

Now it’s your turn. What expertise have you developed thanks to blogging, and have you been able to apply them elsewhere?

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  1. says

    In the last weeks i think about starting my own Business-Blog. Your article convinced me even more to start. With a blog and Portals like Twitter everbody can reach more visitors.

  2. says

    You are right that companies are opting for freelance SEOs over companies to save money. Currently I am doing work for a national company here in the UK and saving them nearly 400% over what they were paying for an agency for the same work.

    Had not thought of how running a blog could teach someone so much about SEO. I know a certain SEO company who don’t know some of the things on your list.

    David Hopkinss last blog post..mod_rewrite Quick Reference and Cheat Sheet

  3. says

    Blogging has really taught me a lot not only about SEO but about websites in general – i.e. how to set up hosting, tweak the different options, setting up and managing the email on your domain, and so on. As you said, there is definitely a move from hiring agencies to hiring individuals/freelancers for web related services and this is putting a lot of strain on web marketing companies to keep their clients in the face of such competition.

  4. says

    Blogging helps you learn to write. As what they say, when you start you don’t have to be good, but to be good you have to start. With good discipline, blogging helps you to progressively improve your writing… and that’s a way to go as far as the net is concerned – until the day Google starts to interpret images, audio and video.

  5. says

    yaa Kristi,
    this is 100% true for blogging Fresh Content and should be informative the main key of blogging and one more important thing internet marketing skills is very well describe i want add one more point here need to ensure that all your pages have actually been optimized, being with seeing that all pages have unique titles!!! honestly nice post Kristi thanks for sharing!!!

    SEO Companys last blog post..MYCHOICE24

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    I think Blogging is definitely useful, not only from an seo stand point but also for bringing your massage across. I think if you planning to sell something on internet as a publisher for an affiliate product a Clickbank market place is a great place to start. A program called Clickbank Cash was just released that teaches how to make money from Clickbank. I think this course is good, take a look at this program.

  7. says

    Wonderful post to let other fellow bloggers realize, that even they can do wonders without being an SEO expert. What they need is knowing there topic, good content, right social networking strategy in place. I specifically liked the “If you’re not concerned about getting cash, consider working on a trade basis.” past, I actually never thought about it, Awesome !!
    Veda Blog

  8. says

    Great article!
    “Created a sitemap to submit to major search engines”- a lot of bloggers about it don’t think, but it’s very important!
    Thank You for sharing!

  9. says

    Nice Post!

    The Internet provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but doing business online presents unique challenges and requires new skills. Per my experience search engine optimization would be the best practice to improve your online business.

  10. says

    There are a lot more benefits of blogging which a successful blogger can enjoy. But this post is really informative and well-written. Thank you.

    One thing I didn’t get. Can’t you use Akismet plugin to filter spam comments? I do use Akismet and spams do never get published on the blog. I’m here to leave a comment, not to do sum.

  11. says

    My blog is a personal one so the what is important for me is “the content”, hence, focusing on the quality of what is provided there is the keystone. This is the main expertise that I share with the readers here, beside the normal techniques mentioned in the article.

    Glad that your blog is developing, so keep it up, Kristi :)

    Hichams last blog post..De-Stereotyping the Image?

  12. says

    yaa nice Article skills is very important and use full i also use some of them i like blog commenting if they do follow it’s give more boost for getting good SERP and stumble upon also great site for increasing you traffic thanks for posting Kristi…

  13. says

    Everything in this post makes perfect sense. I believe that aside from the fact that blogging is one of the most effective SEO strategies, it would also help you learn more about SEO in the process. Before you can create a blog post, you will have to do some research and couple it with the knowledge that you have. So while you are harnessing the SEO theories that you know of, you are at the same time trying to learn some more and writing it down just like taking down some notes.

    Tekkbuzzs last blog post..How to remove a Friend from Facebook

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    I have been doing MLM for over 4 years and the top few are making the big bucks & I am making pennys. Everyone I know run when they see me coming now. I have spent a small fortune in travel and training to no avail. Need a new approuch, to supplement Social Security. Is there anything for free and has value with out the “I Gotchas”? TIA, Bil

  15. says

    Using social media is definitely one of the first steps as sharing your content on those sites will be a great source of traffic and backlinks.

  16. says

    I heard that some bloggers don’t need to do any SEO technique since contents in their blogs are fresh and interesting enough. So, more and more visitors come visit the blogs. However, you made such a good point that blogging give us more than just a blog.
    .-= Hamming´s last blog ..The Best Fish to Eat =-.

  17. says

    I always have a bunch of low competition (low volume) keywords, I usually write an article about that subject, not a keyword stuffed article, but a good article focusing on the subject, bookmark it, and I’m usually seing visits the next day (sometimes the same day) from search engines. They are not volume keywords, might get me 15-20 visits per day, but I still get leads from these visits! Of course the page is SEO’d (title tag, description…). Nice blog mate! Keep up the good work!
    .-= SEO consulting services´s last blog ..Holistic SEO: Why there’s more to SEO than just keywords and link building =-.

  18. says

    Wow, I wish I knew all that stuff in your list of “done one or more of the following.” I’ve learned a lot about the limits of social networking online: no amount of individuals helping is a replacement for being indexed correctly (and prominently) by search engines. I’ve read a lot of SEO stuff but only implemented them half-heartedly to this point.

    Oh well. I’ll figure it out at some point. I’m still working on the blog after all.
    .-= ashok´s last blog ..If you want to do me a favor… =-.

  19. says

    Hello Kristi, I found this from a Google search. One great thing about blogging and SEo is that there are many good SEO plugins that allow you to build a real silo structure on your blog, with categories as silos, and tags as long tail keywords. I deciced to rework my categories and tags now in a systematic fashion, rather than shooting from the hip, as before. Thanks for the post.
    Kai Druhl just posted The Internet Business Kit