Binging Relevant Search Back

This is a guest post by Jeet Banerjee.

Which search engine do you use for finding information, products, or services? For most of us, that answer is Google. Google has been the top search engine for the last few years and has essentially dominated the world of search.

While most of us have believed that Google is the best search engine, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has something to say about it. Bing is loud, proud, and openly challenging users to see first hand why they are better than Google.


If you visit Bingiton, you will notice that their home page encourages you to enter any keyword. Once you enter those keywords, it immediately shows you two sets of results. Your goal during the test is to choose the results you feel provide you the most accurate information based on your search query.

Surprisingly, many people like myself have quickly noticed that Bing does provide the stronger search results. As website owners, bloggers, or anyone else involved in the tech sphere, we know the importance of internet marketing. Due to this strong campaign by Bing, Google has began to fire back by essentially refining their algorithm. Here’s how they are changing things.

The Algorithm Changes

Earlier, Google had created havoc among the internet community when they released their Google Panda update. Just recently, Google received another one of their ‘animal’ updates called Google Penguin. Experts have claimed that Google Penguin was released in hopes of refining Google’s search results to beat Bing.

The results on Google’s search engines are lacking in quality because Google feels that many of the websites ranking in the premiere spots participate in a lot of spam-related activities. These spam related activities include unnatural linking to websites, jumbling up links into blog articles, and creating forced back links from other websites.

Essentially, Google does not want to see your friend forcefully include your website link in his blog articles or send around your link on random websites. Google’s new system can effectively tell which back links are legitimate and which ones aren’t.

So if you own a website or have a blog and have been getting back links in anyway possible, you need to stop NOW. Google has already begun heavily punishing websites misusing back links and they will only continue to get stricter as time goes along.


Google will not let you rank for keywords unless your website provides completely relevant services or information about that specific keyword. If you’re trying to rank for the keyword ‘Artist Paintings’, you better hope your website is all about art.

Not only does your website need to be about art, but the people talking about your website need to be related in someway to the art industry. Google knows that an auto shop is rarely going to have a connection with the art industry. So when Google sees a back link coming in from an auto site out of no where, it’s going to discredit that back link and assume it’s spam.

Your websites content also needs to feature extremely relevant content. The days of creating landing pages and assigning them to random keywords is no longer going to be successful. Bing has pushed Google to the brink, and Google wants authentic and effective results.

User Reaction

Another element that is strongly being added into the Google algorithm is the reaction users have with your web page. When a specific keyword is searched and a user goes to your website, Google wants to know whether this user found this result valuable or invaluable.

While this may be out of your control, you want to create a nice environment for your visitors. Update your website, have a nice design and layout to ensure a positive relationship with your visitors. If users come to your website and hit the ‘back’ button within 10 seconds, Google automatically recognizes your website as a bad resource for that keyword.

The searchers reaction with web pages and his activity with search results is a key factor in Bing’s algorithm. The reason why Bing is currently providing better search results than Google is in a large part because of this. Create a clean and effective website that gives your searchers what their looking for.


As the competition between search engines heats up, it is important for website owners to stay on top of their rankings. The best way to stay on top is to achieve legitimate rankings for your website. In order to provide the best results possible, Google is going above and beyond to weed out the bad results.

Find ethical ways to promote your website and business online. As the battle rages on between Bing and Google, you can be sure to see more updates in the near future. Your best bet as a website owner is to play the SEO game as clean as possible.

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    I think you have hit the nail on the head. I have noticed very weird results from Google when I do my searches. I have now switched to using Bing and Yahoo and I am getting great results. I don’t know why anyone want to use Google any more. Playing the SEO game clean is the best advice anyone can give.
    Shalu Sharma just posted Interview with Elle, the Solo Female Nomad

  2. says

    Hi Jeet. I totally agree especially after the latest Google update. Honesty is now the best policy when working on your blogs or websites SEO. As long as you engage with your visitors , have “clean” backlinks, write original well written content you’ll look good in the eyes of Google.

    I think Bing with be the NEW focus for many “SEO geeks”

    Great Post

  3. says

    While I’ve been focusing on bing search rather on yahoo, I was wondering if there was any update from them lately? Noticed that my top KW was gone. I think you should do a follow up post on this on how to do SEO for bing, I think newbie SEO would love it. :)
    sanjay just posted 20 Responsive Design Frameworks

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    Bing’s results are often better because the search results reflect those similar to pre-penguin on Google. At least it’s the case for keywords I monitor on my sites.

    I’ve found myself going to Bing more often these days because the results are better. Penguin results are often not helpful. I still start with Google, but it can be frustrating.

    I appreciate what Google is trying to do, but here’s the deal. If a website owner is willing to invest in SEO activities, that means they want relevant and targeted traffic for a reason. They have something that a relevant searcher wants. I realize spam manipulates, but having an SEO system in place is helpful because one can rely on SEO activities and invest in those activities because it will generate results. One wouldn’t invest in SEO if there wouldn’t be a return. Therefore, if one does SEO, they will certainly ensure the landing page offers something relevant.

    Now there’s absolutely no certainty. Sure, some business owners are buying traffic to make up for lost organic search engine visitors. But, and this is where Google needs to be careful. If Bing attracts more users and it hits a critical mass, Google is done. Finished. They enjoy a huge advantage now because people trust their results. If that trust disappears en masse, Google will have a very hard time re-establishing that trust. Google’s free search engine is the golden goose that lays the golden eggs, being Adwords.

    Bing has an incredible opportunity right now and they’re jumping all over it. It’s a fascinating battle to watch, especially as a website publisher.

    I still care about SEO, but less so than in previous years. It’s inconsistent. It’s too bad there isn’t a system anymore because it worked. Today’s poor Google search results is a testament to that.
    Jon just posted Should Your Website be Perfect or Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

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    Bing is really working hard to provide much better results than Google, I’ve been noticing great results in bing for last 4 months. I think it’s great that we’ve now more options to search right things on internet.

    Monopoly never a great thing, if there is competition only then you would expect great services from service providers… otherwise you won’t have any option except bearing them.
    Aasma just posted Industrial Live Project Training

  6. says

    Bing is one of those browsers that you want to check out, but still end up not doing so! :)

    Google is very huge in the industry and they still have the upper hand in this game.

    I heard that Bing has more accurate results than Google. Could be true…

    Still using Google though 😉
    Samuel just posted 7 Cool WordPress Plugins!

  7. says

    Hi, Jeet! You’re right, I would have answered Google too. I had a problem with Bing’s algorithms: Bing was visiting one of my websites too much, plus the real traffic I had, so my hosting provider pretended I should buy something with more features. Fortunately, a friend of mine realized what was happening and blocked or reduced to minimum (something like that) Bing’s crawlers
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