Blog Tagging – Fun Facts

Over the weekend, I was tagged by two great bloggers, Jess at How Did I Get Here and Asif at Life as I Know It, to share seven facts about myself. So here are some interesting tidbits about me.

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I am somewhere between vegetarian and vegan.

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Some of the poems I have written in the past scares me. It’s as if I was not the one who wrote them, but I know I did.

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I believe that inanimate objects have feelings. Especially ones with faces, like stuffed animals.

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I can sketch cartoon characters pretty well, almost exactly, like a tracing.

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Most of my dreams are just the opposite of reality – if things are very happy in my life, my dreams are very dark.

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I am much more extroverted online. It is easier for me to write to complete strangers online than it is to walk up and talk to someone I do not know in person.

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The first R rated movie I saw in the theatre was Rising Sun in 1993, when I was 14.

Although the rules of this game is to tag another seven people, I realize that many of my readers’ blog themes would not allow for a post of this nature. So instead of tagging, I invite my readers to post seven fun facts about themselves in the comments. I love knowing interesting and quirky things about people!

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  1. says

    Alrighty, seven facts about me:

    1. I drive a Subaru.

    2. My favorite color is blue.

    3. Born with blue eyes, they sometimes look green. Depends on the day.

    4. Lately, I’ve worn a lot of earth-tone colors.

    5. A makeup artist behind-the-scenes of a dramatic play I acted in said I had beautiful skin for makeup.

    6. I love breakfast foods all times of the day.

    7. I feel I’m not getting personal enough. What else would you like to know?

    Ari Herzogs last blog post..Social Media Best Practice: Dave Fletcher on E-Government

  2. says

    First – Ari does have beautiful skin and should definitely wear more makeup 😉

    1. I don’t own a car and am rapidly anti-car.
    2. I am a vegetarian. I was a vegan until my pregnancy when I really craved cheese. I need to go back.
    3. I have a written list of every book I’ve read since 1991.
    4. I can oddly remember the date something trivial in my life happened on.
    5. I went to three high schools in 4 years.
    6. I lived in Arizona for 10 years and never went to the Grand Canyon.
    7. I love Premiere League football (soccer).

    Kim Woodbridge | (Anti) Social Developments last blog post..Google Page Rank – A Sudden 3 Point Drop!!!

  3. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to share 7 things about myself before…not sure what to say…I’ll give you three and see if you need more 😛

    1. I have auburn hair but brown eyebrows
    2. I once dreamt an event that occurred the next day
    3. I don’t believe in a god, but want to believe in spirits

    Dans last blog post..Get Respect With Your Visitors

  4. says

    Hi Kristi,
    Let me give my seven facts:
    1. I still live in my parents house
    2. I just start blogging since late Sept 08, even though I know it for a long time ago
    3. I have various hobby from blogging, draw sketch, watching movie, playing piano, teaching, reading, xbox 360, and many more.
    4. I’m not married, but have a promising relationship 😛
    5. I read so many books with many topic and interest ’till I confused myself which one is my really interest. I love them all!
    6. I always drink a glass of water every morning.
    7. The place I work now is the first time I work for multinational company. And now we have the financial crisis. 😀

    Aldhiss last blog post..Today, I Wanna Be… A CHEETAH!

  5. says

    My fun facts as compared to yours:)

    1. I’m a somewhere between a carnivore and a carnivore
    2. My dreams always involve people that I haven’t spoken to in decades.
    3. I talk to my car on occasion
    4. I have no artistic talent whatsoever.
    5. My dreams are so realistic that sometimes I think they actually happened.
    6. I’m probably more extroverted in person. Writing is set in stone for everyone to see and I sometimes get nervous about that. Why am I blogging?
    7. First R rated movie “Heaven Help Us”

    Steve Cs last blog post..Shallow Thoughts: How Do These Stores Stay In Business?

  6. Uncle Pete says

    7 Fun Facts About Uncle Pete…

    1. I could NEVER be a Vegan – I love Morton’s Steak House too much!

    2. I have never felt more alive and more in tune with my senses than I did while I was deployed to a warzone…

    3. I have no fear of death, but I do fear not being able to protect my family in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

    4. I made a promise that if I ever win a lottery or come into a large amount of money that I would quit my job, go back to school to finish my degree and then provide volunteer medical services to those who could not afford it …

    5. I miss having a dog around the house…

    6. I have always been attracted to women with beautifully healthy hair and nails – but, the “true deal maker” is being able to kiss!

    7. I despise “bandwagoners”, bad drivers, militant or fanatical “political leftists” who are as hypocritical as any “right wing nut job” and people who are ALWAYS pessimistic! The Bandwagon folks are just weak minded sheep too afraid to stand up for what they really believe in; the bad drivers just need to be taken off the road; the “political leftists” who claim to liberal and open-minded are antything but; and pessimistic people need to live in Africa or India for a week and really see what “struggling to stay alive” is really all about.

  7. says

    Oh I would repeating mostly what I said in my latest post.

    If I’d add two more, then it’d be:

    6. I’ve lived at 7 different addresses in the past five years !

    7. I’d rather drive than take a plane

    Jaffers last blog post..5 point 1 Me

  8. says

    Here are some facts about me

    1) I am a big Manchester United fan and love Premier League football
    2) I love playing computer games
    3) I am also an extrovert online and an introvert in real life
    4) I love reading novels especially those by Tom Clancy and Jeffrey Archer
    5) I am very much afraid of Spiders
    6) I love driving a bike in rain
    7) I like to sing

    Madhur Kapoors last blog post..Remove Partial Software Installations with Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

  9. says

    Well, here goes my list of 7 things:

    1. I was a vegetarian for almost a year but lapsed back because I love pizza and sometimes a good prime steak.
    2. I kept a journal for more than 15 years. Blogging became almost an extension of that.
    3. I love living in Arizona.
    4. I grew up on Long Island, NY.
    5. I introduced Pat Benatar to her first husband Dennis in high school.
    6. I am enjoying photography more and more.
    7. I have to work harder at staying in shape the older I get.

    Debbies last blog post..Good Things In Small Packages

  10. says

    1. I like being challenged
    2. I would play mah jongg all day if i didn’t have to work, eat or sleep
    3. I won an award for my chinese calligraphy
    4. I keep several greeting cards by mary melcher because her illustrations are so lovely
    5. I’ve travelled to japan, china, guam, american samoa and the republic of palau
    6. I’m an introvert, and more specifically, INTJ
    7. My constant loves: amy tan, amy grant, bryan adams, jim brickman, coffee ice cream, and “mutts” by patrick mcdonnell

    Thanks for reading those poems. Glad you liked them.

  11. says

    @Ari: I would like to know anything you feel comfortable sharing. :) Thanks for participating!

    @John: Thanks for subscribing. I designed it pretty much with a freebie font for the kikolani, and then a Paint Shop Pro Picture tube for the butterfly.

    @Kim: I lived in Tupelo for 12 years, and didn’t go to see Elvis’ birthplace until I went there to visit 10 years after I moved, so I relate to not seeing the Grand Canyon.

    @Dan: That’s interesting about the dream. I like to think my deja vu experiences are actually things that I dreamt before but don’t remember as dreams

    @Aldhis: Promising relationships are wonderful things. I have also blogged in a variety of places over the years (xanga, myspace, etc), but this is the first one I am committing myself to.

    @HVAC Repair: Actually, it is just the fact that there are times where I can’t get fully vegan meals, like at restaurants, and am not feeling like just eating a stripped down salad and baked potato, so I’ll get something that may have dairy or egg in it. But when possible, I try to stay vegan. :)

    @Steve: My dreams are usually realistic enough that I feel the resulting emotions long after awaking.

    @Uncle Pete: That is a noble thing to do if you won the lottery. If money weren’t an issue, I would do a lot of volunteer work myself. I wish you much luck! :)

    @Jaffer: I can agree with driving vs. flying. Driving time is a great time to think. Plus you are in control of your fate, for the most part. If something happens on a plane, the passengers can do little to help.

    @Madhur: I like to sing in my truck, pretending I am the next Celine Dion or Leanne Rimes. :)

    @love-ely: Having a lovely family is a wonderful thing indeed. :)

    @Irtiza: You’re welcome!

    @Debbie: Interesting about Pat Benatar. My celebrity connection was having an English class with Lance Bass in high school.

    @Claire: I used to be obsessed with one particular version of mah jongg. It was a freebie online game on the Oxygen network website. I never found another version that I liked as much since. And thanks for sending your writing. I enjoyed reading!

  12. says

    1. I am asthmatic and worried about it being an even bigger problem as I grow older
    2. I love European football (soccer) especially the English & Spanish leagues and the NHL.
    3. I almost made a decision to run away from everyone I know, due to a personal financial situation, and work in shacks in Goa when I was 26 (6 years ago).
    4. I was able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams to sing along with a rock band live on stage, when at a company party I performed 3 songs in front of 200+ people, with guitar, bass & synthesizers!
    5. I am a bachelor at 32 and feel resigned to the fact that I may live out my entire life that way.
    6. I miss my dog of 11 years and I pretty often dream that she is still alive and with me.
    7. I love cold coffees like mocha frappes.

    Roshans last blog post..Changes To The About Me

  13. says

    Alright, my turn _ the seven things….

    Kids are laughing because this is a Hannah Montana song lol

    1. Served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

    2. I have several tattoo’s, carefully hidden.

    3. Performed front stage security for Gordon Lightfoot in 2001, I was less than 10 feet away at all times….what a great memory.

    4. I don’t believe that a kitchen should close. EVER!

    5. Cooking is my biggest passion, next to my wife 😉

    6. Saved someone from drowning many year’s ago.

    7. I am left handed.

    Garrets last blog post..If you twitter you NEED Chat catcher