Blogging Through Storytelling

This is a guest post by Andrew Rondeau, author of the free guide “The Income Blogging Blueprint.”

Once upon a time, there was a talented blog owner. They had been developing their blog as part of their online business, and one day they achieved a major breakthrough, which would lead to the generation of thousands of dollars…

Do you want to know what it is? Yes, of course you do. I don’t have the answer to the tale, but I do know that it’s possible to capture your reader’s imaginations instantly through the telling of a good story.

Storytelling in Blogging

Storytelling is growing in popularity among bloggers, primarily because it is something which we all have the ability to do.

Ever since we were tiny children we have been conditioned to respond well to stories. We know how to deliver them through jokes and anecdotes, and we understand that a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

We understand that humour supports good storytelling, and we also know that capturing the imagination of your readers through a great story is one of the most effective ways out there to engage their attention and keep them coming back.

Accessing the ability which we all have inside.

The beauty of storytelling is that it is a universal skill, and one which every single person on the planet responds to. From the days when we were taught the alphabet by imagining the letters to be characters, or read to, to get us to go off to sleep, responding to storytelling is as built in to being human as brushing our teeth or liking to be hugged.

Why do stories work so well for us, as adults?

There are a number of reasons why the art of storytelling is effective.

The main one, which I have covered, is that we understand the process of storytelling – how it works, what to expect, and how we should respond. Listening to stories is non-threatening and comfortable for people, as they can instantly switch on and absorb the information without being preached at or bored.

A good story supports us to engage with what is being said, putting ourselves and our own experiences in to the narrative, thereby bringing it closer to us so we can empathise.

Storytelling is everywhere. From the recent spate of BT adverts that depict a couple in a new relationship, to the books of the Bible which uses parables to illustrate points, the art of storytelling has not grown less popular despite our new preoccupation with technology.

Even music utilises storytelling through ballads, and computer games develop a strong storyline to make them popular. Tomb Raider would not have been as popular as it was without us understanding Lara Croft, knowing what her mission was and supporting her to succeed.

How to use the art of storytelling in your blog.

Imagine you are blogging about an easy way to build a list, new software release or blogging course on your site, you have reviewed your product and know what you want to say.

Now you have a choice.

You can list bullets of why it works, and why it doesn’t, and come up with your conclusion. Or, you can sit down and tell people all about your own experiences. Why did you review the product in the first place? What did it do for you? How did you find it when you were using it? Why are you taking the time to recommend it to other people?

The dullest subjects can be brought alive if you throw in some personal anecdotes and provide a great, colourful background to the information you are covering.

Writing stories is a natural thing for all of us. You already know how to embellish a tale to make it more interesting or funnier. Now all you have to do is bring that inherent ability to your blog, to make your readers come back for more, follow you, and chip in with anecdotes of their own.

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

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  1. says

    Hi Andrew,

    Your article made my day. Believe it or not, that is exactly what I have been doing with my blog. I, like many bloggers, do have a product, but I think I was even beginning to bore myself by talking about it. So, I started to talk about myself. And I have a LOT of tales to tell, having lived through the 60’s, having been a hobo for a while, having been a G-man for seventeen years, and having been a school bus driver for fifteen years. Then, I thought it would be a good idea to start writing a publishing a murder mystery in a series of episodes. Since I began this story, my pageviews have increased. So, you and I are right about this being a good idea.

    Lou Barba

  2. says

    Story telling is an age old art form. I think going all the way back to the caveman sitting around a bonfire sharing the story of their hunt of the day, storytelling is in our blood. If you can evoke the images of a good story you can give your audience a compelling reason to stick around your blog.
    Richard just posted 5 Reasons to Work From Home

  3. says

    I know a certain person/blogger who do this kind of blogging style; Nick of . He always put some personal experiences whenever he can into his blog post. I think his writing style is one great example.

    This is somewhat a really great tip/post Andrew. I admire your writing ideas as always.
    Ron Leyba just posted Online Games Dominated By Girls

  4. says

    Hi Andrew, great post! I have to admit, a good story can be a lot more fun than just simple bullets to make a point, both in terms of reading and writing. Thinking back to other articles I’ve read, the articles that tell a story do help to pull the reader in, at least they did in my case. Take care!