Blogging Writer’s Block

There are days where I feel like my brain will explode with writing topics, and I could (if I had the time) sit down and write post after post after post. But then, there are days where the creative juices are not flowing. I could stare into the empty WordPress textbox for hours, and not one word would find its way onto the screen.

There are many articles out there on this subject (see this Google search). After reading a post over at the Egyptian Collaborative Blog, where the author mentions a bit of writer’s block, I thought I would post some of the ways I have and would use to get content out there, regardless.

Taking advantage of creative days

On the days that my mind is pumped full of ideas, I put those into a text file for future reference, even if it is just a topic only. If I am able to write a full post, I do so, and then later, when I need some content for the day, I will refer to that list of topics or pull from a completed post.

Finding inspiration

One of the advantages of social networking with other bloggers is just having a source of inspiration. I do not mean copying other people’s articles or ripping off their ideas. But when you take the time to read other blog’s, you are bound to come across something that you want to expand upon. For example, just the other day, my post Taken, but looking came to me while reading a someone’s blog where he posted a friend’s conversation about the subject. Or even this post inspired by the blog I mentioned above.

Channeling your emotions

Sometimes, I find my writer’s block is the result of a good or bad distraction. Anything that is a distraction has a strong pull over you, so since it is already in the forefront of your mind, take a moment to analyze it and see if any part of it is something you can write about.

My latest forefront distraction was a few days ago, when I was emotionally consumed with thoughts about my grandmother’s condition in a nursing home. I channeled that into Slow Mourning That not only relieved my feelings by letting it out of my system, but also gave me a post for the day.

On a more humorous side, there was a day where I could think of nothing about playing tennis with my fiancé, and remembered a video we had watched together of funny tennis moments with Andy Roddick, that I enjoyed sharing.

Helping others

You can gain some good karma points by writing a post that helps out others. If there is charitable organization or current crisis like the Georgia conflict that you feel strongly about, make a post about it and ways that everyone could help.

Supporting other bloggers

Have you read a good blog post recently? Why not help another blogger out with traffic by giving a review and a link to their post? This will gain you good karma in the blogging world, and let readers know that you want to provide them with the best content, regardless of whether you were the one to produce it. As an example in relation to this topic, one awesome article I found on ProBlogger was about how to generate blog ideas using mind mapping. It is a great technique to break one subject into many posts, which also invites readers to come back for more.

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  1. says

    So true, I’ve been in a serious case of a writers’ block, too bad I didn’t keep any draft and my limited to Health Category, but I really think this post is really informative and every piece of it can be very useful for beginners in blogging (*cough*me*cough*), I really hope you keep up the good work (and I wish that I can pass this block I’m in) :)

  2. says

    Very helpful post. I hate to think of bloggers getting into a creative “funk” but I’m glad I’m not alone. I really like your idea of taking advantage of creative days. I often come up with titles or ideas but for whatever reason fail to make a habit of writing them down. I’m getting a journal. Today.

    Talk to you soon


  3. says

    Good points. I use a microrecoder sometimes or my cell phone’s message recorder, like in the car when an idea hits me. I also have an idea notebook. It’s also helpful to have the presence of mind to write whatever comes. By this I mean it could be stream of consciousness, just record it somewhere. Or it could be only a sentence or paragraph. The presence of mind comes in by not being frustrated that it’s not a complete, shiny new piece.

  4. admin says

    I like the voice recording idea. I have a little notebook on me in case I have ideas away from the computer, but for the most part, I save them all in my Gmail drafts folder. That way I have a big bold number reminding me every time I am in my email, which is quite frequently.

  5. says

    i hate that feeling sometimes i have so many ideas that I could write 4 or 5 posts all 3 to 400 word blogs but i get lazy because i have to put all of the write thoughts together which could be very time consuming. Other days I want to write posts and i’m ready to write 4 to 5 posts but i don’t have the right mindset because i don’t have any decent ideas or thoughts that would interests anybody or my readers as a fact.

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