Building Your Personal Brand with Pinterest

Do you tend pin on your pin board on Pinterest more than you tweet on Twitter lately?

Pinterest offers a new kind of social media sharing, and at the Internet marketing firm I work for, we’re seeing it swell in popularity (even though it’s still in the beat phase) among bloggers and search engine marketers for building a personal brand online.

As mentioned, Pinterest offers a unique social sharing experience as users actually “pin” their favorite photos onto their own personal pin board (or profile page), and also seek inspiration from other users’ pin boards as well. In fact, Pinterest is becoming so popular, that ComScore notes daily Pinterest usership has increased by 145%, since earlier this year.

Across the U.S. users largely utilize Pinterest to pin hobby interests, arts, crafts, gifts, interior design, and fashion ideas. However, there is huge opportunity for bloggers to use the site to build a personal brand—by pinning blogging resources, web statistics, analytics, and SEO marketing tips.

Here are eight ways for bloggers and SEO marketers to use Pinterest as an ideal way to build a brand presence online.

1. Establish your passion in the industry first.

Start off small by recommending books, inspirational quotes, sharing interviews and articles from experts, as well as videos and helpful technology sources. Share any valuable resource that resonates with the blogging industry, as you share more, you will establish yourself as a valued voice.

2. Interact with others in your industry.

Part of your success as a blogger will depend on your ability to socially interact with other established experts in your industry. To do this you should use Pinterest as part of your social marketing strategy—comment on the boards and pins of others, ask for advice, provide helpful resources—and maybe you will open the door to things like guest posting and back linking opportunities. Also, zero in on brand influencers by sharing some of their pins on your board. This will encourage them to follow you back and repin your pins.

3. Put in the time.

An empty Pinterest board or a board with pins that are 6-months old will do nothing for your online brand. You will need to dedicate a certain amount of time to pin images and links and comment on other pins if you expect to establish a strong brand voice. Being active in this venue, goes a long way towards demonstrating your passion to your industry and creating a niche for your company in this community of consumers.

4. Use Pinterest to see what your competition is doing.

You really can use Pinterest to keep tabs on the competitive landscape and follow what your competitors are doing. Plus, by pinning quality competitor’s products, do-it-yourself books, and tips and tricks on your own site, you will show that you are pinning in the interests of the buyer—not simply to market your own products even if they are poor quality. Take this as an example: a bakery company could post a few of their own cake designs amongst other inspirational photos of cakes for weddings, anniversaries, kids’ birthdays, and etc.

5. Generate more traffic to your blog.

Pinterest offers an ideal and easy way to generate new and repeat traffic to your blog. By offering something as simple as daily news, SEO or blogging tips, etc., you can link these pins back to your own website to drive traffic.

6. Creating brand loyalty.

If people pin your products on Pinterest, chances are they may be bookmarking them to buy for later (as gifts for holidays or items for their special events). If they purchase your products and like them, chances are they might dedicate an entire pin board to your brand—and that my friends is free brand advocacy.

7. Encourage Pinterest among your staff.

Start the ball rolling by urging your own employees to set up Pinterest accounts and showcase the products from your company and in your industry that they love. As more and more show passion and dedication to your products and your industry—the more others will follow suit who don’t work for you.

8. Add a Pinterest button to your business website or business blog.

Incorporate a “Pin It” button on your website. This encourages visitors to your site to pin a picture if they like what they see. And even if you don’t have a Pinterest profile for your business, you can still gain attention from the site by including a “pin it” button and encouraging uses to pin from your blog posts.

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  1. says

    Yeah! no doubt that Pinterest came in the market place very late and get high reputation among social media. I really love the way to build a powerful personal brand especially when you said:

    Put in the time, yeah! if you give the time others, and no doubt that other also will give you the time. liking and commenting on others pins is best to build a personal brand.

    Lastly thank you so much for sharing this info among us.
    Dilawer Pirzada just posted Get Blog Engage Standard Account for Free! Hurry up!

  2. says

    Pinterest is fairly new and most people are slow to consider Pinterest as a branding avenue.

    While shaping your brand’s image on Pinterest, remember to take into account the specifics of the site’s userbase. A recent study showed that home, arts and crafts, style/fashion and food are the most popular categories on Pinterest. The food category is the fastest growing segment of Pinterest.
    Shamelle just posted Embed Buttons Into Video – How To Embed “Buy Now” Buttons Directly Into Your Videos

  3. says

    Social media is and ought to be “social.” Pinterest has taken this truism and made a platform from it. If you don’t interact on Twitter, you are, well—normal. If you don’t interact on Pinterest, you are missing the whole point.

    So, by interacting in a positive way to those who can boost your business, you can brand yourself. Thanks for the timely tips.
    David Sneen just posted Prequel to the Earn More Spend More Group

  4. says

    Great, concrete advice. Thank you! I think that the secret to using Pinterest is much the same as the other social media services like Facebook. It requires a personal touch with two-way communication in mind. I don’t think it can be done without a certain amount of passion behind it. You can’t just ‘broadcast’ your message. ModCloth is a fantastic example of using this approach.

  5. says

    Thanks for the encouragement…now seeing my pinning in a broader scope.
    Also…I thought I would pin this article to one of my boards…and there was no photograph or graphic…not even the Pinterest logo. That make pinning difficult…or at least weird without a relevant photo/graphic. And..upon your suggestion, it made sense to pin your post….as I often do that to “file” for myself and share good info.

  6. says

    This is a very timely post for me as I have only recently joined the Pinterest network (philmacphoto) and to be honest only feeling my way around it at the moment. So your list will prove to be invaluable as an assist to leaning more about how it all works.

    Social networking is such an important part of the internet nowadays and it offers many benefits, providing of course that it is used to give as well as receive. The ‘social’ part should be just that, social. It offers the opportunity to interact for the common good and can be an invaluable opportunity to meet like minded people and forge relationships.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Pinterest, I am off now to try and put some of your advice into action.
    Phil just posted Wise Words Top 10 Inspirational Quotes

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    I actually find that using a multitude of different social platforms very beneficial to my efforts in ranking a website. PinInterest is one of these new social platforms, that I believe, In the future could either be bought our buy one of the bigger players. Such as Facebook or Twitter. Or it will become a big player itself.