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    Hey Kristi! These pictures are absolutely stunning. You clearly have a flair for photography! May I ask what camera you used for your shots?

    PS – Hope you are fully enjoying your wedding now! You really vacation proofed your blog well and it’s something I’m picking up now too to decouple my blog from myself (I’ve started the habit of auto scheduling posts)

    Celes | EmbraceLiving.Nets last blog post..10 Reasons You Should Meditate

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    Hope the Honeymoon is going well. The pictures look great and the butterflies wings are beautiful. I could never get up that close to one though I’m fine with spiders and other insects, but will run the other way if I see a moth of butterfly coming towards me. The third picture has to be my favourite though.

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    @Celes: Thanks! These were shot with a Fuji FinePix S5100. Good to hear auto posting is working for you.

    @Bathroom Suites: Thanks!

    @Krish: Thanks… I have been enjoying photography more and more recently, and I’m glad it shows!

    @Wink bingo: I think that is one of the importance of nature photography. To preserve beautiful things for future generations, in case they are gone by then due to the environment.

    @Gennaro: That part was actually easy… I was scared I might hurt it if I moved, so I stayed still till it flew off on its own.

    @Meg: Getting away from the monitor is always a good thing. For the eyes, mind and soul! :)

    @J.D.: Thanks! I don’t know what type of machine you use, but they are best viewed on a Mac… something about those make all the photography so much more crisp and colorful.

    @Sean: Yes indeed. I’m thinking about separating out my photography soon, for a portfolio for freelance work.

    @Kushmoney: Thanks!

    @Spot: The Desert Botanical Gardens definitely opened my eyes to some of the natural beauty in the desert that I hadn’t noticed before. Now I see butterflies and blossoming cacti everywhere!

    @Birthday Gifts: The honeymoon was awesome. We spent the time at the beach and in Disneyland/California Adventure. We are both roller coaster junkies!

    @khaled: I’m terrified of bees, yet I am more comfortable getting close to them when I have my camera. It takes my focus off their stingers I guess.

    @irtiza104: You’re welcome… glad you enjoyed them!