Link Building Secrets – Post Panda and Penguin

This is a guest post by Gregory Smith. You tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine. It's true, we are all weak at heart to "want to get in on a good secret". As you're aware, it's not very often in the world of Link Building that professionals share their secrets, but in the one off special occasion of being a guest here on the wonderful blog of the beautiful, most … [Read more...]

560 Resources for Blogging, Online Marketing, and Starting a Business

Favorite List Posts 2011

This year, along with my Fetching Friday weekly roundups, I compiled several major resource collections for a variety of topics. As 2011 comes to an end, I thought I would share my 10 favorite list posts for anyone ready to learn more about analytics, conversions, email marketing, engagement, link building, keyword research, social media, starting their own business, usability … [Read more...]

Getting the Most Out of All-in-One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

All-in-One SEO WordPress Plugin - Enabling

This is a guest post by Brian Flores. You've probably noticed that there are several "Top WP SEO Plugin" lists out there that recommend the All-In-One SEO Pack plugin. However, very few of them go into any detail about how to actually use it effectively. Most people know how to use it to populate their posts' title tags, descriptions, and keywords. This article will … [Read more...]

10 SEO & Design Mistakes That Could Get You in Trouble

This is a guest post by David Murton, a professional writer and blogger. There are way too many SEO tactics to cover in a single article. Instead, we'll focus on aspects of search engine optimization that could be devastating to your blog's search ranking. This article will explain how to correct these problems, avoiding undue headache. Some of these are simple … [Read more...]

7 SEO Mistakes That Could Harm Your Blog

seo mistake

This is a guest post by Nitin Aggarwal from Offshore Ally. If you want to succeed as a blogger, it is important to have a firm grasp on the basics of SEO at the bare minimum. This does not mean that you necessarily have to be an SEO expert in your industry, but having a basic SEO understanding will ensure that you avoid these crucial SEO mistakes that could cause your blog … [Read more...]

Keyword Research for Blogging


This is a guest post by Benjamin Sappey, editor at and A2X Consulting, a website which help small business growth. Finding relevant keywords for your website/blog and having the ability to analyze your competitors is a major key to success. The first step is to determine your subject matter. This will help you to understand and analyze your competitors … [Read more...]

Benefits of Blogging – Developing SEO & Internet Marketing Skills

This post is the fourth in the Benefits of Blogging series, where I will cover the many benefits of blogging, for bloggers and readers. One of the advantages some bloggers may not think about when they are promoting their blogs is the amount of SEO and internet marketing skills they are developing in the process. What SEO & Internet Marketing Skills Do You … [Read more...]

SEO and Social Media

SEO via Social Media? You're Nuts?! All the links are nofollow, who is this guy anyway? First of all, don't believe the nonsense. Massive search results don't come simply from using h1 tags and having meticulously prepared keywords for each post. Sadly, it's one and only one thing - backlinks. Too bad these glorious backlinks won't do you any good if they are labeled … [Read more...]