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    I love your photography posts! These are gorgeous- as always. I LOVE the ducks! So cute. I really enjoyed the anniversary post as well, I found myself clicking around for almost half an hour :)

    …on another note, that spam protection on your comment form is really throwing me off! It must be my built-in fear of math that is crippling me to the point where I get all anxious over the sum of 2+3! :)

    Adrenalynns last blog post..In which I do my part to save the economy. AND THE PLANET.

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      @Hisham: It was excellent!

      @Debbie: Thanks. I think we all have to be kids inside to really get some enjoyment in life.

      @Tycoon Blogger: DisneyWorld is twice the fun… they have 4 parks, in comparison to the 2 in Disneyland. :)

      @DisneyLand: Thanks, we certainly did.

      @Lithium Mind: Thanks!

      @Adrenalynn: Thanks. The ducks were definitely a bonus. The math spam protector was the easiest one I could find – I hate the captchas because you never know when you’ll run into one that is unreadable.

      @Stancja: It was a blast!

      @Kim: Thanks! We saw them on the ship ride… they were so cute.

      @Landscapers: I had to include them… most people can find the typical photos of Disney anywhere. This I thought gave a bit of extra to the experience.

      @Extreme John: Hope you have a goodt time out there!

      @Ratenzahlung: I don’t know about that… they are two different types of experiences. Anaheim has lots to do in the area, whereas Disneyworld in Orlando wants you to feel like you are there and there is nothing else.

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    I had a Disneyland tour 2 years ago and it was the ever best tour of my life. It’s a great place to go. I’d love to go there again and I think every child must visit Disneyland at least once throughout his childhood.