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    Thanks for Sharing Kristi:)
    I really love all the cool shots here but my favourite is the top left….Mickey on the flying wheel!
    So unique and cute…Ha…Ha…
    I’m sure you had have a great time there as much as I enjoy flickering through your colourful shots with joy & passion:)

    yoon sees last blog post..Contagious-Passion on painting

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      @Extreme John: I hope she enjoyed them! :)

      @Holly: Thanks!

      @Smashill: It looked normal sized in person. It was just funny, in a theme park and all.

      @Clickktdotcom: Thanks!

      @Wayne: Thanks!

      @My Life Thinking: Thanks!

      @Airport Guru: Lol.. it was cute bacterium though.

      @Yoon: Thanks! We did have a lot of fun.

      @Celes: I loved Dumbo as well. I found a little clip of Dumbo’s Circus on Youtube a while ago, and it brought back so many memories.