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    Thanks everybody! He is very adorable, which makes up for his puppy mischief!

    @Ben: Aside from losing some of my authority, I haven’t had any issues with them recently. Are you?

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    @Debbie: Yes. We were leaning towards Harry Potter names, and this one fit him the best.

    @Michelle: I hope she finds him adorable too! :)

    @Roshan: He does have the best eyes. They sometimes come out blue in pictures.

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    @Heather: She is a cutie too! :) They are great… Dobby is learning things quickly, and gets more adorable by the day.

    @Sire: Hehe, I think the most he’ll want is accessories. Sweaters, socks, little baseball caps, and toys. Well, he’ll just want the latter. I will want the rest! :)