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    Love the puppy pictures, and so will my 7-1/2 year old daughter who is currently obsessed with dogs 24/7. I’m trying to develop her to be a future sales trainer, but I think we’re on track to her becoming a future dog trainer.

    Skip Andersons last blog post..Can You Save the Sale?

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    @Irtiza, Aldhis, Kim, Jaffer, and Steve: My cat Stalker was not happy. I got that shot a few seconds before the cat ran away.

    @Mitch, YogaforCynics, Veronica, Aimee, and Dan: Thanks. :)

    @John: Aww, thanks. :) And you’re welcome, I’m glad it made you smile!

    @Sire: He has accidentally done a back flip while playing once or twice.

    @Skip: Maybe some of the things she learns from being a dog trainer could help lead her to the other?

    @Jess: Thanks for tagging me. I posted my seven facts.

    @Mike: That they are. I am kind of looking forward to him getting older to where I can calmly pet him without him biting me. :)

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    I havent had a dog for almost 30 years and have resisted my own children’s pleas for a puppy.Unfortunately they keep leaving pictures up on my computer screen.I feel my resolve weakening because of people like you.

    georges last blog post..Van stuck in the mud