Does Search Engine Optimization Benefit Your Visitors?

Whether you like SEO or not, I hope you will enjoy my latest guest post “9 Search Optimization Tips with Benefits for Your Visitors.”

These 9 tips are geared toward simple ways to optimize your site for your visitors, not just for search engines, although these techniques might help you get better rankings as well. Included with these 9 suggestions are 35 resources and tools on implementing each of the on and offsite optimization recommendations.

This guest post is also an entry to the Bad Ass SEO Guest Blogging Contest. All support in the way of comments and tweets is greatly appreciated!

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By the way, you can submit posts until September 2nd, so if you haven’t already, definitely jump in with a guest post about your best advice on SEO!

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    Search engine optimization surely benefits the visitors, otherwise why google would come up with all those webmaster guidelines and rules for ‘ideal websites’ 😉

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    Well it seemed like a good contest, but I really have a problem with being told that I have to post about the contest once my submission is published with these guidelines:
    “you must write a post on your blog about the contest that contains a link to the official contest post and links to all of the sponsors using the correct anchor text. Also these links must remain do-follow.”

    So basically this contest is a link scheme to get anchor text links for the sponsors.
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    Well to answer the topic on the post, I think it does benefit the users for sure! Because with out proper optimization, it’s not likely the readers are gonna be able to find your content/site without word of mouth or some other form of promotion. Hope you do good with your guest post Kristi! 😀

    Till then,

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    Impressive article on the 9 SEO tips post. This can be a wonderful checklist prior to posting for each blogger. Interesting point about the header tags as well, font formatting can have so many advantages aside from tidying up our post presence. It’s true, effort ensures results. We just need to make them work.

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    I fully trust on Seo and doing for most of my projects. Seo is really beneficial for any kind of business. With few tactics, anyone can drive huge amount of traffic and get benefit.

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    Hi Kristi! First of all this is a great topic you have chosen.We all know that SEO help Search Engines understand your website properly and most often than not it is the Search Engines that expose your website to your readers.So either directly or in directly it is the Search Engine Optimization that is helping visitors find all the good content on your website.
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