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This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring interesting discoveries and useful resources on the net, random tidbits of news, and a preview for next week’s posts on kikolani.com.

Design Inspiration

Looking for great design ideas? Check out 1stwebdesigner. Dainis has bloggers, freelancers, web developers and graphic designers in mind, filling this site with useful tutorials, informative articles on topics such as Google Adsense and Tracking Site Traffic, and inspirational collections of logo designs, Deviant artists, and WordPress themes.

Blogging Resources

* Change your blogger mindset for more inspiration
* Build a great 404 page so readers are not lost
* The mark of a good affiliate program
* Top 50 WordPress tutorials
* 10 tools for your blog or website
* Building a responsive email list

Preview for the week of 9 March 2009

* Have you ever took a look at your subscriber numbers, and wondered why they dropped? What are some of the reasons people choose to unsubscribe, and how can you bring those numbers back up? [How to Keep RSS Subscribers]

* For me, the best relief from stress and mental rejuvenator on unproductive days is taking a stroll with my camera to a local park. I will share some of my photo collection (and video) from of one of my favorite places to unwind. [Photography of Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona]

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Related News

Join me on Facebook Last week, I created a Kikolani Facebook Page to see the difference between having a Page or a NetworkedBlog in terms of growing reader base. This week, there is news that Facebook is redesigning the Pages to be like regular profiles. It’s not that I do not like change, but I was a fan of the fact that the Pages had a different style, which kept the separation between professional and personal more defined. The more personal profile style is supposed to have the benefit of showing in fans’ News Feed. The downside is the updates to the Pages must be done more consistently to remain fresh, whereas the Pages allowed for more of a static presence. For those of you who have, or are fans of Pages, what do you think? Do you like the change, or wish it would remain as it is?

See my videos on Youtube I have already started uploading videos to my new account, Leilaniana @ Youtube, including a first video inside the hummingbird’s nest in relation to the recent hummingbird photo and haiku post. I have also added to the collection a few highlights from the Dancing with the Stars tour in 2006 and some footage of a manta ray in the aquarium at Caesar’s Palace.

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  1. says

    The 50 tutorials are extremely useful I have been looking for a WordPress theme that will match one of my sites but so far been unable to find one, so will give it a try building one myself. Fingers crossed it wont be that difficult.

  2. says

    You are so resourceful! I really appreciate that you share what you learn with others Kristi. I am going to click on the links and check a few out.

  3. says

    Kikolani – Thanks for the tips. The Handyguys Podcast uses WordPress to push our content out and support the podcasting we do on various home improvement topics. These tips will be useful as we look for ways to enhance our listeners and readers experience. We have chosen the Thesis theme for http://www.handyguyspodcast.com most recent design upgrade. So far so good.

    The Handyguys Podcasts last blog post..Episode #55 – Deck Material and Design Part 1

  4. says

    I want to address your question on why people might unsubscribe. I almost feel like I should write a post on it myself, so I’d have to thank you for the idea if I do. However, I think the number one reason is that the content just doesn’t suit what the reader is looking for. Like organizations, people join something for one reason, sometimes find out that’s not the focus, and decide to move on. I know that’s my primary reason, although it’s rare that I drop blogs, since I usually review a lot of back posts before I decide to join in the first place.

    Mitchs last blog post..Keys To Leadership

  5. says

    @Debbie: I like passing along information… if it benefits me, I’m sure it can benefit others as well. I’m glad you’re finding it useful! :)

    @Handyguys: The theme looks really good! I am part of the affiliate program because I have seen several major sites that use the theme, and the wonders that it does. I may have to try it out one day, but I’m still loving the one I’m in right now.

    @Mitch: Thanks for the input. That’s probably the main reason most people do. I will include it in my post next week. :)

  6. says

    Your a better blogger than I Kristi. I tried that weekly post on one of my blogs, the LoadofBS one, and I managed to keep at it for a little while but then I lost track and now it seems a lost cause. Must be what separated the women from the men.

    Sires last blog post..In Search Of Fame And Glory

  7. says

    @Sire: I wouldn’t say better. I tried a series of posts before, Thursday Things. I think I made about three of them. But I plan on keeping on track with these. :)

  8. says

    Great links again Kristi – thank you!

    I don’t normally check my subscriber numbers, I am more of a Goggle Analytics person and try to check the stats there from time to time. But I can tell you when and why I un-subscribe from blogs – usually either because they stop writing period or because the more I learn about them, I realize they may not be in line with my way of thinking, etc. Don’t get me wrong, while it is really great to learn from each other, if I find that a blog is talking about or promoting philosophies that I don’t partake in, or worse off cannot support, or bring down a person’s consciousness , etc., then I find it better to just unsubscribe – no point in getting caught up in someone else’s drama – especially that I don’t have any of my own, and I’d like to keep it that way :)

    Evitas last blog post..The Parts of Life

  9. says

    Ok. First off, I like what you found. I’m going to test it on my site, very nice find! It seems to work pretty well. (chat catcher)

    Secondly, perhaps I hadn’t noticed, but your post layout is really nice and easy to read. Perhaps after all the nice photos, I’m not used to seeing the structure of your texty posts. Anyway, I’ve been looking at my own post layout and finding it wanting a bit. I might steal find some design inspiration from this post.

    I’m particularly fond of the heading underline…just sayin’. 😛

    Waynes last blog post..5 Tips for Commenting On Blogs

  10. says

    @Sire: I could certainly use a little motivation some days! :)

    @Evita: Yes, I have found that sometimes being involved with certain people just brings drama into my life, and that the more I avoid other people’s drama, the more peaceful my own life is. Sometimes it can be helped, but if it can be, avoiding it is the best way to go. Thanks for your input!

    @Wayne: I came across this plugin on Ariwriter. It’s great, because even if you don’t choose to post the comments on your blog, you will still have a service that alerts you when people post your link in Twitter or FriendFeed. You can monitor them, and pick & choose which ones to include in the comments.

    Thanks, I am always looking for better ways to make my layout more legible. A long time ago, someone told me I needed more color around here, and I finally implemented that with the section underneath the title and at the bottom of the posts. The header underlining came from making those modifications. :)

  11. says

    @Dennis: Thanks. It’s a keeper for the information sharing, and to help me prepare for next week’s post.

    @Sire: Well, for the most part, I check my email on weekends, so a comment on any other post will do. :)

    @Hesham: You’re welcome. Glad you’re finding it useful!

  12. says

    Really like the 1stwebdesigner link, very very interesting. Personally, I’ll unsubscribe to a blog when I’ve subscribed to too many to keep up with. I then say goodbye to older ones that I rarely visit or am just bored with.

    By the way, your first link to 1stwebdesigner just links back to this post.