Fetching Friday – Late Edition of the Resources Mashup

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, tilt shift videos, and what’s been going on and coming up on kikolani.com.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon and retweeted on @kikolani this week.

Blogging / Writing

Business / Career / Finance

Design / Inspiration

Making Money Online

Personal Development / Self Improvement

Photography / Digital Art

Search Engines / SEO / Traffic

Social Media

Software / Security / Tech



WordPress Hack

Sadly, the latest in the string of WordPress hacks affected several of my sites, some of which are still down. Thankfully I have this one and my other prime traffic site, Dofollow, back up and running – this one just in time to get my post in before midnight. Coming up will be a post on the warning signs of a WordPress hacking, and the resources that helped me take care of the problem.

Astonishing Tilt Shift Videos

This is one of the many tilt shift videos collected by Photoble. These videos are simply amazing.

Want to be featured in Fetching Friday posts?

Looking for some link love? Articles featured in the resources come primarily from people I interact with in the comments, and on the social networks. So comment away (DoFollow, CommentLuv, and KeywordLuv enabled), and join me on the networks below, and if your article/photo/video catches my eye, it may appear in following Fetching Friday posts.

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      That’s good to hear. I still miss some things in proof reading. It gets difficult when you’ve stared at the same text for a while.

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    Really glad to see you have this and dofollow up and running again, sure didn’t take you long to fix! πŸ˜› Thanks for the Fetching Friday list this week as well, glad to see it, even with everything you had going on. And I look forward to your article about WordPress hacking, especially since I am so new to this, I really need to know about that! Thanks again,

    .-= New from greenlants@Glee Flash Mob Video Official Seattle Glee Flash Mob Video (from Westlake Park in Seattle, WA) =-.

    • says

      It still took longer than I preferred, considering both sites had to be redirected for over 16 hours. But I am happy they’re running again too!

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    Hello Kristi.
    Thanks for the mention and link-luv, I appreciate it. Besides that, this is a great article with a bonanza of resources. Really nice of you to round up all of these posts and share with the community.

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      You’re welcome. It’s getting to be a faster process now that I have switched to using my own retweets, as I usually am tweeting my favorites now more than bookmarking them.

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    I am happy that things are back to normal. I wish I could have helped further, but it would have required me to have access to all areas. Any how, awesome Fetch this week!

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    Hi Kristi! I have heard about your blog hacking issue. How was it now?
    Among all the resources, i love to read the “Blog to Pay”. Thanks for sharing Kristi! :)

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      I miss a lot of trackbacks… supposedly WordPress, Google Alerts, or Social Mention will catch them, but some still sip through. :)