Fetching Friday – A Mashup of Resources

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring interesting discoveries and useful resources on the net, random tidbits of news, and a preview for next week’s posts on kikolani.com.

The Mashup

This week, I have stumbled upon awesome articles in a variety of topics. Since I can’t decide on a specific theme to go with anymore, from now on I am going to do a mashup of subjects instead. There should be a little something that everyone enjoys!

Bullet Six very official ways to improve your writing.
Bullet Sign up for ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog – hurry, it starts April 1st!
Bullet Should you publish your best content in your blog or on a guest post?
Bullet A no brainer blog contest – only four simple tasks to enter.

Social Media
Bullet 26 free online reputation monitoring tools.
Bullet How to make your site go viral on Twitter.
Bullet Take a peek inside BlogCatalog.
Bullet Get all of your favorite social media news on one page at Kosmix.

Bullet How to do travel research through social media.
Bullet A merry cemetery in Romania.
Bullet The most dangerous roads in the world.

Personal Growth & Psychology
Bullet There is no overnight success.
Bullet How to develop patience.
Bullet Nine personal productivity tips.
Bullet Using the wisdom of the ancients to bring more sincerity to your life.
Bullet The Sunflower and the Glory.
Bullet Why do people do unusual things.
Bullet Personal development with Dumbo.
Bullet How to overcome the fear of loss and pursue your dreams.
Bullet Amy Tan (author of Joy Luck Club) on creativity

Last, but not Least
Bullet A bit of relationship humor for the ladies and the gentlemen.
Bullet Protect your computers from the upcoming April Fool’s Day worms.
Bullet Healthy recipes for the brain.

Now it’s your turn. If you have any favorite articles that you discovered during the week, be sure to drop them in the DoFollow comments.

#FollowFriday on Twitter

Mashable’s Follow For Good post gave me a bright idea – recommending my favorite Twitter users each week in this post. So this week’s recommended users are…

@TrueFollowers and @WeDoFollows for their growing list of followers who are Twitter users that do follow back, with exception to spammers.

@BloggerSavvy for sharing useful links in tweets and in his favorites.

@DragonBlogger for taking random words suggested by Twitter users and creating random Twitter poems out of them.

@wihamilton for his tennis news updates and amazing HD videos recently posted of Federer, Roddick, Nadal, Djokovic, Ivanovic and more on his FuzzyYellowBalls.com Youtube channel. Those and his instructional videos are a MUST SEE for anyone interested in tennis.

Preview for the week of 30 March 2009

* Every city has hidden treasures – beautiful, serene places that you may not known about in areas you would not expect. Next week, I will take you on a photographic and video tour of one of these places in Downtown Phoenix. [Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, AZ]

* I know that many of my readers who blog realize the benefits of social bookmarking in relationship to promoting their posts, and the benefits of gaining RSS subscribers. But how does social bookmarking and RSS benefit everyone else? My hopes is that ANYONE who reads this article next week will find a good reason to start creating social bookmarks and subscribing to RSS. [Comprehensive Guide to RSS]

Be sure to check back next week to find out more, and for another Fetchingly Friday post with more great discoveries on the web. Better yet, subscribe via RSS to have them delivered to your favorite subscription reader or by email.

Related News

The baby hummingbirds that I had the privilege of watching for a few weeks grew up, and left the nest by Saturday afternoon. I expected to be more sad about it than I was, but I think I was just happy that I got to experience watching them develop from before they hatched to fully feathered, and that I got to share the experience with my readers.

I captured a little video of the first one’s flight out of the nest. Plus I have a few photos of the last one before it flew away, and some pictures of the babies in nearby trees that I will probably add to a final hummingbird post over the weekend.

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    Thanks for making me part of this with my Personal Development With Dumbo article. I’m honored to be in such a great company. Congrats for putting together such a fantastic list, I appreciate your work and I’m grateful for it :-)

    Have a nice week-end!

    Dragos Rouas last blog post..Personal Development With Dumbo

  2. says

    @Sean: You’re welcome. I come across great articles every day now, and I love sharing the best of them with everyone!

    @Frank: You’re welcome. :) Some of the articles I share have amazing advice, but I don’t have the time to implement any of it. I always hope someone will come back to my blog and say “I checked out this article, tried it, and now have 2,000 subscribers” or some other success story. That would be fun!

    @Garret: Thanks… I’m glad you found something useful!

    @Dragos: You’re welcome… that was a great article. I enjoy putting together a list of my favorite articles… the ones that stick out in my head by the end of the week are always included. Hope you have a great weekend too!